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People decide to change their address at least once during their lifetimes. Usually, the main reason behind the decision to relocate is better job opportunities or marriage but people also move in search of a fresh start. Is a quiet way of life what you wish for? Is year-round glorious weather the thing of your preference? If this is true, then welcome to Seminole. But before you start enjoying the best that the Sunshine State has to offer, you need local movers Seminole FL to help you relocate. This is where we step onto the scene. We at Big Man’s Moving Company specialize in all types of relocation, and the only thing you have to do is to call us and tell us your address. Our lines are open 7 days a week and we are looking forward to help you move.

Our reliable movers Seminole FL will help you relocate to the Sunshine state
Moving to Florida will give you endless opportunities to enjoy staggering nature and mesmerizing wildlife

How we became the best movers in Seminole FL

When we first entered this business, we decided to invest our heart and soul into it. We heard people complaining about bad experiences with moving companies, so we thought: „Let’ find a way to help people in the time of big changes. “ And relocation is most certainly a big change. A change of such magnitude must be perfectly planned and executed, and this is our area of excellence. Behind us are countless successful relocation projects, each one presenting a unique opportunity to learn and master new skills.  Our goal is to combine this wealth of experience with adequate tools and top-quality moving equipment so that you can experience a stress-free relocation. Over 250 5-star reviews tell us that we are moving down the right path.

A team of experienced movers FL willing to help you relocate your elderly parents

Although calling Florida a retirement home is an exaggeration, we must admit that most of Seminole’s population mainly consists of people aged  50 years or more. This is why this could be the ideal place for your parents to settle down. The problem is that older people are often afraid of changes and reluctant to give up on their habits and routines. But you don’t have to worry because our crew consists of the finest personnel you can find on the market. On top of being efficient and punctual, our crew is also caring and friendly. Whether your parents decide to move to Florida due to lovely weather or because of declining health they will be in safe hands. Big Man’s senior movers FL ease the burden of the relocation. We are ready to help them pack their bags and head for a new adventure. On top of the loading/unloading of the truck, we will prepare a moving strategy carefully planned according to their needs and wishes.

Picture of senior couple holding hands
When it comes to relocating your parents, the only valid option is to hire the best movers Seminole FL has to offer

Our packing services are at your disposal

Older people might have problems with packing due to their age, while younger generations are continuously experiencing a shortage of time. Whatever is the reason, best Seminole movers are here to help you pack. If you decide to trust us the packing process you will get:

  • Guaranteed safety of your belongings. We have highly trained personnel that knows how to handle every type of item, from books and children’s toys to large appliance and cumbersome pieces of furniture. Additionally, we use only the best packing materials to avoid any unfortunate events.
  • A simple yet efficient way of packing. Our packing and boxlabeling systems will help you to unpack with ease when you arrive at your destination.
  • More time for other activities. Leave the packing part to us and concentrate on other crucial phases of the relocation process.
    Stacks of boxes in new home
    Leave your packing process to us!

Hiring the best movers Seminole FL will not mess up your finances

Moving can be very expensive, especially in you decide to move long-distance. Furthermore, more potential expenses wait around the corner. Important documents, home renovation, possible hotel stays, airplane tickets and so forth. Luckily for you, Big Man’s Moving Company offers its premium services at affordable prices. We have helped many happy customers to move, and they always labeled our prices as reasonable. You will get a free moving estimate where all the costs considering your relocation will be explained. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs or incomprehensible contracts.

Welcome to Seminole, a mixture of urban and quiet surroundings

When people decide to change their address, they are always looking to find a neighborhood that perfectly suits their needs. Seminole ticks all the right boxes. Part of St. Petersburg – Tampa greater area, this little town has everything you would expect from Florida. Part of the Pinellas County, Seminole derives its name from the Native American tribe originating from this area. Seminole has a population of over 17,000, most of which are aged over 50 years. The town is mainly composed of residential buildings coupled with a plethora of various authentic bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Moreover, what makes Seminole so attractive is the nice weather and the abundance of opportunities for outdoor activities. Median home prices are a little over 146,00$, and whichever home you choose, it will be a 10-minute walk from the beach. The average household income is over 46,000$ which is below the national average.  This is a quiet place, and many retirees live in this area. So, if nightlife is your thing, you will have to travel to St. Petersburg or Tampa. The same applies to the job market, unless if you work in the tourism industry.

Still searching for a reliable movers Seminole FL? Well, stop wasting your time and give us a call this moment and get a free moving estimate. Our moving team is eager to help you finalize your move so that you can enjoy your new home as soon as possible.

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