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Cost of living in Clearwater, Florida

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If you want to relocate to this great place, first you should have is detailed information about the cost of living in Clearwater, Florida. Here you can learn about all the possibilities for a good life that you have imagined. You should look for a reputable moving company that will deliver your belongings to Clearwater and inform yourself about the prices of houses and apartments, schools and kindergartens, work options, healthcare facilities, weather, etc. If you need moving help in Clearwater, Big Man’s Moving Company is always at your disposal.

Learn more about Clearwater

Clearwater, located west of Tampa, is a growing city that is set on improving the lives of its residents and at the same time preserving its history of rich culture and breathtaking landscapes. Most of us long to live in some tropical paradise and Clearwater is just the place we all dream about. Here you can find everything you would expect to have in some tropical heaven. If you are coming from another state and looking for interstate movers Florida, we at Big Man’s Moving Company will make sure that your move goes stress-free. The area is famous for its abundance of fresh springs along the coast and that is how it got its name. Clearwater got its reputation as a resort community in the late 19th century.

Clearwater beach
The city is known for great job opportunities, tons of local events, and a diverse population

Today, people from all over the world, in search of sun and fun, come to Clearwater, Florida. Clearwater is, without a doubt, a wonderful get-away place but it is an even better city to live in. Its residents are friendly and do their best to contribute to its community. The city government is economically active and works hard to protect the environment. It also enables its residents the necessary amenities and resources for a carefree everyday life.  Clearwater has a population of around 115,000 people, about one-third of local people were born and raised in this area but 53% relocated here from other states. In case you are among those people who are relocating find reliable Clearwater moving services and relocate here with ease.

Its white-sand beaches and amazingly clear water are considered as some of the best in America. Furthermore, Clearwater is considered as one of the best places you can live in Florida. Low living costs, pristine beaches, and mesmerizing sunsets will easily persuade you to start your new life here. Located next to the sea, Clearwater enables its residents to enjoy popular activities. These include canoeing, fishing, jet-skiing, paddle boarding hiking, and cycling. You can enjoy the warm weather and outdoor life throughout the whole year.  For those of you who are coming from afar find experienced long distance movers Clearwater Fl and enjoy all the benefits that Clearwater has. Just keep reading and you will understand why you should choose Clearwater as your new home.

Cost of living in Clearwater, Florida

The first thing that we need to inform ourselves about is living costs. The good news is that the costs of living in Clearwater, Florida are lower than the national average of about 7%. When it comes to housing, expenses in Clearwater are 17% lower than the national average and utility prices are 2% lower. Transportation costs, such as gas prices and bus fares, are 2% lower, as well. Grocery prices are 3% higher than the national average and healthcare costs are 4% lower.

A moving truck in the yard
The cost of rent depends on a few factors such as location, quality, and size of the home and it can vary

What are the rent prices in Clearwater?

The most wanted ones are 1-bedroom apartments. Studio apartments are the least popular. Also, houses and apartments in Clearwater range from very affordable to very luxurious ones. If you found your perfect home contact local movers Clearwater FL and start enjoying this amazing place that has so much to offer.

The average monthly cost for a 1-bedroom apartment in Clearwater, Florida at the moment is $1,518. If we compare it with last year’s price, we can conclude that the average rent price has decreased by 4%. Currently, 75% of households are occupied by owners.  During the previous month, the average renting price for a studio apartment in Clearwater decreased by -3% to $2,317. The average cost for a 1-bedroom apartment remained flat while the average price for a 2-bedroom apartment decreased by -6% to $2,100.  If these prices are acceptable for you find some of the best moving companies Pinellas County has and enjoy a new chapter in your life in your new home.

A 926 square feet is an average size for an apartment in Clearwater, Florida. However, this number can vary significantly and it depends on unit type, with affordable and luxurious alternatives for apartments and houses alike. Studio apartments are the smallest while 1-bedroom apartments are closer to the average size. However, 2-bedroom apartments and 3-bedroom apartments offer much more space. Once you choose your new home, you will be in need of packing services Clearwater FL so make sure to find movers that provide this service and that will relocate your valuables safely.

A picture of the moving truck
The cost of living in Clearwater is something to think about before your movers relocate you

The most affordable, most expensive, and most popular neighborhoods in Clearwater, Florida

The most affordable areas in Clearwater are Amber Glades, with an average rent cost of $1,209/month, then Alcove where residents pay $1,631/month, and Coachman with an average rent of $1,631/month. You can find other great prices in Coachman Ridge, Raintree Village, and Marymount Park as the asking price there is below the average rent in Clearwater.

University Park, Morningside – Meadows, and Keene Acres are the most expensive neighborhoods in Clearwater, Florida.  The most popular neighborhoods in Clearwater are Downtown Clearwater, Bellevue Lake, and Imperial park. If your goal is to rent in one of the most popular areas, you should also check out Clearwater North East and Glenwood Estates.

