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How to pack guns for a move

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    If you are preparing to move and have multiple guns, you may be concerned that they will not make their way safely and undamaged to their destination. If you prepare everything the right way, Clearwater moving companies will not have the problem to move your weapons. Use the following tips to help you properly prepare and pack guns for a move.

    Firearms licenses and insurance

    You do not need to be licensed to send or receive weapons. Licensing depends on the type of firearm you move or receive and the origin and destination of the carriage:

    • As a “non-licensed” person who sends or receives weapons, you can ship weapons within the same state. Provided that it is not currency concerned and it is not a modern or antique pistol. However, if you do not have a license and it requires money to ship a pistol out of state, you must go through a Federal Firearms License, FFL dealer. Instead of sending the gun directly to an individual, you can send it to the dealer. He then completes the transfer by filling the required forms and performing a background check.
    • As an FFL dealer who buys and sells firearms for profit, you must have the proper credentials to legally send and receive any firearms. To obtain an FFL license, you must go through the US Department of Justice. And to verify the authenticity of an FFL dealer license, you must visit the FFL E-Z verification system.

    Regardless of whether you are licensed or not, your weapon must be insured against loss, theft, or damage during transit. Your current insurance company will most likely cover the firearms you are shipping.

    Antique pistol
    If you have some antique or valuable weapon, insurance is always a good idea

    Know the laws regarding the transportation of firearms

    Before you pack guns for a move, find out what are the laws regarding transporting firearms from your current location to your new home. Usually, as long as you move them from a weapon-possession zone to another legal location, there are no restrictions as long as they are unloaded and locked out of reach and the ammo is packed separately. If you are moving locally, there should be no problem. However, you should check with your local law enforcement or movers Brandon FL if there are any restrictions or regulations regarding moving more than one firearm at a time.

    Before you pack guns for a move, make sure you unload them

    Be sure to unload your firearm before cleaning and packing it, especially if it’s hot outside. The extra heat from a moving van or the trunk of your car can cause misfiring. After removing the pistol clip or emptying the rifle, cock the firearm to make sure there is no bullet in the chamber. If possible, go outside and point the gun at a soft spot of ground. Pull the trigger to make sure there are no bullets in the weapon.

    Clean firearms before packing

    Once you completely unload your weapon, clean it thoroughly before starting to pack it. This is especially important if you are unsure how long they will be in their boxes. Finger grease and gunpowder residues can destroy metal and internal parts, causing them to rust.

    Clean the inside of the weapon. Be sure to apply gun oil to keep springs and other moving parts lubricated and protected from rust. Then use a soft, lint-free cloth such as chamois to wipe the outside of the firearm. Apply a coat of gun oil to make sure all skin oils are removed and there is a protective coating.

    Just like when packing swords and blades, after you’ve cleaned all your pistols, wipe them down with a clean cloth. If you touch any part of the metal with your bare hands, repeat the cleaning process in that area.

    Gun cleaning
    Cleaning is a very important process when you pack guns for a move

    Pack your firearms in straw and muslin cloth

    After you’ve cleaned your firearm, it’s time to start packing it up. The easiest and safest way to pack firearms is to use a thick cardboard box, bubble pack, and Styrofoam peanuts. Before using packing materials, it is important to remove all ammunition and install a safety catch on the gun. Once you have done this, you can start wrapping the gun. Below are a few simple steps to pack your weapons for a move.

    • Place the bubble pack on a table or floor and place the gun on one end of the wrap. Roll up the gun slowly with the bubble pack and start covering the entire gun, making sure that no part of the firearm is visible. Once fully closed, tape the gun securely.
    • Place the wrapped weapon in a thick cardboard box that is slightly larger than the gun itself. Fill any empty spaces with Styrofoam peanuts to restrict the movement of the weapon during transport.
    • Once the gun is secured in the box, pour the bag of peanuts into the bag until the gun is completely covered and all you can see is white foam. Then seal the box securely with tape, making sure the tape will not come loose during shipping.

    Since firearms come in many shapes and sizes, previous packing methods may not be suitable for long weapons like rifles. In this case, it would be wise to buy a plastic gun or rifle case to pack the rifles for transport. After that, carefully place the gun in the case and cover the plastic with cardboard so that it is not visible that the gun is in the extended package.

    Gun with bullet
    Always inform your movers which box contains guns so they can be extra careful

    Final touch

    After you’ve packed your firearms, label the boxes so the long-distance movers Clearwater FL know there are firearms in the containers. However, before moving day, you can discuss the movers’ policies for transporting and moving weapons in case you have to arrange to move them yourself. Be careful, get all the licenses and insurance you need, check the regulations, and you will pack guns for a move without any troubles.

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