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Cost of living comparison between Clearwater and St Petersburg FL

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When people look for new places to live they usually compare the basic living standards. Although the reasons for the move are not always the same, knowledge about your moving location still remains important. As such we have decided to make a cost of living comparison between Clearwater and St Petersburg FL. This way you will be able to decide whether to get moving help in Clearwater or find reliable St Petersburg movers and relocate to your next destination.

The cost of living overall

The cost of living is the financial cost of keeping a certain standard of living. It is usually calculated by estimating the average price of a number of detailed goods and services needed by a certain group. The size of the cost of the lowest bar of living is fundamental in specifying relief payments, social-insurance help, family budgets, tax immunities, and lowest wages. Therefore, before you decide to use Clearwater moving services it is important to know the cost of living in the area.

A pile of money
Knowing the costs of living is the best way to see if you can afford to move and leave comfortably

About Clearwater

This waterfront city is located across from one of the US’s finest shores. Its downtown is walkable, with waterfront playgrounds, outstanding areas to eat out, and a state-of-art aquarium! The aquarium is the dwelling place of the earth’s most well-known dolphins. You’ll even discover the Spring Training residence of the Philadelphia Phillies. Not to mention other otherworldly recreation venues. And all of this is a brief distance away from a fantastic coast. The city is actually so nice that many people look for commercial moving Clearwater FL services and inquire about moving to even start a business here. But is there a big difference between Clearwater and St Petersburg FL?

About St Petersburg FL

A shining jewel of the Florida Gulf coast St. Pete has the ideal components for a beautiful vacation! There you can find stunning beaches, vibrant arts, household fun, and magnificent food and beverage locations. It’s an area that has a unique and calm charm. But is it really that good? Moving here means you will be between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. And it will let you experience beautiful weather. This place is known for its warm climate and for maintaining the title of “most successive days with sunshine” at the unimaginable 768 days. There are local movers Clearwater FL who see many people come here as visitors, fall in love with the city, and decide to relocate here.

A mover in front of the moving truck
Learn about the cost of living in Clearwater and St Petersburg and hire movers to relocate you to the place that is right for you

Education cost comparison between these two places

One of the important factors when having children that affect the cost of living is education. Schools in Saint Petersburg maintain an average scale of 3/10. Meaning that it is in the lower 50% out of all Florida public schools. But on the other hand, this is the home of many top-grade colleges. Making it a city of students. There are 49 public academies benefiting 30,847 pupils in Saint Petersburg FL. There are also 41 private schools, benefiting 8,449 private pupils. For example, the St. Petersburg Christian school is one of the most recommended private schools in the city. But how much would the education here cost?

The lower division tuition fees:

  • Grade one – $10,745
  • Grade two – $10,845
  • Grade three – $10,845
  • Grade four – $10,845

The upper-division tuition fees:

  • Grade five – $10,845
  • Grade six –  $11,220
  • Grade seven – $11,370
  • Grade eight – $11,370

On the other hand, in the 2022-23 academy year, there were 31 public academies catering to 16,105 pupils in Clearwater FL. There are 24 private schools, helping 5,454 private pupils. Also, long distance movers Clearwater FL help many new students and their families come here. As for the costs of education as an example, you can take the Clear Water Academy.

  • The Junior Kindergarten 5 Full days – $15,500
  • The Junior Kindergarten 5 Half Days – $8,550
  • Kindergarten to Grade 6 – $14,950
  • Grades 7 to 9 – $15,600
  • Grade 10 to 12 – $16,600

Living expenses comparison between Clearwater and St Petersburg FL

When moving to a new city knowing how much money you would need for everyday life is crucial. So if you are interested in the comparison between Clearwater and St Petersburg FL we should start with the facts:

  • Clearwater is 1.3% less expensive than St. Petersburg.
  • Clearwater accommodation costs are 5.4% less pricey than St. Petersburg accommodation costs.
A woman calculating living expenses costs between Clearwater and St Petersburg Florida
The cost of living comparison between Clearwater and St Petersburg is not obvious and is not large. But there are still some differences

The cost of living in Clearwater

The cost of living here is 2% lower than the nationwide standard. The expense of living in any place can change based on elements such as your career, average wages, and the real estate demand of that region. Clearwater’s accommodation expenses are 10% lower than the nationwide norm. And the utility costs are 0% lower than the federal standard. Transport costs like bus fares and gas expenses are 1% higher than the nationwide average. And also one more important thing is that grocery expenses are 7% higher than the nationwide norm.

The cost of living in St. Petersburg

The cost of residence is 2% lower than the national standard. Accommodation fees are 12% lower than the nationwide average and utility costs are 0% lower. Transport costs like bus fares and gas expenses are 1% higher than the federal standard. And healthcare in St. Petersburg is 5% lower than the federal norm. As such you can see that the comparison between Clearwater and St Petersburg FL is not that big! Therefore, do not hesitate to hire movers Pinellas County and relocate to one of these two places. Whichever you choose you would have similar monthly expenses.

