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10 things to know about Clearwater before moving there

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Even though Clearwater is close to a beach town, it doesn’t imply it lacks the coziness of a small town. This area is well-known for the beauty of white sand beaches. If you’re seeking the finest of Florida, Clearwater could be the place for you. In this article, you will discover ten things to know about Clearwater.

Are you worried about relocating to this city in Florida? Therefore, take a look at the following information to assist you in making your selection. Do not worry! Moving specialists understand the best ways to manage relocations. Movers Clearwater FL professionals can help you begin your relocation procedure and find out how our company deals with relocations!

clearwater beach and clouds
By reading 10 things to know about Clearwater before moving there, you will find out you shouldn’t worry about the relocation but trust the professionals at Big Man’s Moving Company.

1. Great for Families and Kids

One of the first things to know about Clearwater is that families are well-served here, as well. Many growing families tend to settle here because of the various reasons:

    1. Excellent location: Clearwater is close to just about every type of activity a child could desire!
    2. A diverse range of public and private schools in Clearwater: Here, you’ve got an ideal setting for a happy family.
    3. a variety of coastal hotels and beach resorts, as well as plenty of activities for people of all ages
    4. Easy to reach: Many visitors appreciate how simple it is to get to Clearwater, with direct flights from major cities. An out-of-state relocation is practically impossible to complete without expert aid. With Big Man’s Moving Company, your out-of-state move will seem a breeze.

2. Transportation in Clearwater

If you are moving to Clearwater from a far-away place, rest assured that the team of long distance movers Clearwater FL experts knows the best ways to handle relocations. These experts have the crew to make your relocation a wonderful experience. It is easy to get about in Clearwater. Two big airports service this area. Both provide several nonstop flights from places around the country. In addition, it is also simple to get around Clearwater by car. The Jolley Trolley is a unique way to tour Clearwater Beach, Sand Key, and adjacent communities. Because parking at Clearwater Beach may be difficult on busy days, some visitors opt to park for free in downtown Clearwater and “ferry across” to Clearwater Beach.

a plane taking off
It is simple to move around in Clearwater. This region has two major airports. Both provide multiple nonstop flights from cities around the country.

3. Living Costs

Considering daily costs like food, utilities, and gas, moving to Clearwater may not put a tremendous burden on your budget. However, house prices are rising as the region gets updated. You’ll spend less on products and services overall than in other sections of Florida and the rest of the country. Clearwater is an excellent area to live for people at various stages of their lives since it is quite inexpensive. When it comes to the cost of the move itself, take a look at the Big Man’s Company’s tips on how to make the move even more affordable! Hire a reputable moving company and you might save both time and money when packing and preparing for the move.

4. Neighborhoods in Clearwater

The best Clearwater neighborhoods have many advantages, such as well-known schools, safe communities, and fun outdoor activities. The city features an incredible range of fantastic resorts, lively nightclubs, and easy access to even more activities in neighboring Tampa and St. Petersburg. With views of Clearwater Harbor, high-end waterfront housing, and plenty of food and entertainment options, this neighborhood is ideal for the new homeowner who enjoys the hustle and bustle of city life.

5. Weather in Clearwater

Even though winter is the coldest season in Clearwater, it isn’t nearly as cold as it is in other regions of the US. In the morning and at night, a light jacket is advisable. In winter, you also won’t have to worry about rain. Spring in Clearwater is a season of transition. Although this season is ideal for outdoor activities, you may wish to bring a jacket in the chilly mornings and nights. The good news is that summer might also be rainy. It might seem this is a negative thing. However, the rain can help ease the oppressive heat and bring some cooler weather. Things begin to cool down in the fall. That is why people believe that the ideal time to visit Clearwater is in the fall. All in all, it’s a good idea to prepare for any weather.

6. Jobs in Clearwater

Moving to Clearwater brings plenty of job opportunities. Considering an unemployment rate well below the national average, relocating to Clearwater will have plenty of job opportunities. It’s worth noting that many highly ranked workplaces in the region are home-grown companies, and something is appealing about being a part of a company that has evolved with the city. There are many options outside the city for people who want to keep work and family life separate. It is not to argue that employment will be scarce in Clearwater.

7. Things to Know About Clearwater Relocation

While relocating to a new place is a chance for a new beginning, it is also a difficult situation that needs the correct type of assistance. For instance, many individuals regard packing as a duty that must be completed in order to facilitate transportation. However, it is much more than that. Good packing may go a long way toward reducing harm to your items during transportation. Furthermore, when packing, it is critical to keep everything orderly. Therefore, you should use expert packing services. It is critical to locate the best team of movers in Clearwater to assist you. One of the best packing services Clearwater FL can be found at Big Man’s Moving Company. Leaving the pre-move packing to pros may be the best decision you have ever made!

10 things to know about moving to clearwater
While moving to a new area is an opportunity for a fresh start, it is also a challenging scenario that needs the right kind of help. Packing services Clearwater FL professionals can assist you with this!

8. Culture in Clearwater

In Clearwater, there are lots of exciting things to do. Aside from being a major tourist destination, the Clearwater region has a variety of artistic and cultural possibilities and activities. Many Clearwater region’s museums, theaters, and art galleries draw tourists with a wide range of interests and preferences, giving the area a multi-dimensional profile. Few towns in Florida provide such a diverse range of art galleries and museums as the general Clearwater region.

9. Food in Clearwater

Before moving to Clearwater, it is crucial to know the cuisine of the place. Namely, you’ll have access to hundreds of delightful locations, each with its distinct take on local food. For example, people travel to Florida to taste the succulent Stone Crabs. Every year, on October 15th, the stone crab season begins and ends on May 15th. Each restaurant in Clearwater has good cuisine, a friendly environment, fantastic ratings, and is allergy-friendly. Whatever your dietary preferences are, there is something for you to enjoy at each of these Clearwater Beach restaurants!

10. No State Income Tax

Do you want to increase your monthly savings? What you should do is think about relocating to Florida. While most states in the US compel people to pay state income taxes, Florida does not. Fortunately for Floridians, the absence of an income tax allows them to preserve more of their hard-earned money for pleasant activities, trips, and possessions.

Are you prepared to live where everyone else goes on vacation? Considering these 10 things to know about Clearwater, moving to Clearwater is a fantastic choice for anyone. When you’re ready to relocate to Clearwater, Big Man’s Moving Company will provide the local resources that make the process go as smoothly as possible and help you enjoy all the advantages of this beautiful place!

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