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Pros and cons of waterfront living in Florida

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Have you ever looked for some relaxing ambient music on YouTube? If you have, you’ve noticed that the vast majority of such music is based on the sound of water. It ranges from the sound of rain to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. And, waterfront living in Florida would not bring you only the sound. You would also feel the refreshing breeze coming from the ocean. And the wonderful smell of oxygen-enriched air, so specific for the coastal areas. Or, you would enjoy the evening freshness if your house is located by the lake. Regardless of where your house is, waterfront living has its cons too. So, before you decide to hire Big Man’s Moving Company FL, it would be wise to know what to expect.

Waterfront living in Florida can be very beneficial to your health

Living on the waterfront also comes with many health benefits. Namely, as your home is nearby, you won’t just grab some jank-food and go back to swim or sunbathe. You can easily go home, have a proper meal, and go back to the beach. Besides, with high temperatures, your will be more in the mood for lighter meals. Seafood, light salads, and fruits will be just enough. So, not only that water and sand sports will shape your body. You will also enjoy boating, swimming, and fishing if you are living by the lake. So, you will be physically more active. And, that is good for your overall health conditions.

A house near the beach as a symbol of waterfront living in Florida.
Waterfront living in Florida has its pros and cons.

Scientific research confirms that people living near water are healthier

We have already seen that living by the ocean or lake has a positive effect on health. The scientists attribute this to the air rich in iodine. And to the fact that people spend more time outside. So, being longer exposed to the sun’s rays, their bodies are producing more vitamin D. And they are more physically active. Also, due to high temperatures, they can’t stand heavy food. And, by taking light meals, they clean their body from blood fat, excess sugar, and many additives.

So, we can say that health is one of the big cons when it comes to waterfront living in Florida. You may decide that Florida is the right place for you to improve your health. If so, using the services of interstate movers Florida will make your move a nice experience. And, after some time in the Sunny State, you will realize that you are less prone to obesity. And that your overall health conditions are improving.

The other pros of waterfront living in Florida

The positive impact on health is just one of the advantages of living on the waterfront. But it is not the only one. So, let’s see what are the other pros of moving to Florida’s waterfront.

Regardless of your age, you will always find some activities to enjoy in

How you will like to spend your free time will depend only on your liking. And, on your age. The elderly people will enjoy easy walks, sunbath, or visiting marines. Whatever they like is not tiring for them. The kids and youngsters will probably enjoy observing the wildlife, snorkeling, or following the biking trails. And, if you have just finished a working day, you may like an easy swim and rest on the beach afterward. 

Also, there are many cultural activities in Florida, that you can attend. You will be able to choose from ballet, art museums, theatre, and open music scenes. The young people will enjoy the rich nightlife. And, regardless of what age you are, we are sure you will enjoy one of many restaurants. Moving to Florida, make sure to ask movers Dunedin FL for some recommendations. Being locals, they will direct you to the best places in the town.

Deck chairs near water as a symbol of waterfront living in Florida.
You can enjoy amazing scenery sitting on your porch.

Enjoying amazing scenery as long as you want

Imagine sitting on the porch and drinking the morning coffee. At the same time, you are looking at the distant horizon. The ocean breeze gently sways the tall palm trees. Waves spill over the sandy beach, while seagulls fly above them. In the first weeks, it will be difficult to understand that all this is really happening. In time you will get used to the view. But it will never stop mesmerizing you.

Not many people are blessed with this kind of view. And it will be there while you are having lunch. And when you sit and watch the sunset in the evening. So beautiful ways to start and finish your day. Without cars honking. Without polluted streets. Just you, surrounded by pristine nature. And, all you had to do to come to this piece of heaven was to give the call to movers in Largo FL.

Living on the vacation spot

Remember the time when you had to travel to reach the vacation spot? And how much money you had to spend on fuel. And, how many hours you had to lose traveling. Not even to mention the hotel bills.

Living on Florida’s waterfront, you just have to walk out of your house. And, you will enjoy your vacations regardless of the season. Living in the Sunny State, every day will be a summer day. 

Home value of your Florida waterfront house

Most people are buying waterfront houses as they love being close to the beach. However, the number of such houses is limited. And, since there is always in demand, they are never losing value. You can actually even profit from putting your waterside home on sale.

So, many people are buying such houses as an investment. They know well that reselling the house after some time, will gain a nice profit. Also, such investors are very often renting their property, as we could learn from movers Bradenton FL. That way, the house will not be empty. Thus, it won’t be burglarized. And, at the same time, the house is earning them the rent.

Cons of waterfront living in Florida

Moving to a waterfront home, it is important to understand potential pitfalls. You may be moving to the Atlantic, or to one of the houses located in the Gulf. Or, you may decide to buy a house at the shored of Florida inland lakes. In all cases, it is very important to know what are the cons of waterfront living. Otherwise, you might get unpleasantly surprised.

