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Common hidden and forgotten costs of moving

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Moving can be a confusing process, with all the paperwork, deadlines, and preparation. That’s why it’s even more important to inform yourself about all the hidden and forgotten costs of moving that frequently occur. Learning these skills can ultimately help you save money on your move, which is always welcome! In any case, a good moving company can offer you moving help in Clearwater and warn you about these fees. That’s one of the reasons why hiring reliable, professional moving companies that are well-known in the industry is important. That’s going to save you from lots of trouble down the road, too. So, follow our advice and prevent any unwanted expenses during the upcoming moving process. Moving without spending a fortune will be more enjoyable for sure!

Costs that come from your home

Actually, the first hidden costs of moving are actually the ones from your old home. For instance, many people forget about potential memberships, utilities, rent deposits, and so on. This is normal since relocation brings a lot of tasks. It would be best if you planned to pay for all these things since they can add up a few extra bucks to your total bills. For example, many people like renovating their homes before selling them and relocating to a new location. That can also drive the utilities costs up for that month. Besides, you need to be aware of all the fees and costs that normally occur on a monthly basis for you. Take that, and plan to pay it on time. Also, if you have any memberships associated with that address, you’ll either have to sign off on them or pay future membership fees.

A person looking at the bills and separating money for these common hidden and forgotten costs of moving.
Don’t forget to calculate your old home’s utility costs, as well as to cancel any potential membership plans.

Because mentioned costs are some of the most commonly forgotten costs, keeping a list of everything you’re paying from now on is a good idea. You should use this advice in your future new home, so you can have a good fresh start. Simply put an effort into writing down all of your household’s memberships, utility prices, and so on.

Don’t forget about rent costs and deposit

In case you plan to rent a new home, you need to prepare your finances for it. Another frequent cost is the fact that many landlords require upfront rent deposits. Generally, you’ll be notified about this once you make your first contact with the landlord. However, because it’s so common sometimes people forget about it. It can be a real pan if you’ve already used a lot of the money to hire quality movers such as the long distance movers Clearwater FL only to learn you also need to pay for all of these. So, calculate your budget thoroughly and plan way ahead of your move and it will enable you to skip hidden and forgotten moving expenses.

Hidden and forgotten costs of moving depending on the time

This common cost depends on your preferred moving company. It has to do with the fact that movers often charge different prices depending on the move timing. For example, they usually charge more for the weekends, since they have a lot more appointments at weekends when many people are off work. This is also a good tip if you want to save money when relocating. So, instead of weekend appointments, check if it is possible to pick any other option. You’ll want to move in the middle of the week since that’s when it’s usually the cheapest. Naturally, this is highly inconvenient for a lot of people since they’d need to miss work but it’s definitely something you want to think about. On the other hand, if you’re quitting your job and getting a new one, it can be a viable option that both works for you and costs less!

A man and a woman packing things for a move, to avoid potential hidden and forgotten costs of moving.
If you want to avoid some of the hidden and forgotten costs of moving, move during the middle of the week or the month.

Informing yourself about all these extra costs can actually be pretty beneficial in helping you save a few bucks when relocating. Another bad time to move is either the beginning or an end of a month. As many people move during those periods, the moving companies’ fees tend to jump upwards. That is why it is a good idea to plan to move somewhere closer to the middle of the month. Even though this is something that different moving companies charge more for, it’s diversified. You’ll have to talk to your movers in Pinellas County and see what works best for your situation. It can also depend on the kind of a move you’re having, so honest and good communication is key!

Unexpected costs that deal with your home’s type

One of the most popular fees is the so-called ‘elevator fee’ that a lot of moving companies charge nowadays. It simply deals with the fact that some homes are high up in a building and there are no elevators. This means that the moving team will have to use the stairs will carrying all of your stuff down to the moving truck. It makes perfect sense that this cost exists, yet it’s one of the most commonly forgotten ones when people are planning their moves! If there is no elevator in your building, enlist costs for carrying your items, just in case. Another important thing to remember is to see if your movers will charge you for their fuel and parking fees while they load your items. This may also depend on where you live.

A woman holding a moving box.
You should be aware that some of the hidden costs might happen due to your home’s type and location.

Generally, you can discuss all these things upfront with your moving company and see what kind of policy they have. Some moving companies simply do not charge extra for fuel, especially if they are dealing with a long distance relocation. Others might charge it extra, so always inform yourself ahead of time. Moreover, it’s a good idea to also ask your household movers Clearwater about any potential heavy items surcharge. This basically means that the moving company is going to charge you extra since they need to relocate a lot of heavy items from your household. Naturally, this depends on if you even have such items, so if you do – definitely plan to pay a bit extra.

