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Dog-friendly places to move to in Florida

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    A god is a human’s best friend. That was always true and it seems that it will always be. For that reason, when you’re relocating, search for the most dog-friendly places to move to in Florida as your dog will appreciate it greatly and you’ll have so many more ways to have fun with it. Here are just some of the places that we from the Big Man’s Moving Company FL think perfectly fits that description and will make your dog and you happy with your choice.

    Orlando is among the top dog-friendly places to move to in Florida

    Orlando is one of the most beautiful cities in Florida. And you can best believe that they have a lot of fun to offer for you and your dog. With around 20 specific dog parks with all the equipment for your furry pet to run around, Orlando is dog heaven. It’s no wonder that so many moving companies Bradenton FL are active here as so many individuals and families with pets move to Orlando. Want to eat or drink coffee with your dog around? No problem! With more than 30 restaurants and cafes that are pet-friendly, you’ll have a lot to choose from.  

    A beautiful dog
    Dog-friendly places to move to in Florida will be better for you too

    Looking for the top dog-friendly places to move to in Florida? Jacksonville is a sure pick

    Jacksonville is a place with beautiful hot weather and great parks. Among others, there are parks with fountains on every corner. That means that both you and your dog can stay hydrated during playtime. One of the main reasons that moving companies Dunedin FL move so many people here lately is that there’s a 45-acre dog park. And to top it all off in Jacksonville there are clinics that will treat and check your pets for free. There’s nothing better than free healthcare for your dog!

    Tampa is highly rated in the US when it comes to the happiness of dogs and dog owners

    Tampa is among the top cities when it comes to pet-friendliness in the whole nation. Your dog can go with you anywhere you want. There’s no need to say goodbye to your best friend and not return for hours. Our local movers are astonished by how many parks Tampa has as there are almost 30 that are all over the city. You can’t go down the street without seeing a couple of dogs playing around. Its proximity to the beach will also make your dog fall in love with Tampa.

    A pretty dog
    Your dog will fall in love with Tampa

    Fort Lauderdale is full of beautiful beaches that your dog will adore

    Fort Lauderdale is one of the best cities to move to if you have a dog. With its numerous dog parks and bars and restaurants that allow dogs, it’s really a beautiful place for your dog and you to relax. However, there are places and parks that will make you walk your dog on a leash. However, that’s not too big of a problem as Fort Lauderdale really has a lot to offer and show when it comes to its ability to welcome you and your dog.

    As you’re moving to Florida we can say that you’re lucky. There are so many dog-friendly places to move to in Florida that will surprise you just how much they are oriented to keeping your pet happy. Be it for their beautiful parks, pet-friendly restaurants, or sunny beaches Florida has a lot to offer. Whatever city you choose from the ones we put forward we’re sure that you and your dog will have a wonderful time. 

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