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Great service! is one of the phrases that people say when talking about our movers Dunedin FL. And it’s true – our Big Man’s moving team in Dunedin stands out from other moving companies Dunedin FL. This is because we 100% guarantee a professional approach to every relocation and strive for quality yet affordable moving services. We have been in the moving business for years and that’s why our goal stress-free move that will make it easier for you. Contact us anytime and see what we can do for you today!

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Great service! is one of the phrases that people say when talking about our movers Dunedin FL.

Our movers Dunedin FL take care of each and every one of your items

If you are looking for the best local movers FL, you are at the right place! Big Man’s Moving Company make sure your move is safe and fast from start to finish. Upon arrival to your home, we will first protect and secure your items with cardboard and stretch foil so that they remain completely safe and undamaged. The safety of your property is our top priority. In addition to furniture, our workers take special care of the interior of the apartment. We are well aware that the edges of the walls can be easily damaged. We pay a lot of attention to such details because the most important thing for us is to your happiness.

Furniture protection is one of our top priority

It really doesn’t matter of you are moving close by or you hire us for out of state relocation. Each and every item in your household or office is important to us. We can dismantle any piece of furniture, which we then re-assemble to its previous state. This is why we always have more workers trained and experienced in this type of work. They will quickly and effectively disassemble and reassemble any piece of furniture.

House relocations make up most of our work in Dunedin FL. Prior to moving, our team of professional workers will protect your furniture with a stretch foil. As we said, we can disassemble large pieces of furniture. Then our workers will put it in the truck with the utmost care so that your items arrive at its destination without any damage.

The safety of your property is our top priority.

The moving process is stress-free from start to finish

Upon arrival at your new place, our team will bring your furniture into your new space and arrange it as you wish. In the meantime, our other team will assemble pieces of furniture that were previously dismantled due to transport and transfer. At the end of the move, we leave your space clean and tidy, so it will be much easier for you to tidy up in your new home. Of course, we take care of the safety and security of your furniture and guarantee that it will be delivered to you in its original condition.

Bulky furniture is not a challenge for us

If you are worried about your bulky pieces of furniture and your biggest problem are big cabinets, closets, beds, dressers and other inventory because of the huge dimensions, you need not worry. Big Man’s Moving Company will take care of everything. We specialize in any type of furniture assembly and disassembly, including:

  • closets, double-door or three-door cabinets
  • beds, sofas, sofas, armchairs etc.
  • kitchen elements such as upper and lower elements, built-in ovens, aspirators, sinks
  • office furniture, tables, chairs, counters
  • air conditioners
  • shelves of all types and sizes

What it is like to move with us?

On the agreed day of the move, our movers Dunedin FL crew arrives with boxes and necessary packing material. We pack wardrobes, dishes and books in boxes that we close and glue for safe transportation.

Big Man’s Moving Company will take care of everything.

After this, we place an adequate marking on each box with special care for fragile items and take the necessary measures in packing and loading to avoid breaking. All fragile and valuable items are packed in special wrapping foil so that no damage can occur. Also, we mark boxes according to what room in the apartment it belongs to. You can also supervise the packaging and give us suggestions on which boxes to pack, or you can simply leave it to our team.

Packing and unpacking is our specialty

We all know with how much people care about certain items, or they are emotionally attached to some inherited or donated items. That’s why we take special care not to come to any damage in the process of move. Therefore, we recommend that you leave the packaging to our professionals who know how to handle objects of different materials. Years of experience thought our team how to safely pack, load and unpack as well as transport fragile items from one place to another.

We use special stretch foil for protection from dust and dirt. Our packaging team can use special three-layer foil and then stretch foil, which prevents possible scratching of wood or splitting of furniture. Protection with three-layer foil, then with cardboard and finally stretch foil guarantees almost 100% protection.

Still, the strongest protection used mainly for heavy and expensive machines, as well as for stylish furniture, is to make special wooden crates (boxes) in all desired sizes. In these crates, we can place a piece of furniture and wrap it in stretch foil with sponges in the crate. In this way, we ensure that your furniture is 100% free from damage and moisture, as the granules are also poured into the crates to collect moisture.

Call us now for a free moving estimate and budget friendly offer

You can contact us anytime for a completely free moving estimate! No obligations whatsoever – we can just give you our budget friendly offer and you can think about it. Just remember, Big Man’s Moving Company Florida promises fast, safe and reliable relocation from start to finish. Call our movers Dunedin FL now and see for yourself!

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