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When is the best time to move to Florida?

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    Are you looking to get more sunshine in your life? Then moving to Florida may be a great choice for you! The Sunshine State welcomes all, and it has so much more to offer than you might think. If you’re not in a rush, and your movers Dunedin FL are flexible with their moving dates, you may want to consider what is the best time for you to move to Florida. There are pros and cons to each season, and it’s ultimately up to you to choose the best option for your family.

    woman lying on white sand beach
    Moving to Florida will have a lot of perks – it’s just a matter of time when you want to do it.

    Is there the best time to move to Florida?

    Many people joke that there are only 2 seasons in Florida – hot and scorching hot. Florida is an extremely humid state, and even in the winter, the temperature never drops too low. The locals will give you many tips to beat this Florida heat! Therefore, you won’t ever have to worry about moving during snowstorms or really bad weather. However, there are other factors to consider when talking about seasons for a move. In the moving industry, there are busy and less busy seasons, based on the number of people that are moving in that year.

    Summer – the busy moving season

    Summer is definitely the most popular time for relocation. The kids are out of school, many people have less work to do and therefore, more time on their hands to spend on relocation. The parents also won’t have to worry about enrolling their children in a new school mid-semester. While this may be ideal for you, it’s not all that great for teams of movers Apollo Beach FL. They are trying to take care of multiple clients and may not be able to give you their full attention. Due to more traffic on the road, it might take them more time to deliver your belongings. 

    traffic jam at golden hour
    Relocation during summer might take a longer time due to more traffic on the roads.

    The best time to move to Florida according to us? Winter months.

    We already mentioned that winter in Florida isn’t that cold or snowy at all. There might be more rainfall, but that’s about it. If you have the freedom to choose your moving date, we would suggest picking a winter or fall month. For one, it could actually save you a bit of money. The moving companies often lower their prices, knowing that it’s a less busy season. The real estate market is also less busy, and it would be a perfect time to buy a new home. Plus, your movers will appreciate the little drop in temperatures – no one likes to carry moving boxes and load them onto a truck all day in the middle of the summer!

    us 1 dollar bill
    Moving in the off-season might save you a lot of money.

    Therefore, you should think twice before you pick your final moving date. Considering the weather in Florida might not be the only factor for your relocation date – budgeting and considering the need of your moving team also make a difference.

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