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Big Man’s Moving company takes moving your personal belongings very seriously. Preparation and proper planning is the key to a successful move.  We encourage all of our customers to know their rights and responsibilities prior to their move by reading our terms below and reviewing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website here.

Insurance of Items

In the unlikely event of damage due to our negligence, the customer is to pay their full balance for their move.
Big Man’s Moving Company LLC. complies with the state requirements to insure any negligent damage we cause to a customer’s belongings with a reimbursement of 60 cents per pound.  60 cents per pound of coverage is based off of the current weight of an item.  This insurance can only be claimed if it is documented via email to bigmansmovingcompany@gmail.com on the day of the move.  Once reported,  the customer is responsible for providing the proper documentation requested to receive the 60 cents per pound benefit.

Optional Valuation Insurance:

We encourage every customer to purchase our optional valuation insurance or supplemental insurance from their homeowner’s insurance company. If purchased by the customer, our valuation insurance will be on a separate line item on the invoice at an agreed-upon price depending on the quality of the furniture.  If the valuation insurance is not outlined on a separate line item on our invoice the customer did not purchase this optional insurance.  This insurance goes above and beyond the state requirement of 60 cents per pound. Please inquire to find out the level of protection, deductible, and cost.

Protect your items:

Unless we agreed on packing services prior, the customer is to have everything packed, boxed, sealed and ready to go. If the customer’s items are not protected, wrapped, boxed or sealed when we arrive extra charges will apply, or the client will be responsible for taking these items in their personal vehicle. If these items go on our truck and are overlooked by our teams, Big Man’s Moving assumes zero liability for these items if damage were to occur. Items included, but not limited to: TVs, Peloton Screens, computer screens, any exercise equipment screens, vacuums, glass, art, pictures, mirrors, lamps, lampshades, knick-knacks, vases, china, stone tops on furniture, statues, etc.

Big Mans Moving Company is not liable for potential damage to any of these fragile items if they are not protected, wrapped, boxed and sealed. Stone items, statues, marble, granite, and anything made of stone should be packed in professional crates by a 3rd party. Bumps in a truck or any sudden bumpy movement can crack these items so they need to be professionally crated to move safely. Big Mans Moving Company isn’t liable for any item we didn’t pack unless we are negligent and drop the box or piece. The only item the customer doesn’t need to pack is dresser mirrors and thick dining/kitchen tabletop glass. Mattresses should be put in mattress bags if the customer wants to keep them white and in pristine condition. We can provide mattress bags for a small additional cost or put them on if the customer provides them the day of the move.

Artificial Wood:

Big Man’s Moving Company is not responsible for any damage done to any item of furniture made of artificial wood unless we drop the item in a negligent matter.  Often these pieces are weak, unstable and artificial wood is impossible to repair. Real wood is strong, hard to damage and easy to repair.

Hire a professional handyman:

Big Mans moving doesn’t disconnect or reconnect any appliances or shut off/turn on valves. We also don’t install or remove hardware nailed/screwed into walls or ceilings that support TVs, chandeliers, shelves and pictures/art. We don’t unclip TVs from wall mounts or re-clip them back to the wall mount. In the event the customer needs assistance with any of this they are to call the owners first for special approval. The customer would waive all liability from any potential damage that may occur from any of these activities.


All dressers, nightstands, desks, or any item with drawers must be emptied in advance so we can wrap them and take them to the truck. Leaving the drawers in and items inside can result in damage to the internal drawer mechanisms or legs We are not responsible if the legs get damaged on any dresser unless we physically drop the dresser out of negligence.

Floors, Stairs and Carpet:

If a customer has hardwood floors or any flooring material that can scratch, the customer is required to protect their floors and stairs. The customer is to have coasters under all furniture legs, protection on wood stairs/floors, protection on new or light color carpeting, and protection in other high traffic areas with soft floors.

