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Do you need a real estate agent to help you pick a place to buy in Lakewood Ranch?

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    We all know that searching for a home takes a long time. It is almost a full-time job. Even though the internet made it much easier to find affordable homes, a capable agent usually has access to more properties. That includes both unlisted and FSBO (for sale by the owner) homes and can help you pick a place to buy in Lakewood Ranch. Real estate agents can also recommend some Florida moving companies. On top of that, some sellers do not want to be public with their sales, and very often these “private” owners sell the best homes. That’s why these “pocket listings” are exclusive to agents.

    Real estate agent helping you pick a place to buy in Lakewood Ranch.
    You should get a real estate agent to help you pick a place to buy in Lakewood Ranch.

    Do You Need an Agent to Help You Pick a Place to Buy in Lakewood Ranch?

    Well, it really depends. There are a couple of factors to keep in mind when you’re trying to decide whether you want to hire an agent.


    Everyone hates doing paperwork. It is boring, complicated, and annoying — plus it forces you to interact with the government. Another perk of having an agent is that they will do that on your behalf.

    In addition to being boring, real estate paperwork is complicated and is a task best left to the professionals, who can make sure that everything is done above board. If you’re filing this paperwork by yourself, you can easily make a mistake, and mistakes are costly in real estate. Such mistakes can destroy deals or, even worse, make you legally liable for breach of contract (agents have insurance for these risks).  A lot of moving companies Lakewood Ranch FL require a decent amount of paperwork to be able to provide you with their services.


    Capable agents will have a lot of neighborhood and sales data to help you strengthen your position when negotiating. An experienced agent knows what you can and can’t buy in that price range in your chosen location. They can know if you’re being offered a good deal or not. Agents know how to make alluring offers, when to play hardball, and when it’s time to walk. This skill set makes them invaluable in neighborhoods when home values vary from house to house. That can also help you when you’re talking with your local movers Clearwater FL.

    In general, most home buyers feel that agents are worth the price, around 87% of home buyers bought their homes through an agent. Out of these 89% said that they would stick with the agent they chose for the future. That is confirmed by the National Association of Realtors data.

    a key in a lock
    Real estate agents can help you get a good deal.

    Extra Tips & Tricks

    • Always work with an agent that specializes in your price range.
    • Work with someone who does this full-time. Being a part-time agent is usually a red flag.
    • Try to always go with the seasoned pro. Everyone needs learning experience, but maybe they should get that with someone else rather than you.
    • They can help you negotiate with local movers Florida.
    • Background check your agent online, to see if they’re properly licensed and that there are no complaints or, even worse, pending lawsuits against them.


    If you’re buying your first home, having an agent can save you so much stress. They can help you avoid rookie mistakes — like, giving away bargaining leverage by revealing too much personal information or skipping the home inspection.

    In addition, there are no fees for buyers. Instead, fees for the buyer’s and seller’s agents are usually paid by the seller. You can’t lose by getting a real estate agent to help you pick a place to buy in Lakewood Ranch.

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