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Expert tips for packing and moving food to a new home

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Packing the kitchen will probably be the last and most difficult part of your move. The first is the mysterious canned meat in the back of the pantry, expired food in the fresh drawer. And those protein shakes that are edible but are definitely a holdover from your crazy diet from 5 years ago. Before you drop the towel and decide to pack or throw everything in your kitchen cabinets, first consider taking packing services in Clearwater FL. Or, if you want to DIY, use this checklist to decide what you should throw away, how to move the items you store, and what should be donated. So, here are the basic steps of packing and moving food.

Focus on near-expired products

Don’t waste precious space on roasted beans that expire a month or two after you move to a new location. Go ahead and slide them to the “throw-away pile”. Getting rid of everything that will soon become non-edible will lighten your shipment and, consequentially, lower your moving costs.

Expiry date
Always make sure to check the expiry dates, maybe some products have already been expired

Protect the bagged goods

When packing and moving food, you will most likely find a surplus of simple items (such as flour and sugar). But you will need to put them in more secure packaging before packing them in a cardboard box. Go to your local hardware store or container store to buy some durable sealed containers that won’t cause serious leaks. The other solution might be to place the torn items in the Ziplock bag.

Start cooking

All movers Clearwater FL will advise you to use all your perishable food before moving. Especially if you have an extra freezer full of meat, you should start eating frozen food earlier. And, most importantly, don’t restock frozen food.

Cover the salt shakers

If you have salt, pepper, or other spice shakers that you want to take with you, cover the slide-out lid with a piece of masking tape so nothing spills along the way. Or you can try to empty it before packing so you don’t risk any spill.

Use the right boxes for packing and moving food

When you start packing all the things you plan to keep, think about weight. If you are saving a lot of canned food, use small to medium-sized boxes so that it is not too heavy to lift all canned food.

Plan your new space

If you’re ditching extra cupboards, a huge pantry, and built-in shelves for a kitchen without a lot of storage space, get ready to cut your grocery collection by increasing the number of foods that come in large packages.

Throw glass bottles away

Even if well packed, bottles of olive oil, spaghetti sauce, and bottled drinks are much more prone to splashing or bursting in transit. Get rid of the messy spaghetti sauce and try to use or donate fragile items beforehand.

Pack like a grocer

Once you’ve decided what to bring to your new home, pack all of your heavier items, like peanut butter cans and canned pasta, in the bottom of the boxes. Place lighter (and therefore more fragile) items on top, such as boxes of oreo and crackers.

Woman taping moving boxes
Make sure you seal everything securely, it is one of the important things when packing and moving food

Label your dry and packed goods

After you have reduced your food inventory to the items you will be bringing to your new location, remember to clearly mark your food items in the “perishable” box. Try segmenting boxes by food type, separating the “spice” box from the “canned food” box. This will help you prioritize perishable items and determine what you need without opening all the kitchen boxes.

Share the leftovers

Whether you’re giving groceries from your entire pantry or wanting to give away just a few items, you have multiple outlets to keep your products from ending up in the trash.

  • Donate it to Move for Hunger. It is a nonprofit organization that partners with moving companies to send non-perishable and non-expired goods to the food bank.
  • Ask your neighbor! Who knows, they might want to eat the leftover roasted beans. That is a neighborly thing to do!

Pack the cooler

Chances are, you yourself will be driving through a station wagon with essentials like a bag of clothes, important documents, a laptop, and anything else that you don’t want to get into a moving truck. Add a cooler to your list and bring any perishable items you want to save. Just be sure to keep it in the passenger seat to unload it first. if you do a good job, your movers will be able to relocate you with ease.

Bog Mans mover
If you pack your cooler the right way, movers will be able to help you relocate with ease

Pack your alcohol collection

The bad news is that many moving companies in Gulfport will not be shipping your alcohol collection, which means you are responsible for the safe packing and delivery of your bottles. Especially if you have an expensive collection of spirits, you will need to pack and transport everything securely. Ask your local liquor store if they have extra wine boxes on hand. Be sure to stock up on bubble pack, newspapers, and a wrap of foam peanuts to insulate the bottles during the move.

Check out all the nooks and crannies

Be sure to walk through every part of your home where you store food. Have you checked the freezer in the basement? How about a lobby closet where you sometimes store kids’ school snacks that don’t fit in the pantry? Then, unplug the refrigerator. If you are moving a fridge to your new home, be sure to unplug it at least 24 hours before moving to allow the freezer to defrost.

Food in refrigerator
Make sure you remove all the food from your fridge so you don’t get an unpleasant surprise

Save something for breakfast

When the moving day finally arrives, you will need to make sure you are well-rested and well-fed for the big day. Be sure to set aside a few muesli bars and a few ready-made PB&J sandwiches before packing and moving food to keep you energized throughout the day. Trust us, you will need it!

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