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Do’s and don’ts when moving furniture

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You can decide during a home relocation that you don’t want to separate some of the furniture items from your house. Either because you believe them to be very practical and helpful or because they hold significant personal worth for you. Moving furniture, however, is more difficult than people assume. Especially when the pieces are large and heavy. Professionals that provide Clearwater moving services will know how to help you with do’s and don’ts when moving furniture because they know the best approach to transferring large items between two residences. To ensure that there is no destruction of property as a result of the transfer, furniture movers have the necessary skills and know-how to preserve delicate furniture pieces from beginning to end.

Know the do’s and don’ts when moving furniture

It’s possible that hiring furniture moving services is not an option for you. In this situation, careful planning and flawless execution are essential for a successful DIY furniture moving operation. When moving furniture, you’ll need to be aware of what to do and what not to do. Professionals will be a huge help in this situation. They can even advise you on what to take with you. Here are some of the do’s you need to do:

  • BE SURE – that it is worthwhile to do so. Moving furniture that you don’t actually require will result in an unhappy loss of money on your behalf because the moving fee is determined by the entire weight of the cargo.
  • DO TRANSPORT – any priceless antique furniture to the new house. It makes perfect sense to take a piece of furniture with you. If it holds significant sentimental importance for you, regardless of the cost of transportation. Antique furniture is frequently passed down from one generation to the next, so despite the increased moving costs, you should maintain yours.
  • DO CONSIDER – your decision before moving any IKEA or IKEA-inspired furniture to the new house. In general, pressboard furniture is made to be put together just once, and because of its fabled fragility, it rarely endures a home relocation. The majority of the time, buying new furniture after the relocation will be more affordable than relocating huge IKEA pieces.
  • DO ASK –  your trustworthy buddies to assist you in moving your bulky furniture. As soon as you can, get in touch with your friends to ask them. When requesting help, be upfront with your friends about the fact that you will want their muscle power to move furniture.
A Big's Man Moving Company mover
Before you start the journey of relocating be sure to know all the information you need.

Don’t do this when moving furniture

There are many things that you could do when relocating furniture. But also, there are some don’ts that you should take into consideration for different reasons.

  • DON’T WASTE MONEY – on moving old furniture when you may get brand-new stuff after the relocation. It’s never just about the money, is it? Also, you’ll waste a lot of time and effort on activities that will ultimately be pointless. Consider whether you actually need those items in the new house.
  • DO NOT TRY TO PROVE YOU ARE A HERO – by moving your large and heavy furniture by yourself. Moving furniture is a risky task, and if you decide on an incorrect way to move furniture all by yourself. You’ll be much more likely to sustain numerous move-related injuries like back injuries, muscular injuries, and hernias.
  • DO NOT BLAME – your pals for ignoring your request for help moving big, heavy furniture. You can’t expect everyone to jump at the chance to assist you on the day of the move because, like you, your friends try to manage their hectic schedules and have pre-arranged arrangements on their own. While you explore different alternatives, be understanding.
  •  DO NOT RUSH – to move bulky furniture before ensuring that it can securely pass through doors and around tight turns. All you have to do is measure the furniture piece, then measure the entrances to see whether or not everything will fit. Rushing the task increases the risk of becoming stuck halfway and taking an absurd amount of time to recover.
  • DO NOT LEAVE – breakable objects in the cupboards or drawers of the furniture you are moving. But when you move those delicate goods into the restricted spaces unprotected. They are quite likely to break. Separating such sensitive items from the rest of the packing will protect them during the house relocation.
Stop sign for avoiding mistakes
Avoid doing certain things while moving furniture for your safety.

Choose whether or not to move your furniture

Moving furniture on your own comes with a variety of risks and concerns for you and your friends. From cracked walls or scratched floors to furniture pieces permanently damaged from incorrect handling. Or even the possibility of serious bodily injuries when things don’t go as planned. Therefore, to avoid all of this you need to hire long distance movers Clearwater FL for help. Also ask yourself if you really, truly need to relocate the furniture pieces from the current place to the new home is the primary thing you need to do. In order to avoid any potential issues on the day of the move. After all, if you decided not to move any furniture at all or only decided to bring a little amount with you. The future relocation would be made much simpler.

Don’t try to move furniture all by yourself

Never try to move furniture by yourself. This is one of the best safety advice you will get. To put it another way, avoid the rookie error of assembling a one-man team when you need to lift and carry really large and heavy pieces of furniture. Even without handling enormous and overweight items. Relocating a house is too much for one person to handle. Luckily, you can get professional help from local movers Clearwater FL. Keep in mind that relocation was never intended to be a single-person act. It requires a team effort. As moving big furniture by yourself can be extremely hazardous, the results, if you tried to be a hero on your moving day for any reason, would probably be tragic.