How much will you pay for utilities? 166.70

Living costs in Clearwater, Florida are -5.4% lower than the national average. The prices have gone up 1.1% in the last year. The largest increases were noticed in food, housing, and transportation. The electricity cost in Florida has decreased by 5.407% in the past year. We need to have in mind that electricity rates can fluctuate depending on consumption rates and government regulations, and even the weather.

The average Clearwater residents spend $166.70 per month on the energy bill. Clearwater average electricity bill is 8% higher than the national average of $2,673 per year. Also, the average water bill in Florida is $33, the gas cost is $46, the sewer is $67, and the cable is $70. You can have an internet connection in Clearwater at a starting price of $49.95.

Planner to write down cost of living in Clearwater
In order to plan out all your expenses in advance you should know the cost of living in Clearwater

Is transportation in Clearwater expensive?

By using public transportation instead of driving,  you can save up to $1000 per year, depending on the location of your home. You will reduce the stress of driving and looking for a place to park your car once you reach your destination. Also, your tires and car will last longer and you will spend less money on gas. Some employers offer reduced bus passes to their employees.

82.70% of commuters prefer to drive to work, compared to the national average of 85.5%. The average commute in Clearwater is 24 minutes long. Taking into consideration the cost of gas, as well as car maintenance and public transit, it is estimated that a single person in Clearwater spends $8,459 a year on transportation. This is lower than the national average of $9,760. Clearwater doesn’t have an extensive public transportation network. Residents can use Jolley Trolley if they want to commute along Clearwater Beach and the nearby coastal communities.

Cost of living in Clearwater: Food prices

When talking about the cost of living in Clearwater grocery prices are an important factor. Grocery prices in Clearwater are 3% higher than the national average. For example, a loaf of bread costs $3.58, a gallon of milk $2.29, and a carton of eggs $1.62. If you are a banana lover, a bunch of bananas will cost you $3.47. Fast food lovers will need to pay $4.90 for a hamburger. The suggested monthly budget for 1 person would be $251, for a family of 2 people that cost would be $553, for 3 people 722 and for a family of 4 the amount would be $892.

Groceries in a bag
Groceries are a bit more expensive in Clearwater than in the rest of Florida

Economy and job market in Clearwater

You are probably wondering where you will find a job once you move to Clearwater. The city’s economy currently supports more than  50,000 jobs. The great news is that the employment rate in this area has been increasing year after year. Wages in Clearwater are lower than the national average. The median income is a bit over $45,600. However, these 2 have been steadily going up.

The main industries in Clearwater include social assistance, healthcare, retail trade, as well as education, and technology. Honeywell Aerospace, which has more than 1, 500 employees, is one of the largest employers in this city. Other leading employers in this county are financial services company Raymond James and TV cable provider Spectrum.

Here’s more about the healthcare

Compared to the national average, healthcare in Clearwater is 4% lower. For a visit to a doctor, on average you should pay $113.32. A visit to the dentist on average is $96.90, an optometrist visit costs $104.95 and an XR drug is $450.92. If your pet is sick and requires a visit to the vet clinic you will need to pay $50.97.

Education in Clearwater

Families with children who are thinking about moving to Clearwater, Florida will be happy to know that the public school system in this city is above the national average. You will be given a lot of choices when picking the best school for your children. You will be amazed to know that there are 146 schools in Clearwater. This includes 29 high schools, both public and private.

In addition to eminent public high schools, here you can also find a lot of magnet schools whose goal is to provide their students with career-oriented training and specialized education. Some of the magnet high schools that include the Cambridge program are AICE at Clearwater High and the Career Academy for International Culture and Commerce at Clearwater High. There is also the Institute for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (ISTEM) at Countryside High.

Family walking trough grass
The city is a great place to relocate your family to

The family-oriented environment

Many families choose to move here because, besides extraordinary education options, the city provides numerous options for children’s entertainment. If you move to Clearwater, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful family-oriented environment.

Restaurants and nightlife in Clearwater

We all want to move to a city that has numerous restaurants where we can enjoy various cuisines. Well, you don’t have to worry about that in Clearwater as the city has so many amazing places to eat at. There are lots of beachside cafes, fine restaurants where you can dine, and everything else in between.  Clearwater is, without a doubt, the city with the best food scene in Florida.

One of the most famous districts in Clearwater is certainly Cleveland Street District. Here, you can enjoy great bars, clubs, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment. During the day we suggest that you visit the farmer’s market and attend a theater show.

Clearwater, FL is the perfect place to start a new life

The cost of living in Clearwater, Florida, otherworldly sceneries, great education system, an array of restaurants and lively nightlife, and wonderful weather during almost the whole year make this city a dream come true. There are so many outdoor activities you can enjoy in Clearwater during the whole year. This city offers so much entertainment for kids and provides them a chance to live in a family-oriented environment. We are sure that most of you don’t have second thoughts anymore after reading the article and that you are already working on a plan for moving to this little heaven on Earth. We are at your disposal for any help you might need with moving and starting your new life in Clearwater.

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