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Your ultimate checklist for moving to Lutz in 2022

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In the northern part of Hillsborough County and fifteen miles from Tampa lies Lutz. It is a small, prosperous community with plenty to offer those who want a serene life. This Florida town originated as a depot for a railroad going through the area in the middle of the last century. The community was named for W. P. Lutz, who was recognized as the one who brought the railroad to town. People began to move here from nearby Tampa, and the need for the depot disappeared. However, the town remained. Lutz is a beautiful place to live in, so congratulations on choosing it! Our moving experts at Big Man’s Moving Company created the ultimate checklist for moving to Lutz in 2022. Read on to find out what to do in order to execute the move successfully.

Your ultimate checklist for moving to Lutz in 2022

Person writing in a planner
Every successful move starts with drafting a detailed plan.

6 weeks before the move

Start preparing for your move at least 6 weeks leading up to your moving day. This gives you a month and a half of preparation time. With 6 weeks until moving day, here’s what you should do:

  • Explore your new neighborhood in Lutz. Visit your new neighborhood before the move. That way you can explore the local community and get acquainted with it before you move in. Research nearby schools if you have children, theaters, community centers, public parks, and any other services you use and enjoy.
  • Examine your current lease and prepare for moving out.
  • Confirm move-in arrangements with your new landlord. That is if you’re not the proud new homeowner.
  • Set your budget. Calculate how much you can afford to spend on the entire relocation. Include packing supplies, gas, and meals for the drive. Also, include a budget for hiring the best movers Clearwater FL has to offer if that’s what you decide to do.
  • Make a moving binder. It will come in handy for keeping track of everything, estimates, receipts, and an inventory list of all the items you’re moving.
  • If you’re moving to Lutz from across the country, map out your trip and include pit stops and overnight lodging.
  • Prepare a list of people to notify about your move. Friends and family, billing entities, and paycheck providers have to where they can reach you.
One of the thing on your checklist for moving to Lutz in 2022 is getting to know your neighborhood thay may be similar to the one in the photograph
Get to know your new neighborhood in Lutz before moving there.

One month before your move

When you are one month away from moving to Lutz in 2022, this is what you need to do:

  • Research moving companies in Lutz and find the right one. Alternatively, start enlisting family and friends to help you with the relocation. Remember, when you’re researching moving companies, make sure you’re aware of exactly what they will and will not move. For example, some movers can’t handle moving specialty items such as pool tables and pianos.
  • Schedule the movers for your designated moving date. Now that you have chosen a moving company, it’s time to officially hire them. Let them know your exact moving day and schedule. If there are any services, like packing, you need before moving day, schedule them now.
  • Make a plan for moving delicate items. Breakables, electronics, and valuable items are the hardest to pack. This is the time to research how to move those items safely. See if your movers can offer any help or tips. If you need any specific supplies, like special boxes, crates, or particular packing materials, order them now.
  • Contact your insurance providers. Update your health or home insurance policies to match your new home and new location.
  • Request school transcripts. Let your children’s schools know about your upcoming move. Request transcripts now, as these can take time to retrieve and send.
  • Do some home repairs. Now is the time to start fixing minor problems in your old house.

Checklist for moving to Lutz in 2022 – what to do two weeks before the move

  • Get in touch with utility companies to schedule the setup of the services.
  • Start packing items that you won’t use before the move. Pack decorative items, out-of-season clothes, extra bedding, books, etc.
  • Contact loan providers, credit cards, banks, and the payroll department at work to inform them of your change of address. Also, submit a change of address form with USPS so your mail can be forwarded to the right place.
  • Call your Hillsborough County movers to reconfirm services.
Two people high-fiving surrounded with boxes
Two weeks before moving start packing all items you don’t have to use before moving day.

One week before moving to Lutz

  • Pack, pack, pack! Label all the boxes clearly and indicate which ones should be prioritized.
  • Prepare an essentials box for the moving day. This should include important documents, medication, chargers, toiletries, etc.
  • Choose an area or room in your home where you’ll store packed boxes and items ready to move. This will create a little order in the chaos.
  • Begin defrosting the refrigerator and freezer. Make sure to give them at least a full 24 hours to defrost before cleaning them and loading them onto a moving truck.
  • Confirm the details. Double-check when are your movers coming. Provide them with exact, written directions to your new home. Include contact information, so they can reach you if needed.

Final checklist for moving day

  • Prepare some refreshments like granola bars and bottles of water for the moving crew.
  • Go through the inventory of your items with the movers and keep copies of all documentation.
  • Do a final walkthrough of your old home, checking closets and cabinets for forgotten items.
  • Close and lock up your old home. Close and lock every door and window before you head out.
  • Go to your new home. Whether it’s a short drive or a cross-country road trip, be cautious on the drive.
  • Wait for the movers. You’ll probably arrive at the new house before the moving truck. This is where the essentials box we mentioned comes in useful.
  • Unpack and settle in. You did it! You can cross off everything from your checklist for moving to Lutz in 2022. The relocation is complete, and now it’s time to unpack and enjoy your new home.

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