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How to decide between Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg when moving to Florida?

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    You want to move to the beach but you are not certain which area would be the perfect fit for you? Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg are both two small coastal beach towns and they have a lot of similarities. Both of the towns are a part of bigger areas, which means that you will be fairly close to vibrant downtowns and cultural amenities, and a wide array of housing options. However, there are some slight differences between the two towns on which you will have to dwell to decide between Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg and before contacting your professional movers.

    St. Petersburg for a slower tempo
    If you are looking for a town with a slow-paced atmosphere, St. Petersburg is made for you.

    St. Petersburg if you are looking for a slower tempo

    When deciding on the town depending on the atmosphere, it is good to know that Clearwater beach is for the younger crowd, while St. Petersburg is for the more gentile-minded. So, if you want a town that has a rich nightlife selection, you will have to make a plan with Clearwater Beach movers. If you want a bit slower of a tempo, you will look into moving company St. Petersburg and set a moving date.

    Clearwater Beach for the beaches

    If you want to take it easy and relax, St. Petersburg is your place. However, the younger crowd usually tends to move to Clearwater Beach. Additionally, Clearwater Beach could contend for the most beautiful beach in the US and is the only American beach to make it to TripAdvisor’s Best Beaches in the World list. So, if you are planning to spend most of your days at the beach, make sure to contact Clearwater Beach movers and start planning your move. You should have no problem and take no time to decide between Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg if you are moving because of the beaches.

    Botanical museum
    If you are looking to see something really different, make sure to visit the Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg.

    What about culture and entertainment?

    If you are a person that has to live near a rich cultural program, St. Petersburg is for you. The coastal area of Clearwater Beach does offer a variety of activities, but the options in art and culture are greater in St. Petersburg. Some of the museums in the St. Petersburg area are the Great Explorations Children’s Museum, Florida Holocaust Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg Museum of History, and the list goes on. You can also visit the Sunken Gardens a living botanical museum, or the Florida Orange Groves Winery.

    Neither will disappoint

    When trying to decide between Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg, it is important to keep in mind that neither will disappoint. The towns have some similarities, such as that they are on the list of the best places to retire in America. Another thing that they have in common is that they are both on the list of the most physically fit and healthiest places to live in America. So, it is up to you to see which town better suits your needs for your local or long-distance move.

    When comparing two towns, it is important to look at the property prices, the crime rate, and the weather conditions. As these two towns have these factors same or very similar, it is down to you to choose to your preference and you cannot go wrong.

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