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Best places in Pinellas County to start a business in

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The year 1911 was nearing its end, and the residents of Pinellas peninsula were not content. There were no paved roads connecting it to the other cities. This was making any type of transportation a challenge. On top of that, the government of Hillsborough showed little to no interest in assisting. So the citizens demanded to secede from them. As a result, on January 1st, 1912 Pinellas County was founded. Because of these hard-working folks, the improvements in the area skyrocketed. Today Pinellas County is one of the most developed places in Florida. There are many good places in Pinellas County to start a business. So if you are considering trying your business luck here, consider hiring the best Big Man’s Moving Company FL to assist you with this. Their vast offers in moving services will help you settle in Pinellas County with no problems.

business meeting
Moving your business is stressful, but it also gives you the perfect opportunity for innovations and development

Reasons why there are so many best places in Pinellas County to start a business

  • Good housing and offers for office space – whether you are moving yourself or just your business to Pinellas County, you can find a lot of good affordable places here.
  • Proximity to other well-developed regions – the best one being Tempa Bay and its surrounding metros and cities, all of which are well connected.
  • Emerging technological scene – over the years Pinellas County has introduced various tech advancements in all business fields.
  • Local support – as a result of many new businesses, Pinellas County has a great support and sponsorship program for all of them. Especially for those who are just starting their enterprise journey.

With this in mind, Pinellas County sounds like a dream place for business owners. If you’re not in the area and would like to move there, luckily there are a lot of moving companies Pinellas County that can help you with this. You can even check with them about moving procedures if you are moving big or easily-damaged office equipment.

St. Petersburg – one of the best places in Pinellas County to start a business

At the top for promising business opportunities is St. Petersburg; the city that has on average 361 days of sunshine. It’s no wonder then why people call it the Sunshine City, and why it’s also the second-largest city in Tempa Bay Area. It’s also popular for its huge financial services sector, as well as having the largest marine research center in the region. There are over 15000 diverse business sectors, ranging from economic and financial services to medicine and marine biology, as well as performing and creative arts. On top of it all, St. Petersburg is a good place to settle in.

beach view of St. Pete
St. Petersburg is one of the best places in Pinellas County to start a business in

Affordable housing options and proximity to large cities are a big plus. So consider checking out moving company St Peterburg FL to get a quote as soon as possible. If you are feeling a bit anxious about moving here, especially when moving business, don’t be. The city of St Peterburg together with the local Chamber of Commerce has a collaboration in the form of Greenhouse. This initiative offers a wide range of training, counseling, and capital for small business owners, but also for those starting from scratch. And every year the number of new businesses only grows even further.

Seminole – small, but prosperous for business owners

A perfect blend of business and nature, Seminole is stretched along Gulf Coast and surrounded by parks. It’s smaller than St Pete, but it also offers great job and business options. In fact, Seminole has a considerably low unemployment rate of only 4.4% (the average is 6%). So if you prefer smaller cities, hire moving companies Seminole FL to help you settle in stress-free. And if this wasn’t enough to convince you, education in Seminole is also business-related. There is even a program at Seminole State College called Start your own small business for students interested in entrepreneurship. In 2020, the college even made a competition called Seminole Startup where students would complete developing original business ideas and plans. Therefore the citizens of Seminole are widely known for their business knowledge, but also guidance they can offer to others.  In other words, you will find likely-minded people to work with should you decide to open your business here.

Seminole is one of the best places in Pinellas County to start a business
Education in Seminole is very business-savvy and many students graduate to be successful business owners

Clearwater – a paradise for starting your business

Together with Tempa and St. Petersburg, Clearwater is part of the Metropolitan Statistical Area of Florida. In other words, it’s an excellent place for living and making business. Along with thriving tourism and financial sectors, Clearwater also has well-developed roads and is also close to two major airports. There are many success stories and business owners who started here and later branched to other parts of the County. It also helps that Florida, and Pinellas County in general, have high profitable offers regarding state tax code for businesses. In general, state tax is already rathe low in Pinellas County (6% for state sales tax), and only an additional 1% for Clearwater. Not to mention that all you need to start a business in the city s a business tax receipt which costs 28$ for a whole year. All of this makes Clearwater an excellent place for business beginners, as it can offer many great opportunities for further development.

buildings and bay at clearwater
A hub for tourists and entrepreneurs, Clearwater is the perfect place for expanding your business

The three mentioned cities are just some of the best places in Pinellas County to start a business. As Florida keeps on growing to be one of the most promising business opportunities on the East Coast, more and more people consider starting their businesses there. Thus making Pinellas County even more developed than before. And more development, means there are more business possibilities and offers.

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