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Best ways to streamline the packing process

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Moving to a new home, or moving a business. requires a lot of preparation and time. If you like to plan ahead but still want to be fast, you would most likely look for ways to streamline the packing process. Packing efficiently is very important, especially later on when you are unpacking and settling. Many moving companies Clearwater FL offers advise their customers to use these tips to make their move smooth. So, let’s see what they are!

Get enough packing supplies

Not having enough boxes, tape, or wrapping paper can be inconvenient. You have to order more or drive to get more, which is time-consuming. Having too many supplies is also inconvenient because you have to figure out what to do with them, or return them. That’s why it’s important to calculate how many boxes you will need and get enough of other supplies too. You can use online packing calculations that help you calculate how many boxes you’d need. If you don’t want to do any of that alone, you can get the packing services Clearwater FL offers and have them do all the work.

Boxes stacked up
Make sure you get enough packing supplies

Using special boxes and packing kits is one of the ways to streamline the packing process

Certain items will be needing special packaging. For example, if you have a lot of wine glasses or coffee mugs, you can use specially designed glass pack kits with dividers. This will protect them and save space for other items at the same time. Dish-packing kits can be used for dinnerwear. They have foam pouches and cell dividers so you can pack everything safely and in an organized matter.

Learn how to pack different items

If you want to be organized, you have to know how to pack different items. Just throwing everything in boxes will cause confusion and frustration later. You will also lose time for no reason. Learning how to pack items such as valuables, artwork or TVs will always be useful. Either for your next move or when helping someone else. You can find tips online on how to pack pretty much anything. Plants, washers, dryers, anything you can think of. However, be careful with these valuables. If you want to make sure they are safe and not damaged, you might want to consider hiring professional movers.

Organize the items

Once you have enough supplies and are ready to start packing, you have to come up with a plan and a way to organize all items. One of the best ways to streamline the packing process is to use box labels, sharpie markers, and color-coded stickers or tape. This will help you keep track and remember what is in each box, and where the box should go. Simply marking boxes with “kitchen” or “bathroom” will save you a lot of time (and frustration) when unpacking and settling in.

markers, sticky notes and scissors
Marking boxes will save you a lot of time later on

It’s also important to separate the clothes. You can mark boxes with winter and summer clothes separately, and you don’t have to be unboxing the ones you don’t need until the next season. If you are hiring movers Apollo Beach FL, but packing on your own, marking boxes will also be helpful to them since they will know where to place the boxes. This, once again, makes it easier for you, as well.

Learning about any items that are not allowed to be packed and moved is important

If you are hiring movers for your relocation, you must get in touch with them or visit their website to read about any items that might not be allowed. Moving companies are not allowed to transport hazardous and perishable items. They also might have some other requirements and limitations. For example, scuba tanks, fertilizer, matches, and pool chemicals are items that are usually not allowed to be on a moving company’s truck. Frozen or refrigerated food is another item that is not allowed. So, make sure you are informed about such rules in order to avoid repacking and time wasting.

One of the best ways to streamline the packing process is by decluttering

Packing and bringing items you don’t want or need to your new home is a waste of time and money. It’s much better to declutter. This means you should go through all the items while packing and decide what is not moving with you. This works for clothes, furniture, kid’s toys, kitchen items, etc. If you are not sure what to do with all the items, these are your options:

  • You can donate or gift them
  • Have a yard sale and make some extra money
  • Recycle what can be recycled
  • Trash it
Person folding clothes for decluttering which is one of the ways to streamline the packing process
If there are clothes that you are not wearing anymore, donate them

Decluttering is a good way to do something nice for others if you are donating, or to make a few extra bucks if you are having a yard sale. In any case, doing this is beneficial for your packing process and the move in general. If you are looking to sell or give away your items online, the best places to do so are LetGo, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist.

Storing items is another way to streamline the packing process

If you have items you are yet not sure about or don’t want to get rid of them just yet, there is a solution. For such items, you could use a storage unit. Many moving companies in Lutz offer storage services and the customers usually decide to take advantage of that. You can organize your new place and then add the stored items once you figure out a place for them if we’re talking about furniture. If it’s clothes or other items, you can take time to decide if it will stay or go.

