8 Tips for an Easy Residential Move - 8/26/2018  - Big Man's Moving Company Florida

8 Tips for an Easy Residential Move – 8/26/2018 

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    Did you finally take the big step and purchase your dream home? Congratulations, now it’s time for your big move! Of course, if the idea of moving stresses you out, Big Man’s Moving Company is here to help.
    We’ll get you packed, moved and even recommend storage if needed. Our team of friendly professionals will provide an estimate based on your exact needs and show up promptly on moving day.
    Let’s start taking stress out of the equation with these 8 tips for an easy residential move.

    1. If at all possible, provide us with at least a 2 weeks notice so you have the best chance at reserving the exact day you desire for your move.
    2. When packing your household goods, especially liquids, lotions or anything in a spray/squeeze type of bottle make sure to secure them with cling wrap to avoid horrible spills.
    3. Labeling neatly and clearly can save you a ton of time in the long run. Start with items that are less frequently used and pack by room. Mark boxes with black markers and large writing.
    4. Use what you have in the home for protecting your items such as linen, clothing, pillows, etc., saving you money on bubble wrap and keeping your items safe. Wrap your breakables in these items, use your large garbage cans as boxes, use garbage bags for blankets and more.
    5. Create an efficient area for us to park our truck and operate. It’s best if we don’t have to walk too far with your items and if everything is organized in your home.
    6. For an easy residential move, wrangle pets and kids. This is a big stress if everyone is tripping over each other, and it wastes time. Hire a sitter for your children and see if there’s a friend or doggy daycare available for a pet. It may be an added cost, but the day will go smoother.
    7. Don’t forget your change of address and forwarding mail to the new place. Get your utilities canceled at the old place and scope out options for the new place. Then inform your bank, insurance, realtors of any changes. These are little things that will set your mind at ease.
    8. Tidy up your home or hire a house cleaner.  Dust off any furniture that has been neglected for a long time so we don’t have to wipe furniture prior to placing our clean moving blankets on items.  Nobody wants the dust or pet hair from their old home coming with to their brand new clean place. If random items and clutter are on top of tables, dressers, shelves, desks, etc.  this will add additional time and cost to your move since we will have to remove these items.

    We thank you for taking the time to read our 8 moving tips. Don’t forget to request your free moving estimate today by filling out the free form on our website.

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