DIY disasters can easily become the hidden and forgotten costs of moving

You may think that it is easy to relocate on your own, but it’s really not true. Wherever you’re moving to, it’s always a good idea to hire professionals who can help you with. Moreover, you do need a lot of planning and preparations to execute a DIY move successfully. For example, you’ll need to plan your whole route, to see where you’re going to stop to eat something, calculate how much fuel you’ll need, and so on. Since it’s easy to overlook something, this is one of the frequent common hidden costs of moving. Moreover, also prepare for any unexpected situations you cannot control. What if some of your items break or get damaged? Moving companies usually offer insurance plans, but that doesn’t exist with a DIY move.

A man planning his own move, trying to avoid the hidden and forgotten costs of moving.
Even though it’s somewhat popular, DIY movers can quickly become expensive disasters that are hard to plan.

All these go to show you how vital moving companies are nowadays. Moreover, thanks to the great moving quote many of them offer, it’s always possible to find an affordable one. You should begin researching early on, and compare different moving quotes to get the best deal. That’s actually one of the best ways to deal with all the potential hidden and forgotten relocation costs. Professional Clearwater moving services can actually get you avoid all these since they have so much experience. That is in stark contrast with someone trying to move on their own with inexperience. With everything that can go wrong, it can also drive the prices up a lot.

Consider the distance of your move and the company’s pricing rates

This is somewhat tricky because you normally can’t be too picky about where you are moving to. A lot of people are simply moving for work. Also, they would wish to move to a place they really like, but can’t decide if they should move there because of the moving prices. However, if you can actually choose, it’s worth remembering that long distance moves cost a bit extra money. It will also highly depend on the type of pricing rates. Usually, most relocation companies use the hourly rate to charge their customers. They have a standard price per hour, and depending on the time you will need them on moving day, they will charge you for that. If you have experience with moving, you will probably be able to estimate how much this is going to cost. If you don’t, it’s worth asking them for their estimate.

A woman talking to a moving company representative about the moving costs.
Talk directly with your moving company and see what kind of moving and charging plans they offer.

Other than the standard hourly rate pricing, some companies also offer weight-based pricing plans. This means that they’ll charge you based on how heavy your moving load is. For example, if you’re moving a lot of heavy machinery, drawers, or furniture – the prices will be higher. This can work really well for you if you’re only moving lightweight things and know the weight isn’t going to exceed a certain limit. In such situations, it’s also a good idea to book some of the packing services Clearwater FL companies offer. It can help you have fewer moving boxes, which can cut down the prices. The third way companies can charge you is the so-called volume-based (in cubic feet). Ask your mover to see what kind of pricing plan they use and how much they’d charge you.

Being charged a flat fee can help you avoid potential hidden and forgotten costs of moving

If your moving company uses a flat fee to charge its customers, it’s something you should definitely take advantage of. You’ll simply settle on a flat fee with your company, and they will charge you for that price no matter how many things they move. This is a good way to know how much you’ll be paying. It’s actually probably the only way you can be absolutely certain there are not going to be any potential hidden costs. Talk with your local movers Clearwater FL to see if they offer anything similar. It’s become more popular lately, and more and more companies are offering it to their customers.

Special moving services and how companies charge for them

Not everything can fall under a standard household move. For example, a lot of moving companies have certain moving services that are called ‘special’ due to the item’s nature. For example, one of the most common examples is certainly piano moving service, which is generally more expensive. This has to do with the fact that moving a piano is no easy task. Due to its odd shape and uneven balance, they need to put extra attention to keeping it safe and sound during the relocation.

A close-up picture of a piano.
Items such as pianos or pool tables are often charged according to special prices. Keep costs like this in mind to prevent many hidden and forgotten costs of moving.

Be aware of any such special moving fees by talking to the company directly. Be blatantly direct and blunt when it comes to paying for their moving services. Set the record straight and ask them what are their special moving services. Moreover, it’s good to ask what kind of stuff falls into that specific category. For example, lots of the people hiring some moving company St. Petersburg FL, say that they have had honest discussions about the company’s prices. This can allow both you and the company to be on equal terms when it comes to paying the final bill. However, many people forget about such things and end up paying hidden and forgotten costs of moving to a new place. We are sure you will follow your advice to keep your expenses in control. So, everything that has left is to enjoy your relocation experience!


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