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Best places in Pinellas county to buy a vacation home

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Summer is close. That means that people will have more free time to go on vacations and enjoy some free time without having to feel the stress of work, everyday life, etc. But, some people do not want to go to some resort and stay there just for a few days. Some people want to buy vacation homes and therefore say there as long as they want. Pinellas country is a popular place where people want to do exactly this. Naturally, you move some of your items there so you have something to work with. So, before you find movers Pinellas County to help you out with this matter, find out what are some of the best places in Pinellas county to buy a vacation home.

Some of the best places in Pinellas county to buy a vacation home

  • Shore Acres
  • Gulfport
  • Palm Harbor

Shore Acres

This is one of the places in Pinellas country where you should consider buying a vacation home. Shore Acres is a neighborhood, a part of St.Peterburg in Florida. Even though you may think that this is a city too big for a vacation home to buy in, with around 260000 residents, you are wrong. Shore Acres is a great place where you should consider buying because you are just on the water. You can relax knowing that Florida weather will never disappoint you. Make your choice, find good movers, like Big Man’s Moving Company FL, and let them take care of the moving part.


Talking about vacation homes usually goes in a direction of smaller places, like Gulfport. This is a developing community and there are many places where you can buy your new vacation home. Of course, the prices may vary depending on the conditions of the place but it is certainly a place that you should put on your list. There are movers Gulfport FL that can help you out so you do not have to worry on this front. All you have to do is view a listing of houses and see what suits you best.


a bridge
Gulfport should be on your list of great places to get a vacation house in

Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor, as an important place in Tampa, is a great place to buy a vacation home in. It is all because there are plenty of homes that you can buy or rent. However, the only problem may be the price of the properties. You have to know that they can go from 250000$ up to 1,5 million dollars. As we have mentioned, everything depends on the actual location and the state of the property. But, all in all, this is a great place in Pinellas county where you can and should try your luck!

palm harbor is one of the best places in Pinellas county to buy a vacation home
Palm Harbor is also a place you should check

Try your luck with these Pinellas country places and buy a perfect vacation home for you and your family

There is something for everybody. After you review these places in Pinellas county to buy a vacation home, you should start making other plans. You should start looking for moving companies Largo FL that will transfer items that you want to leave at your vacation house. It may sound easy but if you have many things to move, you have to be careful!

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