Wood stairs are very challenging to maneuver with large furniture so they must be protected/padded well.  It rains frequently in Florida and asking our team to take their shoes on/off and move furniture is dangerous and increases the chance of injury. Home Depot and Lowe’s both sell paper, self-adhesive plastic, rubber material and other solutions to protect sensitive floors. Big Man’s Moving has 1 runner in each truck to protect the front entry area which is the highest traffic area in the home. 

*****If sensitive floors and stairs are not protected, the customer waives all liability of damage or stains.  *****

Hanging wall art, hanging mirrors, chandeliers and wall-mounted lights:

Our movers are always as careful as they can be when carrying furniture. Hanging wall art, hanging mirrors, low hanging chandeliers or wall-mounted lights need to be removed and or moved prior. This will prevent our team from striking or bumping into these items while carrying large pieces in the home. This is especially true in stairways where we have less control of larger items due to the turns and steps. If the customer doesn’t secure these items prior to the move, Big Man’s Moving will not be liable to fix damage to wall hanging art, wall hanging mirrors, wall-mounted lights or chandeliers.

Walls/Doors/Door frames:

If a customer has large/heavy/awkward items that need to be moved through tight hallways, stairs or doorways there is a chance these items won’t fit without rubbing the wall, door or door jam.  Big Man’s Moving Company takes extra precautions moving these items as safely and slowly as we can.  If the item is too large to fit without rubbing the wall, door or door frame Big Man’s Moving Company is not responsible for any minor scratches, dents or paint scuffing that may occur.  These situations are all very easy for the homeowner to fix with some drywall Spackle, sandpaper, spray texture and paint.


Unless specified in the agreement Big Man’s Moving Company will park our truck in the driveway or the closest location to the front door. If the slope on the driveway or parking lot is too steep and our truck scrapes the ground we are not liable for any damage to the ground. Also, the customer is to help us back the truck in and point out sprinklers if this is a concern. If we hit a sprinkler head-on accident, we are not liable unless the customer clearly pointed this out in advance and warned our team.

Storage Unit Moves:

If a customer moves into storage, they are responsible for providing moving blankets to pad their items. We provide stretch wrap but stretch wrap alone does not protect furniture. If the customer doesn’t supply ample moving blankets to protect their furniture we do not take any responsibility for damaged items. If a past customer hires another moving company to move their belongings out of storage that we previously moved in, we are not liable for any damage. The last company to handle the customer’s items is liable and responsible for any and all damages.  We always recommend climate-controlled storage and are not liable for any issue or damage that may arise due to the Florida weather elements if a customer chooses to keep their belongings in a non-climate controlled unit.

POD/Container moves:

If a customer moves into a container/POD we recommend they secure additional insurance for their move. These container companies won’t sell insurance to protect your items from their harsh handling. For example, when these companies pick the containers up or set them down, your entire container is on a steep angle forcing everything inside to shift.  In addition, the customer is responsible for providing moving blankets so we can blanket/wrap everything going into the container. We provide stretch wrap but stretch wrap alone does not protect furniture. If the customer doesn’t supply ample moving blankets to protect their furniture we do not assume any liability for damaged items. If a past customer hires another moving company to move their belongings out instead of Big Man’s Moving Company, we are not liable for any damage since another company has now handled the items. ONCE OUR TEAM CLOSES THE CONTAINER ON-SITE, BIG MANS MOVING COMPANY HAS ZERO CONTROL OVER WHAT HAPPENS NEXT AND WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY FUTURE DAMAGE CAUSED DURING TRANSPORTATION AND WAREHOUSING.