Room by room packing is smart

Focusing on one room at a time is the best way to pack. If you are all over the place, you will confuse yourself. This is also beneficial because you can pack rooms (or items from rooms) that you don’t use every day even months in advance. You can pack home libraries, living rooms, and home offices in advance. This way you will have to do less packing once the move is close. It’s best to start with rooms you least use and go from there. When packing these rooms, mark the boxes right away. Don’t leave it for when you pack the rest, because you will forget what is inside. Many movers Odessa FL has to offer advise to their customers to pack in this manner.

Your furniture and lamps should be disassembled

Disassembling as much as possible is needed if you are not hiring movers. This way, you will be able to fit more items into the truck rental. This is helpful when unpacking, as well. Beds, dining tables, sofas, and dressers are usually the items that need disassembling. Make sure to wrap each part carefully and add an extra layer if needed.

A mover holding packed chair after using one of the ways to streamline the packing process
Dissembling your furniture is one of the best ways to streamline the packing process

Making sure packing was done properly

You have to make sure everything is safely and securely packed. You don’t want anything to break during the move. Going back to packing supplies, this is why you need to get protective wrapping paper and good supplies that will protect the items. When packing, always place light items in bigger boxes and heavier ones in small boxes. Items such as pillows and blankets should always be in large boxes. On the other hand, heavy pieces of decoration, for example, should be in a small box. All the movers in Trinity FL advise their customers to double-check their boxes after packing. Make sure all the tops, bottoms, and sides are secured.

Packing personal items last is another one of the ways to streamline the packing process

You should keep the essential and personal items for last. You should also prepare an overnight bag with important items and snacks for the moving day. Keeping these items organized is your job. We recommend you also pack expensive jewelry and sentimental items with you. Just to make sure, having these with you is better than having them on the moving truck.

Ways to streamline the packing process for a business

You can use a lot of the same advice when moving your business. However, not everything is the same. Moving home and moving a business are both important. However, moving a business needs to be done with more strategy. Here is what moving companies Wesley Chapel FL has to offer are advising when moving a business:

  • Automate as much as you can. This means you could use packaging machines that seal and label on their own. This will speed up the process and reduce labor costs. It will also provide more quality and fewer errors.
  • Investing in high-quality packaging material is key. Without this, you are exposing your business equipment to possible damage. You should be using custom boxes that are made for specific dimensions based on the item.
  • Hire professional movers if you have no time or people to do this with. Also, it will be done in a professional manner and you won’t have to worry about buying packing supplies, automatized machines, etc. It will all be done for you by a team of reliable and professional commercial movers.
A mover relocating items
Packing and preparing for business relocation can be as complex as residential moves

You can plan a residential move on your own, but moving a business is not as easy. More often than not, you will hire professional movers for commercial moving Clearwater FL. Another reason for this is that businesses cannot wait. If any inconvenience happens and you delay going back to work, there are a lot of risks that go with that. You can lose time, customers, and money.

Why is hiring movers the best way to streamline the packing process?

If you are able to have anything done by a professional, you would go for that. Moving requires a lot of time and planning, and doing it with professionals will smoothen it. Once you have an idea about your move, contacting movers is the best option. They will provide you with the needed information and advice on how to execute the move.

Other than safety and efficiency, hiring movers allows you to take the time you would spend packing and use it for something else. You could be taking care of other move-related tasks, or have some me time. You can get some inspiration online and go shopping for home decor for your new place. Using this time to say goodbye to family and friends is also convenient.

Two movers in front of the moving trucks
You could finish your own tasks while movers take care of packing and moving

What is the difference between packing on your own vs. with movers?

Well – the biggest differences are the skills and equipment. Movers have been trained for packing and they do it quickly due to experience. The equipment they are using is also more advanced than usual store packing supplies. Since it’s not in anyone’s interest for anything to be damaged or broken, the supplies used by movers are extra safe.

Another reason, as we already mentioned, is the flexibility this gives you. Instead of stressing at home packing, one of the ways to streamline the packing process is to have a skilled team do that for you, while you decide what to do with your time. In any case, it is convenient and beneficial to pack and move with professional movers. While you may think you will save money doing it on your own, that is most often not the case.

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