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What to ask movers

Do not take any risks when choosing a moving company! Make sure you ask the right questions before making the final decision.

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    What Key Questions Should You Ask Before Selecting a Mover?

    Before you decide on hiring a moving company, our recommendation is to have a set of key questions prepared for your movers before you make a final decision. It is true that many movers will disclose that they are licensed and insured but that doesn’t mean you or your belongings are protected. In order to make sure you’re possessions are safe and your moving process is a successful one, don’t forget to ask these questions:

    • Does the moving company have workers compensation insurance to protect you against workplace injuries?
    • Does the moving company have general liability insurance to protect your home inside and out against damage?
    • Does the moving company have motor cargo insurance to protect your belongings during transit inside the truck?
    • Does the moving company provide a professional agreement or contract to sign ahead of time?
    • What size trucks do you have? Anything smaller than a 26’ truck could result in multiple trips, wasting time and money

    As soon as you have all the answers to vital questions such as these, you’ll be able to make a wiser decision. Contacting Big Man’s Moving Company gives you a chance to have a conversation with our friendly staff and get all the answers to these, as well as any other questions you may have. There’s no need to take any risks when it comes to choosing your movers!

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    From my first call to Josh to the end of our move – this was one of our best moves! Our crew of Erin, EJ and Kareem were prompt, courteous and careful with our belongings. They worked hard to ensure everything was in place and we were happy overall before leaving. Efficient and hard working – a combination that cannot be beat. I highly recommend Big Man’s Moving Company and, in particular, this crew!

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