Big Man’s Moving Company is not liable for any interior mechanical issues, leaking valves or any plumbing-related issues that might exist with the washer/dryer/refrigerator/dishwasher before or after a move. Due to liability, we do not disconnect or reconnect any appliance. If the appliance is not new in the original box it can be really challenging to move it safely through skinny doors/hallways/turns. Washers and dryers don’t move safely when stacked so we require them to be unstacked and completely disconnected prior to our arrival. If our team is forced to move them stacked, the customer waives all liability of damage since we didn’t install the bracket to stack/connect them and we have no idea if they are secured properly or not. It’s very easy to scratch or dent washers and dryers when unstacking so Big Man’s Moving does not perform this task. We pad/wrap these the best we can but if a minor scratch/scuff occurs we are not liable since the item isn’t in a proper box. If the fridge depth doesn’t have at least 3″ of clearance to fit through a doorway the customer is to remove the front handles and doors of the fridge. The 3″ will give our team enough clearance to properly pad the item before approaching the doorway. Big Man’s Moving doesn’t disassemble or assemble appliances and if the customer doesn’t have the handles/doors removed and allows our team to move it “as is” the customer waives all liability of potential damage to the fridge or door frame.
**Appliances may incur an extra fee and we don’t move refrigerators up or down any steps.**

Baby Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, Hot Tubs, Treadmills, Large Safes, and Large Items:

We do not move grand/baby grand pianos, hot tubs, or 500+ pound safes. In addition, we don’t move refrigerators, treadmills, exercise equipment, oversized armoires, larger safes, and any other item over 200lbs upstairs or downstairs due to the risk of someone getting hurt and the risk of damaging your item and/or home.  If the customer fails to disclose any of these items going upstairs we will move them into their new home on the ground level or into their garage as “part of the move” but they will have to hire another company at their expense to move these items up or down the stairs. If a treadmill or piece of equipment won’t fit free and clear through all doors standing up the customer is to call a specialist to assist with assembly/disassembly of a treadmill prior to and after the move is complete.  Moving these items is very difficult and if there are any sharp objects or corners under any of these items we are not liable for any potential floor damage that may occur.

**Many of these items mentioned above incur an extra fee to move and must be disclosed with specifications and photos prior to the move.**

Items movers can’t move:

Jewelry, money, firearms, ammunition, gas cans, live plants, propane tanks, paint, flammables or small valuable items. If these items end up on the truck for any reason the customer waives all liability of damage or loss and take full responsibility in the event we receive fines. The customer is to secure and hide all valuables like money, gold, jewelry, etc. prior to our arrival. If these items are negligently left out and get lost in the moving shuffle Big Mans Moving doesn’t assume responsibility for misplaced or lost valuables.

Specialty Beds:

Any specialty mattresses like Tempur-Pedic or Sleep Number beds with electronic bases need special care.
We simply unplug the power chords, wrap them and move them assembled. We are not liable for any mechanical issues or if anything gets unplugged during the move. If the customer wants to ensure everything works on both ends they should have the manufacturer disassemble/assemble these specialty beds prior to the move.

Antique/Old Items:

The client is responsible for disclosing any old, antique, fragile, broken, damaged or flimsy furniture prior to the move. If our team deems an item to be “at risk”, the client will be presented with 2 options:  1. The client will move the piece of furniture with their personal vehicle.  2.  We carefully carry those items and place them safely in our truck.  If these “at risk” items fall apart during transit for any reason, Big Man’s Moving Company is not liable for any damage done to those pieces of furniture. If the customer has an antique or old item with a high dollar or sentimental value we recommend purchasing our optional valuation insurance outlined below or moving it in their personal vehicle.  Many times these old items are compromised especially around the hardware over the years due to weather, contact, prior moves, lack of wood conditioning/maintenance, etc. making them very difficult to move safely in a large truck next to other items.

Furniture Assembly/Disassembly:

If the customer requests we disassemble any furniture, they are to provide us with instructions on how to put any item back together in a situation where it is complicated.  Big Man’s Moving Company is not liable for the assembly of any furniture unless all the hardware is present and in good condition along with an instruction manual.  If any of the current hardware is damaged, stripped or missing we will point this out to the client on the job.  This scenario might result in an item not being able to be moved if we can’t take it apart safely.

