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How to disassemble and pack bunk beds

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Moving time has arrived and you have most of your stuff already sorted. However, after going through all the stuff you packed, you suddenly realize that packing bunk beds is not going to be an easy task. They’re both complicated to disassemble and it’s generally a pain in the neck to find proper space for them. Therefore, if you would like to learn how to disassemble and pack bunk beds, stick through with this text and find out. Oh, and by the way, if you are looking for any Clearwater moving companies, make sure to check out the link.

How to disassemble and pack bunk beds

There are many things that need to be addressed when analyzing this topic, including:

  • Finding a good moving company might help
  • How to separate bunks from each other
  • You need to unscrew the bolts if you want to disassemble and pack bunk beds
  • Disassembling the rest

Finding a good moving company might help

Of course, when facing a difficult task such as wanting to disassemble and pack bunk beds, you need to consider if you might need some help. This means that, if you don’t have the right conditions for undertaking this kind of task, enlisting a moving company can be a good idea. For instance, moving companies Seminole FL might offer such help. However, getting a good moving company is no joke. There are many criteria which need they need to fulfill and so here are a few tips as to what you should watch out for. First of all, you should be aware that experience matters a lot when it comes to moving companies. What you can do is go through the website of a particular moving company and see for how long they’ve been in the business.

A notebook and a laptop on a table.
Seeing online reviews can help you pick the right moving company.

Why is this important? Well, simply put, the more experience a company has, the less likely is it for things to go wrong. An experienced company knows how to handle different moving scenarios, as well as stuff moving very well. Thus, picking experience over price is definitely a good investment. Once you’ve established that they have enough experience, you need to look at their reviews. It’s simply not enough that a company has been in the business for a long number of years. Its services also need to be good. Therefore, the first step you should take is to look at the reviews they have on their website. If they’re positive, this might be a good sign. However, be cautious. Reviews can easily be cherry-picked in order to reflect a different reality. Therefore, you must also double-check with reviews from other websites to get a full picture.

Once you’ve done this, you can finally pick a moving company that suits you. They will be more than useful in helping you with transporting stuff like bunk beds.

How to separate bunks from each other

The first and logical step you need to take is to separate the bunk from each other, namely the top and bottom. This is because bunk beds have a framework which must be disassembled before you can pack it. Make sure you do this slowly and safely. It should be very easy to do so and no special skills are necessary. This is how you generally start to disassemble and pack bunk beds. Once you are done with the first step, make sure you leave each component on the side, so that packing comes more easily. Also, it is important to clean the room beforehand, so that there is enough space to store all the components.

You need to unscrew the bolts if you want to disassemble and pack bunk beds

If you want to properly disassemble and pack bunk beds, you must unscrew the bolts. You should do this very carefully in the following way. Firstly, you must not let the upper part of the bed to fall on the lower one. Additionally, make a careful note of where each bolt is placed, because you will definitely need this for later. This is primarily because you will need to reassemble the bed, later on, so knowing the position of each component is crucial. As stated before, put the bolts somewhere on the sides when you are finished, so that you can pack them later on. This is best done by labeling each and every single one of them, which will later make things easier for you.

A white mattress which needs to be removed in order to peropely pack and move bunk beds
Removing the mattress is key to disassembling bunk beds.

You can also get a safety container or some other kind of box where you can place them. You must not lose either the container nor the bolts during the move, as you won’t be able to reassemble the bed at all later on. While you’re at it, if you are thinking of any packaging options, there are packing services Clearwater FL can definitely recommend. If you would like a safe and professional service, make sure to check it out.

Disassembling the rest

In the event that you followed the previous steps closely, the last remaining step is to disassemble the rest. Start by removing the mattresses, if you want to successfully disassemble and pack bunk beds. Be advised that the weight of the mattresses is almost the same as that of the frames. Therefore, you can’t move them together, but separately. Once you finish this, you need to start packing preparations. If you don’t think you’ll be able to fit everything within the current arrangement or simply don’t have the required space, there are other options. For example, you can take a look at how you can free up space for your move.

A girl standing in front of a moving van.
Moving all the stuff on your own is not an option.

Concerning your move, it will be rather difficult for you to move all this stuff by yourself. Therefore, apart from hiring a moving company to do the job for you, you might especially consider using their labor-only services. They will be able to help you physically transport your bunk beds and probably assemble them again afterward. That would be all for now. Hopefully, this text helped you learn how you can disassemble and pack bunk beds. Good luck!

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