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5 things you should know before moving from Dunedin to Gulfport, FL

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Before moving to a certain place, you will want to learn as much as possible about it. Deciding to move is not easy nor is picking a new home. You will never know if you will like it or not before you start living there. And that is quite a risk. All the fuss around moving, the worry and sleepless nights just to find out that it is not for you. If you hire Big Man’s Moving Company, at least you will have an effortless relocation. But how can you prevent all that from happening? You can do it by learning the most important things you should know before moving from Dunedin to Gulfport.

General information about Dunedin

Dunedin is a suburb in Pinellas County, more precisely of the city of St. Petersburg. But you probably know the benefits of this place, same as you know that here there are some of the best movers Dunedin FL. There are a lot of entertainment options in this suburb mostly suited for retirees. For that reason, there are a lot of them living in Dunedin. Most people here rent their homes and enjoy an urban feeling.

Senior couple talking about relocation before moving from Dunedin to Gulfport
There are a lot of retired residents in both of these suburbs

General information about Gulfport

Gulfport is a suburb in the same city as the previous one, St. Petersburg. It is a very small place with around 12,000 residents. According to many people, it is considered being one of the best suburbs to live in Florida and it has some of the best movers Gulfport FL. This suburb is even smaller than Dunedin, and therefore it also attracts retirees. It is very calm, but it has plenty of entertainment options like parks, bars, and restaurants.

What are the benefits that you should know about before moving from Dunedin to Gulfport?

  • The proximity of the beach – if you have ever wanted to start your day with a view of the beach, don’t hesitate to contact some moving companies Pinellas County now! Then Gulfport is the perfect place for you. Florida is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, and you can enjoy them all you want if you make Gulfport your new home.
  • Renter friendly city – Gulfport is a good place for people who want to rent their homes because it has condo buildings and seasonal businesses. For people who are new to this place, this is a good way to see if they like this city before moving from Dunedin to Gulfport. Taxes are also quite high here, and this is an easy way to avoid that.
  • Summer all year long – if you are a hot weather person then this is a good thing for you. Florida has a subtropical climate which keeps things sunny and humid. St. Petersburg is relatively free of stormy weather, with the last hurricane hitting the city in 1946.
  • Vibrant art scene – there are numerous painting collections, art festivals, and live entertainment. Since it is tucked away in West Florida, sadly not many people know about it. But the ones that do and enjoy art certainly see it as a big plus to this suburb.
  • Housing costs – the whole state of Florida has a considerably lower housing cost than other states in the USA. If you don’t plan to be a tenant in this city, you will have to pay taxes, but at least the housing price is good.
Palm trees during a sunset
The weather is warm and sunny all year long

Conclusion on the things you should know before moving from Dunedin to Gulfport

We are glad that you found our article before moving from Dunedin to Gulfport. Hopefully, you have learned something new, important, or interesting about the suburb that you consider moving to. Since the two suburbs are quite similar, it will not be difficult for kids to get used to the new home. We wish you a seamless relocation!

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