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Clearwater moving guide for 2022

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You’ll hear a lot that moving is one of the hardest and most stressful things that you’ll do. So we at Big Man’s Moving would like to help you with this. We’ve prepared a Clearwater moving guide for 2022. Since so much has changed since the start of the pandemic and the current financial situation. So let’s dive in!

Tell your family that you are moving from Clearwater

The first thing that you should do is inform your closes ones that you’re moving. There is a point zero or the “first first” step which is to choose your desired destination. After you’ve chosen a place where you’d like to move, inform your family. If you’re alone or with a girlfriend that’ll probably be easier. Since your kids will bond with friends, neighbors, restaurants, food, etc. with the whole environment, you must do this as soon as you decide to move since it’ll be harder if you don’t give them enough time.

Creating a moving budget in 2022

As commercial moving Clearwater FL, we would advise you to make a budget first. You can nowadays google any topic, so you can also calculate the cost or find an average specific for your state and region. When you’re doing this one more important factor is that you do also calculate after the move plus before and during the move. So there are also many tiny details that when add up, become also expensive. You can either choose to DIY or hire the best moving companies out there.

Calculator, a pen and forms on the table;
Budgeting is really important not only for the move but also for your successful financial life. When it comes to moving it’s important to predict and calculate “hidden” costs.

Hiring vs. DIY moving in Clearwater 2022

If you go for an option DIY then it’s up to you. You’ll have to calculate all the costs, hire a truck or a van, etc. Now there is a problem, especially when hiring a truck or a van you have to pick the right size and fill it up the proper way. What does that mean? So you don’t want a too big or too small truck, you need just the right size. If you choose any other option it’ll be an extra cost plus it’ll cost you time. When it comes to packing look for more packing advice and how to fill the truck with boxes, what goes first comes last and vice versa. So moving is Florida by yourself can be a tricky thing but it’s your call.

On the other hand, if you choose to hire some of the best local movers Clearwater FL that is different thing. Since you’ll save a lot of time and money it’ll also be much less stressful for you and your family. You can check for the best moving companies online or you can ask your friends or family if they moved for a recommendation. They’ll also do all the packing, and moving, they know the schedule and they can help you with little details.

Man packing things into a box accoding to moving guide for 2022;
There is a huge difference between hiring and DIY when it comes to moving. So think twice between saving some money or losing time and possibly money. This is an important step in your Clearwater moving guide.

Decluttering before you move

Now, this is also a hard task but it must be done. Here we have five types of possible decluttering options we can either: throw items away (or recycle), sell, donate, store or keep.  Now we must do all of this room by room. There are many different items that you’ll miss or will want to carry but they’ll just be a burden. There is a way if your house is bigger and you have extra money you can carry everything with you. If you have some specific things like a piano or a bathtub we advise you to contact professionals; that is if you want to move by yourself. Now selling is a good option if you want to earn some extra money. You can do a garage or yard sale, or even an online sale. As in all other aspects and things in life timing is the key.

Packing in Clearwater 2022

Packing as you know should be done after decluttering and thus it’s a bit easier in one way. Also, it’s harder if you DIY the packing process since it’ll take you a lot of time and materials. This is a standard procedure for Clearwater moving services since we’re professionals. Doing it yourself may save you a couple of bucks but you’ll be exposed to packing and if anything gets broken you’ll have to pay for it. Also, we’ve got everything covered if you have proper insurance. If you need any special moves like pianos as we’ve mentioned contact professionals to deal with that. Once all the boxes are packed our movers will put them in the truck and drive them to your specified destination. Otherwise, you’ll have to do everything by yourself and that isn’t easy.

Woman surrounded by boxes;
One of the main points in Clearwater moving guide is to be careful when it comes to packing. Think about special things like a piano or hot tub.

Settling in your new house in Clearwater

Once you survive the moving day and all of your things are intact you’ve got to settle in. Moving day as they say is one the most stressful days in your life, but if you plan it properly, budget it and let the Clearwater Beach movers help you it’ll be a piece of cake. So let’s sum up our guide:

  • Tell you’re a family that you are moving
  • Create and stick to the budget
  • Consider hiring movers
  • Declutter and pack your things into boxes
  • Move and settle in your new home

That is our Clearwater moving guide for 2022. Now some prices might be higher than usual since there the inflation started in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak began. Now since as we can see the economy is shaken again and inflation is through the roof because of the situation in Ukraine, prices might go even higher.  That is it for today and have a great move!

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