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What to do with unwanted clothes when moving

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While relocating home we tend to remove a lot of stuff. Some items are old while others are simply broken and outworn. And there is always a question – what to do with unwanted clothes when moving? Each American purchases yearly around 50 pieces of clothing on average. Just multiply by the number of your family members and you’ll get a headache. So, we are sure you have a lot to get rid of. And you must do it before your interstate movers Florida start hauling your boxes into the moving truck. Therefore, let us cover this topic together and help you get rid of all the clothes you do not need anymore. Let’s go!

Inspect your clothing first

The very first thing you want to do is to inspect all clothing you are moving. Simply because you want to know how many items you must pack and the other reason is to set aside all the clothing you are about to get rid of. So, shuffle through your stuff and sort it all out. You will probably spend a whole day doing this depending on the number of clothing you have in your home. And remember, this must be done for all items inside your home.

three pairs of jeans on the floor
You do not need ten pairs of jeans. Inspect your clothing and get rid of the pieces you do not use anymore.

So, inspect your home inside out and note everything down regarding your home items and furniture on your moving checklist. Once you have all the numbers sorted out, call your movers and get this party started. If you do not know how to search for movers, at least that part is easy. Find them online by comparing reviews, services, and prices. Choose a legit, licensed, and experienced company with a good reputation and all the tools required for the job. We can recommend Big Man’s Moving Company FL as the best local choice. Give them a call and you will be pleased with the moving service they provide.

What to do with unwanted clothes when moving? – Organize a yard sale!

One of the popular solutions is to organize a yard or garage sale. Call it whatever you like but you know what we mean. Simply gather a few boxes and a few pieces of furniture and take out all the items you do not need in front of your home. Find a nice spot in front of the garage or at your front lawn and create a nice shop. Use your furniture and boxes to display items nicely and you will sell everything within a few hours. Of course, if you keep realistic prices and do a bit of advertising. Print out a few flyers and tape them to poles around the neighborhood so people can know when to attend this lovely event. And keep the price below 50% of the original item value. For some items even less.

items on the yard sale
Sell your old items and clothing at the garage sale. It is an easy way to earn a few bucks and spend a wonderful day with your neighbors.

And what to do with unwanted clothes when moving? The answer is – do the same. Display them on hangers and create a nice little boutique in your garage or right there on your front lawn. Hang everything between two trees so people can browse everything without too much struggle. And remember, clothing is cheap in stores so yours must be way cheaper. The goal is to get rid of it so put the lowest price possible. If your neighbors attend, you can even toss out a few pieces as a farewell gift. At the end of the day, everything should be cleared out and you should be ready for packing. At least your long distance movers Florida will appreciate the fact that you are ready and not packing at the very last minute.

Sell your clothing online

If you have enough time to spare while covering all moving-related tasks you can sort your clothing and post them on the internet. Of course, this depends on the clothing you possess and the condition they are in. The quality and the brand are highly sought after so you should research a bit before posting anything. And you must find a good website where to post your clothing. There are many of those out there so you must decide this one.

You can easily advertise via Instagram or Facebook and sort it out directly with the customer. Or simply use Craigslist if you can’t be bothered much. Although, keep in mind that you must wash, clean, and prepare your clothing appropriately. This is something all buyers will require of you. All in all, it is a nice way to earn a bit while moving and increase your relocation budget. Especially if you have a few valuable pieces you are about to sell.

Donations are always welcome

What to do with unwanted clothes when moving? But of course, donate it all to the local church or one of the charity organizations. At least this solution is simple. All you must do is wash and prepare your clothing. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy as long as it is clean and nicely packed in boxes or plastic bags. Once you donate, they will sort it out and clean it again anyway. It is a regular process all donations must go through so you shouldn’t worry about it much.

donate is what to do with unwanted clothes when moving
Donate your clothing to charities and they will sort it out for you.

So, go online and check one of the organizations in the area and drop by everything at the nearest hub. Or schedule a pickup at your house. Many of the organizations have a pickup truck that will drop by to take everything off your hands, free of charge. This makes donations much more convenient to those that can’t drive or transport in bulks and such. Lastly, if you have no time to do any of the solutions we mentioned, simply pack your clothing in a box and drop it at the nearest church that accepts donations. They will sort it out instead of you.

Throw it all away

If you have almost no time to think about your unwanted items and clothing, simply throw it all away. But if you are about to do this, you should think about recycling. At least dispose of your items adequately to avoid cluttering the environment unnecessarily. Although at least clothing is always being picked up by a homeless person or someone in need. Therefore, do not throw it in the garbage but leave it inside a box next to it. Someone will surely pick it up. It is still a form of donation but in a slightly different way.

On the other hand, if you can’t think about decluttering and downsizing at the moment but still want to keep your clothing and other items, consider renting a storage unit. Talk to your movers and check the moving service FL they provide. They should have storage rentals and if they do, you should figure if your budget can support it. This way you can keep everything and sort it out later. People tend to throw a lot when moving simply because they are in a hurry. Try to avoid it if possible.

What to do with unwanted clothes when moving? Give to friends and family

The last solution is to give your old clothing to your friends, relatives, neighbors, or coworkers. Especially the outgrown baby’s clothing that is highly sought after. Children’s clothing in general as a matter of fact. So, if you have any of those, think about your friends who have children and ask them if they would accept this lovely gift.

Now you know what to do with unwanted clothes when moving. As you can see, there are many solutions and all you have to do is to pick one and get on with it. Hopefully, you’ll have enough time to do something good with your clothing. Everything is better than to throw them away. Good luck and stay safe.

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