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Here’s how you prepare furniture for storage

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People rarely have a realistic idea of how many things they actually own. That is until they start moving to a new place or need to renovate their home. When relocating, many people choose to downsize, and that’s when storage units come to the rescue. In your new home, there might not be enough space for everything you wish to bring along. Whether it is boxes of seasonal clothes, Christmas decorations, beach toys, or even spare chairs and sofas, they can all be stored away. But, you have to know a proper way to prepare items for their time in storage. We’ve got some great tips on how you can prepare furniture for storage, and keep it in mint condition no matter how long you want to keep them in the unit.

Simple tricks to prepare furniture for storage

When selecting a proper storage unit for your needs, there are no better people than your trusty movers Apollo Beach FL to turn for advice. The professionals have been in the industry for years, and not only do they know how to organize a smooth relocation, but they are also familiar with storage options. Not every storage unit will be suitable for your furniture. Some of the options you can have are: 

  • Indoor vs. outdoor storage units
  • Climate controlled vs. non-climate-controlled
three wooden lounge chairs on a beach
There is no better place to store your lounge chairs in the winter than a storage unit.

Either way, when you begin to prepare furniture for storage, you will want two things. One, to protect it from dust, moisture, dirt, and damage. Two, to organize it in a unit in such a way that you can have easy access whenever you want to get it out.

Steps to complete before putting everything away

First things first, make sure you empty all the drawers and cabinets if you are putting it in storage. Then, wipe it all down with a cloth and vacuum (if you are storing sofas or armchair or anything similar). Wood furniture requires your special attention, and you should apply a coat of furniture polish before storing it. Long term, wood can crack and get really damaged if it is stored improperly. Leather furniture should also get covered with a leather conditioner if you want to keep it shiny and not have cracked leather after a while.

2 seat orange leather sofa
Don’t forget to condition your leather furniture before putting it in storage.

After you made sure that you cleaned it and wiped it all, disassemble anything you can. This way, you will have much more storage space in your unit! Big Man’s Moving Company Florida also advises their clients to cover the furniture in sheets and blankets or specialized furniture covers.

Getting your furniture ready for storage isn’t at all difficult!

When you follow all the necessary steps, you’ll prepare furniture for storage in no time! If you want to be extra sure everything is done right, you can always hire the professionals to pack it all instead. They know all the tricks to keep your furniture intact when it is stored away. Especially if we’re talking about antique pieces!

packing professionals
If in doubt – get the pros to assist you when packing furniture for storage!

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