Waterfront houses are more expensive

Usually, you will have to pay more for the same square footage and features than when you are buying the inland home. Besides, the price will also be higher in the more attractive waterfront areas.

Expect costs for specific exterior repairs

Depending on location, many waterfront houses will need occasional exterior repair. Sand and salt can both cause abrasion. And salt will speed up rusting of the metal house parts. So, you will have to use a special finish to protect the house exterior.  

A focused man building the roof of wooden construction.
Living at the waterfront often means a rather expensive repair of the interior.

Besides, you can expect the occasional storms to hit the area. So, you will need the impact windows. And, they are rather costly. And, after every strong storm, you will need to do exterior repairs again and again.

Expect sand everywhere

In case of movers Lutz relocating you to one of the houses at the lake waterfront, be ready to fight with the sand. Living close to an ocean or lake beach, you will have your home constantly full of sand. In case of stronger winds blowing, the fine beach sand will find a way to enter your home. And, it will be everywhere. But even during the calm weather, expect sand on your floor. Walking over the beach, sand will stick to your shoes. Or, even to your bare foot.

With time, it can become very annoying having sand constantly on your home floors. And, it can also be dangerous. Combined with certain types of flooring, sand can become rather dangerous.  You can very easily slip and fall.  At best, you can fall to the floor without getting seriously hurt.

Close up photo of feet with sand.
The beach sand is easily ending on your waterfront house floors.

Waterfront living in Florida means a purchase of some additional homeowners insurance

When you purchase a home, you have to get the proper insurance too. However, the insurance coverage for waterfront houses has some additional elements. And, you can expect that your insurance will be more expensive. Also, the insurance will depend on the type of water you live on. So, the insurance premiums for an oceanfront home in Florida will be higher than for the same-size house located at the lakefront.

Hurricane insurance is a must when you opt for waterfront living in Florida

Unlike other homeowners, you will have to get insurance for hurricanes. Due to Florida’s geographical position, they can easily occur there. And, your oceanfront home will not be spared if it hits your area. On the other hand, you can live for decades on the waterfront, without experiencing a hurricane. But, although insurance is not cheap, it is better to have one. Repairing the uninsured house afterward is not cheaper either.

When you opt for waterfront living in Florida, you will need flood insurance too

Living on the waterfront, you will be requested to get flood insurance too. You will need them to cover the damage caused by a flood. But, you will also need them in case you are getting a loan to purchase the property. If you can’t present this insurance, your loan request will be rejected.  So, make sure to obtain them before you give a call to Belleair movers.

House surrounded by water
Protect your home from flood

Also, getting flood insurance, you have to know what they cover. Usually, that insurance will cover only your basement and the ground floor repairs. But, your personal belongings will not be covered by it.

Climate changes and waterfront communities

Due to climate changes, we can see the poles’ ice and glaciers melting at very high speeds. All of this is causing the rise in water levels. So, we can see the growing concern about the rising waters among the waterfront communities. This and several other factors can easily cause changes in the landscape of your property. Which can further endanger house construction. And, this is also increasing the flood risk.

Also, you have to be ready for occasional road closures due to flooding. This means that you will have to keep some supplies in your home. And, you should have a power generator, as floods and storms can easily cut the regular supplies.  

Florida can get very crowded during the holiday season

Living in a waterfront house usually means that you’ll have peace. And that you will be surrounded by nature and silence. However, you also have to be prepared for tourists walking around. Being a Sunny State, Florida is never lacking tourists. However, their number can significantly increase during the holiday season. So, your peace can easily be changed by constant noise. And you may end with many people walking around your home. Or even peeping into your yard.

According to Tampa movers, many waterfront homeowners are leaving because of a lack of privacy. Although they are usually staying in Florida, they are moving to some more peaceful place.

Purchasing a waterfront home with your own beach

Well, it looks ideal. You may find offers for houses where the land plot is actually reaching the water level. So, it might look like your issues with tourists are solved. But, if you were not warned, you will soon discover that things are not so simple. Namely, your plot is ending at the line of the high tide. 

White seashell on beach during sunset.
The strip between high and low tide is public property.

So, what is happening during the low tide? Well, the strip between the high and low tide lines is not your private property. Therefore, the tourists are allowed to walk there. Or even go swimming and sunbathing. As we already emphasized, prepare yourself when buying a waterfront property.

You have to prepare yourself before becoming a part of the waterfront community

Before you buy a waterfront property in Florida, consider all pros and cons. And, be sure that you study them carefully. So, you will know exactly what cons and pros to expect. And, that will help you to make the final decision about living on the waterfront or moving somewhere else. However, you may decide that waterfront living in Florida is right for you. If so, we hope you will have many nice and quiet days. And that you will not have to face many disturbances.

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