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Best places to live in Manatee County when working remotely

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So you want to live in Manatee Country but you are not sure where? Don’t worry we Big Man’s Moving Company would like to help you with this. Since the start of the pandemic and now the conflict in Ukraine, people have started to move remotely all around the globe. If you are on them then this is the perfect blog for you. We’re gonna present you with the best places to live in Manatee County when working remotely. So let’s dive in!

Living and working remotely in Bradenton, Manatee County

If you’re tired of big cities and crowded streets like in Miami, Los Angeles, or New York, we’ve got a solution for you. We as one of the more reliable moving companies Bradenton FL would like to show you why Bradenton is perfect if you work remotely. First, we would like to let you know that prices are up by 42% compared to last year. So it’s selling very well but it’s still one of the most affordable places in Florida. Overall housing expenses are slightly lower than in other cities in Miami. That means that median house prices, housing, and healthcare are less expensive; the only thing that is a bit more expensive is groceries. We have to say that Florida overall is a bit more expensive than the national average.

Now you were wondering what does Bradenton have to do with working remotely? Well, the answer is simple, sales taxes are only 6 % and housing is 18 %  lower than the national average! But that’s just a  part of it, the real reason is that you’re only 20 miles away from some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. Secondly, just imagine that you’re 90 minutes away from Disneyland and other bigger cities like St. Petersburg or Sarasota are close by. The weather is perfect it’s warm but not too hot for most of the year.  If you’re a water sports fan that’s one point extra. Just imagine you’ve finished your remote job, and you can enjoy the whole day at the beach or you can go with your family to Disney World. Sound like a dream? Well, not in Bradenton.

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Working remotely in Palm Harbor, Manatee County, Florida

This city has a population of about 62, 000 which is great it’s not too big nor too small. What we can see is that the population has grown tremendously in the last couple of years, and it’s still growing. This city has low crime rates, it’s surrounded by different bodies of water like latkes and the ocean. So if you are into water sports and activities you can do a lot of different things here and the part is, it’s all 20 minutes away from Palm Harbor. Palm Harbor is next to Tamba which is a bit city but Palm Harbor is more family-oriented. People also say that the nightlife is quite nice. Here you can also find great schools, libraries, parks, and some of the best beaches in the USA are 20 minutes away. While real estate prices differ and the median price is $395K.

Some of the most desired neighbors in Palm Harbor are:

  • Crystal Beach
  • East Lake
  • Dunedin
  • Tarpon Springs
  • Oldsmar
  • Safety Harbor
  • Clearwater
  • Anclote
  • Holiday
  • Westchase

If you consider relocating find reliable movers Palm Harbor FL to help you relocate safely. Also, be sure that the company follows are Covid-19 rules and be careful since the monkeypox is on the rise too. Think about packing your things safely and if you are not sure always ask professionals for help. Moving companies may also offer cleaning services. Before you hire a company checks it online.

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Hiring a company that also has all Coronavirus precautions measures is important since we can see that a new pandemic of monkeypox is on the rise.


Working remotely and living in Trinity, Florida

This is our third and final pick for Manatee County in Florida. We as one of the moving companies in Trinity FL would recommend this place to people who work remotely and love smaller towns. Prices are much lower than in the two cities previously mentioned.  The population is about 11,000 which as you can see is much lower. Housing, groceries, and median home prices at $309K are a bit over the national average. While transportation, utilities, and healthcare are below the national average. Here are some places where you can have fun: Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch, Starkey Blueberry Farm, Heartworm preserve, etc. There are plenty of restaurants and breweries where you can go as well as escape rooms!  If you enjoy a small community, that is close to a big city Tampa, and a 20-minute ride from the beach; you’ve found your Eden.

Boardwalk during golden hour;
A town near the sea will offer many amenities, peace, and quiet for those who seek it. If you would like to move to this paradise, check local moving companies for advice and help.

These are our best places to live in Manatee County when working remotely. If you want more ideas there are many other destinations in Florida for remote workers, so don’t worry. Florida is a bit state and you can choose anywhere from Miami to some less populated places like Trinity. It’s really a heaven on earth. It’s great for families and when it comes to removing working you’ve got all the time in the world after you’re done from your “beach work”. We hope that you liked this post and have a  great move!

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