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Best plants for your Florida office

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For some people, having plants in the office is not so important. However, a lot of employees love to be surrounded by greenery. Especially when they are spending long hours in the office. The first reason is that plants are making space look nicer. The second one is that plants are purifying the air. Again, how many plants you will keep in the office will depend on several factors. You may like to have a lot of plants around. Or, you can go on with one or two potted flowers.  But, before you decide what are the best plants for your Florida office, discuss the idea with your co-workers. In case you are sharing the office, keeping the plants has to be a mutual agreement. Besides, you also have to find moving companies Clearwater FL welling to transport the plants.

How can plants make you feel better?

Nowadays, many people are arriving to their offices at sunrise. And living it at dusk. That can cause a lot of problems for those who love spending time in nature. The bottom line, it can even diminish their work efficiency. In some cases, people spending too much time in the office are using light therapy lamps. However, adding a potted plant into the office showed very good results. Menkind is connected with nature. And having some greenery around is making people feel better. That is why, when moving office, people are making agreements with movers Apollo Beach FL to move their plants too. 

Maybe you have already heard the story of astronauts spending long periods in space. With dedication, care, and love, they were taking care of small pea plants. The tests showed that it was psychologically beneficial for their overall health.

Interior of cozy office room with a laptop on table, armchair, and plants in classic design as a symbol of plants for your Florida office.
Agree with your co-workers about keeping the plants in the office.

The other benefits of keeping the plants in your Florida office

The potted plants in your Florida office could easily enhance employees’ satisfaction. And satisfied workers will be more productive. Besides, office plants are increasing the humidity, and keeping it at normal levels. So, surrounded by plants, you will not have the air office too dry. And, that is usually happening when you have to use the air conditioner. Besides, we all know that in Florida, air conditioners are a must. And you must use them in the office, and at your home too.

What type of plant is the best for your Florida office?

When choosing the plants for your office, the best is to buy low-maintenance ones. Also, you should choose plants that don’t demand a lot of light. In the office, they will in most cases be in a shadowy space. And, in case they need the direct sun rays, they will not be able to survive for a long time. Also, it will be best to choose for your office the plants that don’t require so often watering. Also, in the case of commercial moving Clearwater FL, your plants must be able to withstand the relocation.

When you are deciding about the best plants for your Florida office, pay attention to the pots as well. Namely, your office plants will do best in plastic or ceramic pots. In case you keep them in porous pots, like terracotta ones, the soil will dry too fast, endangering plants’ roots. 

Buy the plants similar to those you already have in your home

Maybe you already have some potted plants in your home. So, you already know well which of them can withstand low or indirect light. And also which of them are requiring less frequent watering. So, buying such a type for your office, you will already know how to work with them.

Woman holding a pot of plants.
Buy plants similar to those you already have in your home.

So, let us see what office plants are the best for our health. And how we can keep them lush, green, and healthy in the office environment. Usually, in the offices, we will see the following plants:

  • Snake Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Zamia
  • English ivy
  • Boston fern
  • Golden Pothos
  • Aloe plants
  • Lucky bamboo
  • Jade plant
  • Succulents (one of the most popular desk plants)

Snake Plant for your Florida Office

The lanky-leaved snake plant, also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, is technically a succulent. So, the plant is strong enough to stand up to practically any condition. It is growing well regardless of low insolation. And, it tolerates temperature changes well. The only thing that can damage this plant is strong heat. 

The plant is known for its slow growth. And, many are of opinion that is is the reason why it is standing straight up, without any support. The snake plant requires very little maintenance, in terms of pruning. In case you notice some unhealthy leaves, let them dry completely, before removing them. Also, in case you are keeping the pot on the floor, make sure to keep the pets, like dogs, away from it. Of course, if you have some visitors coming in with pets. In the case of movers Odessa FL transporting your snake plant, you should also warn them that the plant is poisonous for the pets. 

Spider Plant could be the right decoration for your Florida office

The spider plant is one of the easiest plants to grow at home or in the office. It is not requiring any special conditions. When growing, it is producing so-called plantlets. They are actually the smaller version of the mother plant. Many are convinced that the Spider plant is virtually indestructible. However, in case you see that the leaves tips are drying and turning brown, that is a sign that you are watering your plant too much. In such a case, reduce the amount of water, and let the leaves return to their normal condition.

Spider plant in the afternoon light.
Spider plants grow best in cool-to-average temperatures.

Keeping Spider plant in your Florida office can be very beneficial. Namely, this plant is filtering out carbon monoxide. It is also purifying other toxins, such as those from leather, rubber, and printing supplies.

Peace Lily is yet another plant that will make your office a green oasis

Peace Lily is an excellent plant for beginners. It is very easy to know when the plant has to be watered. Namely, the thirsty plant will dramatically drop its leaves downward. And it will look terrible and sad. However, with little hydration, it will peak right u again. When it is flowering, the whole office will be filled up with a gentle vanilla scent.