Customer wants to assist with the move:

If the customer wishes to help with their move, they can move things they can carry by themselves. They are not to pick an item up with an employee of Big Man’s Moving Company.  If they encourage an employee to pick up an item with them and that item gets dropped or damaged, we are not liable for that item.  The customer may not enter the moving truck at any time.

As a small business, cancellations or changes to a moving date significantly impact our operations. In the event that you need to change or cancel any part of your reservation, please note that the small booking fee is non-refundable.

Payment Terms:

All balances on moves are to be paid in cash or card upon completion of the move unless discussed otherwise ahead of time.  The moving clock starts upon arrival and finishes when the customer is ready to pay their bill. If we have to wait for the customer to arrive or if they have to run to the bank the clock continues to tick.  Withholding any amount of payment other than the full balance for any reason is not acceptable.  Big Man’s Moving Company does not accept personal checks.

Agreement not approved or reviewed by the customer ahead of time:

Big Man’s Moving Company provides every customer a copy of their agreement/estimate to review and approve prior to their move.  The customer is responsible for reviewing 100% of this information.  When the customer provides us with a credit card deposit or opens their front door on moving day to let us in, they automatically agree to the terms of service outlined above.

Failure to pay or insufficient funds:

In the event a customer refuses to pay for a service rendered, under any circumstance, they understand that Big Man’s Moving Company has the right to and will file a “construction/laborers lien” against their home until payment is received.  If any form of payment received by the customer is canceled or denied for any reason, and not settled immediately by the customer, Big Man’s Moving Company will take the customer to small claims court.  According to  Florida law, the customer can be liable for up to 3x the amount of the original balance due.

Out of State Moves and Packing Jobs:

Credit card deposits provided by customers for out of state moves are non-refundable. We have to prepay for many expenses and clear our schedules to accommodate these multi-day moves. The customer receives an electronic contract to sign and approve ahead of time to ensure a mutually agreeable move. Any customer that requests packing services for their job pays for their supplies up front since we have to pay for them and supply them for the move. Supplies that we order prior to any moving job are non-refundable and many times we are stuck with this for months before we can use them again.

Weather – Rain/Extreme Heat

Big Man’s Moving Company moves rain or shine since we can’t control the weather or dates our customers move. In the scenario of heavy rain, the moving clock is still running and the customer is paying for this time. The customer is to provide towels to dry their items off if they get wet coming into the home. Big Mans Moving is not liable for any water spotting or water damage that may occur if items get wet inside or outside of our trucks at any time. The inside of box trucks are not waterproof and we always encourage customers to secure additional content insurance prior to moving, especially during the rainy season. If the customer doesn’t want us to continue moving in the rain we can always reschedule the move. In this scenario, they would be charged a $150 cancellation/rescheduling fee and whatever time has accrued up to that point. If we keep a customer’s belongings overnight or for any extended period of time in our trucks, we are not liable for any heat damage. The back of moving trucks can get very hot, especially in the summer months and items like leather, art, electronics, certain species of wood, etc. sometimes don’t fare well in extreme heat. Any item that might be sensitive to extreme heat the customer should make other arrangements for prior.

Additional Cleaning Fee:

All furniture with excessive dust or pet hair must be wiped, vacuumed, dusted or cleaned otherwise a cleaning fee will be added to your move. Patio furniture needs to be tilted and tipped prior so all of the rusty water is removed from the internal tubes.  We protect all of your furniture in our clean truck with our clean/high-quality blankets.  If our truck or our blankets get full of pet hair, dirt or dust we have to immediately go to a commercial laundry facility to wash 50+ large blankets and the inside of our truck prior to performing another move which costs us $200.

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Could not have asked for a better experience. Arrival time was scheduled for 7am. They arrived 10 minutes early. Dylan, Marcus and Owen were very professional. They worked tirelessly to get everything moved out of our old house into the new. They wrapped the furniture with blankets and plastic. No damage was done to anything. I highly recommend this company. We will use them again on our next move which will be long distance next year.

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