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How not to damage your new Florida flat while moving in

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The crucial element of safe and stress-free relocation is a professional moving company. However, high-quality moving supplies are equally important. If you wrap your items properly with quality materials, you’ll know for certain that they’re safe and good to go. And not only that but your floors and walls in your new home need protection, too. Using proper materials can protect from damage your new Florida flat while moving in. Big Man’s Moving Company Florida can provide you with the best moving supplies and packing services, too.

How to protect your new home while moving in?

You might think that the worst part of the relocation is over when you arrive at your new place. But there is another obstacle to overcome. You’ll need to bring in whole your inventory. And that part will easily be over with the help of professional movers Lutz. But it can be tricky not to damage your new Florida flat while moving in. The last thing you want is an ugly hole in your wall or another repair bill in your hands. There are a few tips and tricks that might help with moving in. Pay attention to the following advice.

People wrapped in a colorful sheet.
Cover your floors to protect from damage your new Florida flat while moving in.

Cover your floors

It is best to cover the floors with old carpets and rugs. However, it’s not necessary to cover every inch of the floor. It is enough to determine high-traffic areas and cover them. Hallways suffer the most, so protect them properly. The most effective way to protect the hardwood floor is to type down the flatted cardboard. It’ll protect your floors from scratches and other mechanical harm. Also, it will prevent your movers from tripping. If the day is rainy and muddy, unfold and spread plastic sheets. Our movers Dunedin FL are at your service for any questions you might have about your relocation.

  • Lift and bring in furniture, don’t slide.
  • Ram Board is also a good alternative instead cardboard.
  • Furniture sliders are useful, too.

Protect your walls

The extra padding will prevent your furniture corners from scratching the walls. And not just that, but you can add the padding to your walls, too. There is no need to cover all of them of course. But it would be wise to cover any protruding pillars or railings. And everything else that mover can potentially hit against. You can use blankets or cardboard to pad these spots. Wall corners are also critical spots, which get damaged often during the move. To prevent this acquire corner protectors for high-traffic areas. They can be attached with double-sided foam tape or small nails. Also, you get to choose from rubber guards to cardboard or vinyl ones. Before you order guards check with your moving company St Petersburg FL. Maybe they can provide you with the guards and other moving materials.

Woman hand spreading bubble wrap to protect from damage your new Florida flat while moving in.
Use high-quality moving materials to prevent damage.

Hire professional movers to avoid damage

Your movers can guarantee you coverage if damage occurs. In case they damage your new Florida flat while moving in. And you’ll be covered with an insurance policy. That is the shortest and the safest way to a stress-free relocation.

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