Also, in case you are watering the Peace Lily too much, its leaves will start to change color at their tips. The tips will start turning brownish and will fall off, making the whole plant look unattractive. In case you have a pet-friendly office, make sure to keep the pot with Peace Lily on some shelf or other higher place. Namely, it is very poisonous to dogs and cats. 

Zamia is a beautiful plant that will grow even under artificial light

Native to Africa, this interesting plant will grow even in waiting rooms or corridors, lit only with fluorescent lamps. Same as previously described office plants, it requires very little watering. Actually, you should add just a little water into it, only when the soil is completely dry. This means approximately every three weeks.

It is also sensitive to overwatering. Namely, in case of being watered too much, zamia will start first to change color, from deep green into yellowish. And it will start to dry off. Unfortunately, its roots will also rot, and the plant will be lost. Like other plants shown so far, zamia is also poisonous to pets. Therefore, you should make work your visitors about that. Also, you should warn the movers in Trinity FL, in case they are relocating your office.

English ivy can be a very decorative addition to your Florida office

This plant requires only medium light and a bit of water to thrive in your Florida office. It is an excellent plant to either let fall down, follow the sharp furniture edges, and make them look soft. The other way is to make a semicircle of twigs or wire and to always wrap the shoot around it. This way you will get a bush shape, which will be a very interesting decoration on your table. Or on one of the shelves.

Green Leafed Plant.
English ivy can also adapt to almost any amount of light, from full sun to full shade.

Boston fern could be among excellent plants for your Florida office

The Boston fern best thrives in humid conditions. It also likes bright, filtered light. So, by watering it regularly and keeping it in the corner close to the office window, you will have a fast-growing and healthy plant. Already in the Victorian era, the Boston fern was a popular houseplant. That was thanks to its rich feather-like leaves and curvy fronds. Those looks have made it also a popular plant in the offices.

Moreover, the Boston fern is one of the most effective plants for removing toxins from glue, wood products, and furniture. Therefore, it is an excellent plant to purify your office air. And, it is one of the plants that moving companies Wesley Chapel FL like to keep in their offices too.

Golden Pothos could also be among the plants for your Florida office

Golden pothos is actually a poisonous plant. Therefore, it should be kept out of reach by small kids and pets. But, when it comes to purifying and removing toxins from the air, it makes wonders. Besides, it is very easy for maintaining. And, it is a very decorative plant, which can make your office look appealing and fresh. The plant is very recognizable for its long vines and heart-shaped leaves.

What Aloe plants can do for your Florida office?

This is one more plant popular in the offices. It is not demanding so much attention. And, it can thrive even in the dark office corners. Also, the plant is spreading very easily. So, when you are using packing services Clearwater FL, warn them to wrap the plant carefully. So, it will not unintentionally be spread inside the moving truck. In case your plant drops its leaves downward, it means that it needs a bit more light. But, it never requires too much water. This plant has to be watered only when the soil in the pot is completely dry.

Keeping Lucky bamboo in your Florida office is very easy

The name Lucky bamboo actually refers to more than one hundred genera of true bamboo. However, it is a very decorative plant for your office. To grow, your lucky bamboo will require only moderate or indirect sunlight. What makes this plant so decorative is the way it grows. It can turn into spirals, or circles. It can grow straight up, or it can even form hearth shapes.

Close-up of stacked hot stones with green bamboo.
Lucky bamboo grows well in low-light environments.

First, it doesn’t even need soil. You can simply keep it in a tall glass with water, at your desk. However, make sure the water level doesn’t sink below the stems. Otherwise, the bamboo will not be able to recover.

Jade plant in your Florida office

Like Lucky bamboo, it is believed the Jade plant brings prosperity. And, prosperity is always welcome, either by you or the moving companies in Lutz, who are always ready to help you with relocation. The Jade plant is easy for maintaining. It is enough to put the pot with the plant in a place where it can have a bit more light. And, the soil inside the pot has to be moist. But, don’t overwater it.

Succulents are a very popular plants

Succulents are very easy to maintain. And they are coming in so many colors. So, having several various plants in one smaller pot will make your office desk very decorative. Most of the, like the Jade plant, need several hours of direct sunlight a day. However, they don’t need much water. So, you should add some only when the soil is completely dry. 

Succulents on the table
Succulents are very popular plants in offices worldwide

How to decide what is a good office plant?

Generally, any plant that requires low maintenance will be among the best plants for your Florida office. This means the plants that don’t need much light. And those that you can water just once or twice a month. Also, such plants don’t need extensive fertilization to grow. And, besides purifying the office air, those plants are having a positive effect on the people spending long hours in the office. 

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