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Most popular places in Florida for European expats

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Many people want to visit the Sunshine State in their lifetime. However, many of them are trying to move to Florida to enjoy everything it has to offer. For that reason, today we help you learn about popular places in Florida for European expats. When moving across the ocean, you want to be sure you will love it there. Luckily, Florida offers many different mental and physical activities everyone can enjoy. The larger and smaller cities in the state have a lot of things to offer to their residents. So, if you are planning on moving to Florida any time soon, contact a professional moving company in Florida to ensure your positive relocation experience.

Before we talk about places in Florida for European expats

In the south-eastern region of the United States, you can find the state of Florida. This third-most-populous state in the US counts over 21 million residents. The Miami metropolitan area is the most populous area in the whole state with around 6 million people living there. Due to its close proximity to the ocean, the state is filled with different cultures and people of every background.

a dock on the sea with the sunset on the horizon
Wherever you decide to stay in Florida you can rest assured that the warm sun will follow

Additionally, it is one of the most visited places with over 23 million visits a year. More importantly, the tourism of the state is its number one economical advantage. However, let us talk about some places where you will fit in as an expat:

  • Tallahassee
  • St. Petersburg
  • Tampa
  • Sarasota
  • Dunedin


The city of Tallahassee is the capital city of the state of Florida. The population of the city is about 200.000 residents which makes it the 8th largest city in Florida. The terrain in the city is mostly hilly, which is the opposite of the Florida standard. However, these hills allow residents to engage in a variety of physical activities like hiking, jogging, walking and biking. In addition, the quality of nightlife is high as the city is full of students. There are some of the most prestigious schools in the area which makes the population younger as new students arrive each year. Tallahassee is the perfect blend of a peaceful and active lifestyle with the option to enjoy the nightlife whenever you feel like it.

St. Petersburg

The city of St. Petersburg is also known as the Sunshine City. The reason for that is that it holds the record for most sunny days at 768 days in a row. Apart from the amazing and beautiful beaches, one can enjoy there, you can also enjoy the Salvador Dali Museum. This museum holds the biggest collection of Dali’s art outside of Spain. In the downtown area, you will find a variety of different shopping malls, restaurants, bars and cultural amenities.

a picture of a yacht dock in St. Petersburg as one of the places in Florida for European expats
You will surely fall in love with everything the Sunshine City has to offer

If you think this is the perfect places in Florida for European expats, contact moving company St. Petersburg, FL to help you with the relocation process. In addition, another reason why St. Petersburg might be the perfect choice for you is that the living costs are smaller than in other major cities.

Best places in Florida for European expats: Tampa

When talking about entertainment, we cannot miss mentioning Tampa. The city is located on the Florida Gulf Coast and is also home to many different business centres. On top of that, the healthcare in the city is high-quality. This all resulted in many younger professionals flocking to the city as there are amazing job opportunities there. Moving to Tampa is much easier if you decide to hire moving companies in Lutz to help accommodate you. In addition, one can find many different theme parks, as well as museum and other cultural amenities. However, one major downside is the fact that housing can be quite expensive. This will depend on the area you plan on moving into.


Are you looking to avoid big cities and constant crows and rushes? Well, why not move to Sarasota? The city has about 60.000 residents and is perfect for calm and quiet living. It provides everything one can expect from a big city, but without the rush hours and traffic jams. Additionally, sunny beaches and warm weather are no exception here. More importantly, the city is quite affordable and perfect for those looking to save some money.

a picture of an outside of a museum in Florida
Art, cultural amenities, beaches and a quiet lifestyle are some of the main features of living in Sarasota

One of the main things to do here is the art and the residents are enjoying every bit of it. In addition, the restaurants and bars will amaze you with their cuisine that you would never want to leave. Living in Sarasota is perfect for those who want to devote time to themselves and live in peace and harmony.


Lastly, we want to talk about the oldest town on the West Coast of Florida. While movers Dunedin, FL help you relocate, you can get to know the city. Moreover, the annual Scottish celebrations and quaint downtown, are some of the main attractions of the city. Apart from that, one can enjoy the subtropical settings in almost four miles of a waterfront. The area contains a plethora of activities for people of all ages and is something worth a visit, at least. The downtown of the city is quite active and charming, full of parks, historical and cultural buildings, as well as educational opportunities. Additionally, this is one of the best places for those who enjoy all sorts of recreational activities. Both in water and in nature.

Places in Florida for European expats: Each Florida city has a lot to offer

The cities you will encounter in Florida will be packed with activities and fun. On top of that, the warm sun that shines over the state almost throughout the whole year is surely a big plus. Finding the perfect place to live as an expat will solely depend on your own preferences. So, do your own research and find out more about each of the cities we talked about. As there is a plethora of things to see and places to visit, we are sure you will have to think hard before choosing one.

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