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How to calculate the cost of your Clearwater Beach relocation

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Before you start with moving preparation, you will have to set the moving budget. And it is essential to calculate the budget as accurately as possible. That way, you will not find yourself short of funds amid the moving process. The question is – what costs should you expect? And, how to correctly calculate the cost of your Clearwater Beach relocation? Usually, the base for budget calculation is the estimation made by moving companies Clearwater FL. You will subsequently add other expected costs to that base. The contingency fund of 10% should also be added to this amount. Following those instructions, you will determine the amount needed for a successful relocation.


Clearwater, FL - calculate the cost of your Clearwater Beach relocation.
Calculate the cost of your Clearwater Beach relocation on time.

Moving companies have different ways to calculate local and long-distance moving costs

Moving locally is much cheaper. Also, you will not have some additional costs like when moving long-distance. For example, you will not need to pay for storage in transit. Or the overnight stay in a hotel. So, the budget preparation will be different too. In general, the moving companies consider a local move the one that is less than 100 miles away from the starting point. So, depending on this, your relocation to Clearwater Beach will be considered a local or a long-distance one.

To illustrate the difference further, we can compare prices. On average, the local relocation of a 3-room home is about $1,200. Moving the same amount of possessions for a 1,000 miles distance will cost you almost $ 5,000. So, many factors are influencing the final moving cost. And they have also to be accounted for.

What does the moving estimation cover?

Besides distance and weight of possessions, the moving companies will also add several other components to come up with moving estimation. We already explained the distance and weight of your possessions. However, you may live on the ground floor. Moving your furniture in such a case is easy. But, sometimes, the movers will have to carry your possessions downstairs. Or the parking lot may be too far. In that case, they will have to carry your possessions longer.

Therefore, other factors that make up the moving estimation are:

  • Long carry fee – in case the parking lot is further from the house/apartment building.
  • Shuttle fee – in case the present/future home is not accessible for the moving truck. So, the movers will need to use the shuttle to transport things from a moving truck.
  • Staircase carrying fee – in case the movers need to carry things down or upstairs.
  • Elevator fee – when there is a need to move things in and out of the elevator
  • Unpacking service – if they are provided by the Clearwater moving services.
  • Specialty moving (piano, pool table, artwork, etc.).
  • Expedited delivery services – when you need to complete moving faster. This is especially the case in a long-distance relocation. Usually, the delivery window is two weeks. In case you want movers to deliver your items faster, you are paying this additional fee.


Laptop, glasses, notebook, and a desk.
Set your moving budget as precisely as possible.

How much should you budget in case of a DIY relocation?

What if you decide to move on your own? Well, in that case, the budgeting will be a bit different. You will not start your budget calculation by entering transportation as a basic cost. Instead, the price of the rental truck will be the starting point in this case.

However, both costs will depend on the mileage and weight of possessions. The bigger the mileage, the higher the costs for the fuel will be. Also, in case of long-distance relocation, you will have to keep a rented truck for more days. Since truck rentals are paid by the day, it will increase the renting cost. Finally, when you have more possessions, you will need a bigger moving truck. And we all know that the bigger truck costs more.

What should you include to calculate the cost of your Clearwater Beach relocation properly?

The budget expenditures are not limited only to moving day transportation costs. They actually start from the moment you begin with the preparations. So, some of the expenditures  that you can count from the first day of preparation are:

  • Buying packing supplies
  • Hiring the Clearwater Beach movers for some specialized services, such as packing
  • Paying the costs of hauling the surplus things

Also, it is wise to check the status of your utility bills. You will have to pay all the outstanding ones. Also, you will have to plan and reserve funds for utilities until the moving day.

What other factors will influence the cost of your Clearwater Beach relocation?

Some of the critical factors are the moving season and the time of the week. Namely, the moving company will charge you more for transportation during the peak season. Also, the charges will be higher during the weekends. All this is the result of greater demand for moving services. However, if you are not in rush, choose off-season time for moving. In such cases, moving charges will be significantly lower. The same principle applies in case you move on weekdays.


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Plan some funds to cover costs in a month after relocation.

Additional costs in case of long-distance moving to Clearwater Beach

Moving long-distance has some specific costs. In case you are not sure what to expect, you can consult with long-distance movers Clearwater FL. Usually, moving a long distance, you will have to use the highways. Also, driving for hours, you will need to stop occasionally to rest. And, depending on the distance, you may expect costs such as:

  • Overnight hotel costs – in case of long-distance relocations.
  • Groceries/meals – you may bring some food from home or stop to eat in restaurants. In both cases, you will have to spend some funds on food and refreshments.
  • Storage in transit – you may need it in case of a long-distance relocation.
  • Parking fee
  • Highway tolls
  • Moving in/out cleaning costs

In general, when you are moving locally, you will not have to think about these kinds of expenses. So, the local costs are much easier to organize. Thus, it is much cheaper. And that is the case, regardless of whether you are moving on your own or with the assistance of the moving company.

Costs of living after your Clearwater Beach relocation

Many people, preoccupied with moving, do not think about the “day after”. However, you should. Once moving into your new home, there will be many costs to cover. So, it is good to think about that in advance and to be prepared. You will need to eat. Also, you will have to pay rent or mortgage. And there will be regular utility costs that you’ll have to cover. Hopefully, you have a job already secured in your new town. So, you can expect a paycheck after some time. However, in the meantime, you will have to rely on savings. So, you have to consider this part when you calculate the cost of your Clearwater Beach relocation.

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