Find and remove all hazards associated with moving furniture

When moving furniture, safety is of the highest concern. If you don’t follow the main safety moving rules. You could end up in a lot of pain. The Clearwater moving companies will make sure that they do all the work for you. Therefore, avoid any injuries or mistakes. Even while it seems horrible, ruining your priceless furniture during the typically stressful move-in and move-out days can end up being the better option. Why? You must take all reasonable precautions to prevent injuries when moving house. Bodily injuries of any type are a real possibility. Fortunately, some safety precautions for moving heavy furniture are simpler to follow than others. All you need to do is use common sense to have a pain- and hassle-free move. Just keep any potential hazards away from the outdoor walkways and exit routes. Now, this task may seem simpler said than done.

A mover holding packed chair because he knows do’s and don’ts of moving furniture
You will make your relocation easier by knowing what to do.

Disassemble the pieces while figuring out the do’s and don’ts of moving furniture

Full-size beds, dressers, closets, cupboards, workstations, and tables are among the large furniture pieces that will likely cause you the most problems on a moving day. In reality, furniture is one of the hardest things to move because of its bulky size, heavy weight, frequently awkward shape, occasionally fragile nature, and high value. The best thing to do when you choose to take some or even all of your huge and heavy items with you is to employ qualified interstate movers Florida who just know what to do because safety is always a major issue when moving heavy furniture on your own.

To keep everything secure, use a furniture dolly

When relocating, follow the safety recommendations. Get the proper tools for moving large furniture if you want to avoid mishaps and injuries because this type of furniture tends to end up being heavier, bigger, and more difficult to transport than originally anticipated. A moving dolly is the first item of gear you will require to carry big furniture safely. A furniture dolly is a low, flat, 4-wheel platform that ensures efficiency and safety while moving furniture, and is frequently referred to as the mover’s greatest friend. The Clearwater Beach movers will tell you the same. They use them often and it’s remarkable how useful and essential a moving dolly can be for lifting and transporting bulky items when relocating.

Two movers in front of the moving trucks that know all the do’s and don’ts of moving furniture
Moving experts can help you with do’s and don’ts of moving furniture

Use furniture sliders to prevent damage

A piece of furniture might need to be moved close to the wall or all the way along a room. And you’ll need furniture sliders to achieve that safely. A furniture slider is a piece of sturdy plastic with hard rubber on one side that makes it easy to move heavy furniture across different surfaces without damaging the flooring. Simply place a slider under each leg or edge of the furniture. Then be amazed by how smoothly it moves. There are two different kinds of furniture sliders. Those designed for carpeted floors and those intended for hardwood flooring.

Two people holding a couch so they can put furniture sliders to prevent damage
Be ready to lift heavy objects and protect your items while moving.

Do’s and don’ts when moving furniture will give you the right technique

Use correct lifting techniques that are universally recognized as the greatest safety recommendations while moving large objects. If you want to keep yourself safe. It’s critical to realize that you will frequently be required to perform awkward or unusual motions. That your body is not used to. Such as bending, pushing, tugging, twisting, and, of course, lifting big objects. As a result, you or one of your helpers may wind up suffering a physical injury. Some of the techniques you need to keep in mind are the following

  • Always lift large furniture with your legs to protect your back.
  • Use the full strength of your lower limbs while bending at the knees and keeping your back upright.
  • Where possible, push heavy furniture items rather than pulling them
  • When you need to turn over or sideways while carrying large, heavy furniture, always use your legs instead of your hips.
  • Carrying furniture requires that you keep it as near to you and roughly in the middle of your body as you can.

You can find many more tips on how to move heavy objects safely. Which you will have to know before starting your move. Especially if you plan on relocating your furniture with you to the new place.

Put on appropriate clothes and shoes

You should be well aware by this point that your primary consideration when relocating houses is safety. A further safety recommendation for moving furniture will show how even seemingly insignificant details can be crucial. What you wear on the day of the move can actually wreck your moving day and cause property damage or personal harm. The packing services Clearwater FL can be a huge help here. They will pack your items for the relocation and help you avoid damage by doing so. On a moving day, you can easily forget about your attire while worrying about other stuff. But, you should avoid making that beginner error as choosing to dress appropriately and wearing the right footwear can help you reach the desired level of safety.

Two people packing for a move in comfortable outfits because they know about the do’s and don’ts when moving furniture
Make yourself comfortable and safe when moving.

Do’s and don’ts when moving furniture will make your life easier

After you are aware of the do’s and don’ts when moving furniture the entire furniture moving process will therefore become simpler. Because you will already be aware of the crucial occasions that require extra care to prevent problems. Use the information you get before moving to your advantage. With a decent plan, you will be able to do this relocation without any problems. So, make sure that you are prepared for the move in advance. While also having the right help by your side during the stressful time of relocation. All of this will make a huge difference in the end.

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