Expenses related to the things to do in Clearwater

Whether you’re touring with children or not, Clearwater Marine Aquarium will be a special highlight of your Clearwater experience. The vast building houses and cares for rescued dolphins, sea turtles, otters, sharks, stingrays, and additional aquatic animals. It also imparts a statement about ocean protection to those who walk through its corridors. It also presents voyages out into Clearwater Bay that are described by a naturalist. How much do you need to pay for this pleasure? Entry fee for adults(13-64) is 35,93$ seniors(65+) is 33,93$ and for kids(2-12) 26,934$. But do keep in mind that kid tickets only come after purchasing adult ones.

People in a cafe in Clearwater
You will have lots of opportunities to meet new people while exploring the city and what it offers.

And speaking of ship voyages, there’s a certain one that fits your temper drifting out of Clearwater Marina. With opportunities ranging from the ever-popular kids’ Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise to a date-night feast cruise aboard the Yacht Starship. The prices also range depending on the activities. For example, some standard cruses are the Sunset cruise – 28.99$ (lasts 1h and 45 minutes) and the Dolphin adventure cruise – 34.45$ (lasts 1h and 15 minutes). But there are luxury ones are well as a Fishing guide – 383$ (ranges from 4-12 hours) or private half-day boating on a yacht – 700$ (4 hours). So use quality packing services Clearwater FL to relocate here and research the marina to find more voyages, fishing charters, and water sports rentals.

Prices of the things to do in St Pete

The comparison between Clearwater and St Petersburg FL can’t be done just yet. We told you some fun things you can do in Clearwater. But what about St Pete? For starters, St. Pete Pier, the Saint Petersburg Pier is a well-known landmark in the city. The dock is a waterfront attraction and spreads from the downtown center into Tampa Bay. There are tons of things to do at the pier. Firstly, there’s a massive parking space, so locating a spot to ditch your car is easy. There are public art and green areas where you can come just to see your buddies or spend a comfortable afternoon. All of these are free but you can also find some beautiful ship activities on the pier that are worth every penny! For example:

  • Evening yacht cruise with optional dining – 32$
  • Tropical party cruise – 56,61$
  • Night-led illuminated tour – 55$
  • Sunset cruise – 67$

The Sunken Gardens are a botanical shelter in the center of the city. It is occasionally called a living gallery as some of its equatorial plant species are over a century old. The greens are full of an incredible assortment of 50,000 various species of tropical plants. So even though the entrance is free, you would have to spare money for the restaurants and cafes located inside.

People in a park in St Petersburg Florida
People like sitting and relaxing in parks after spending the whole day on boats and sea activities.

Cost comparisons for activities in the cities

From the previous things we wrote you can see that both cities have an abundance of things, you can do. And with the wide range of choices comes a wide range of prices. But still, there is a comparison between Clearwater and St Petersburg even for that. For example in Clearwater, most activities start around 20-30$ and there are many choices to pick from. Of course, there are also luxury activities that go well over that somewhere from 300$+. As for St Petersburg, it is not extremely pricey, but activities from 20-30$ are harder to find and usually booked fast. Usually, they are around 40-60$, and of course, there are also luxury activities that are way more than that. Still, it is definitely worth it to hire one of the moving company St Petersburg FL has to offer and start enjoying this beautiful place full of things to see and do.

Of course, both cities have gorgeous beaches. And most of them are free and open to people. Although bars and restaurants around them can be expensive(depending on the beach you choose) you still have the option of bringing your own snacks.

Overall, these two places are very similar

As the two are relatively close they have a unique charm of a small city located in a big metropolis. The two are prime tourist destinations. And are also nice for honeymoons. You will see many locations and attractions that will cater to those needs. As such both offer priceless experiences. Long romantic walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, concerts, and more. As for differences well they are bound to exist. No matter how close and similar they are, at the end of the day, they are two different cities.

Logo of Big Man's Moving Company
Hiring reliable movers and relocating to one of these two places will not be a mistake

The living cost differences are almost nonexistent. So small that they won’t affect your life much. Education is also not the same, as one has better schools and the other colleges. But still, that just means that they cater to different people. One is leaning toward families and the other toward young adults and students. Both have outstanding job markets. Filled with opportunities! The only question is what type of job are you interested in. And last but not least important fact is that both Clearwater and St Petersburg are still growing. The number of citizens as well as the city boundaries are on the rise. And that way is a guarantee that in the future they will have even more to offer. And when that happens we will have a new comparison between Clearwater and St Petersburg for you.

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