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How to enjoy Clearwater with your family after moving there

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Planning to move or have already moved to Clearwater? Wonder what to do in Clearwater after moving there with your family? Clearwater, FL, has beautiful beaches. However, it has much more to offer the sand, sea, and excellent weather. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy Clearwater with your family to the fullest. And while your residential movers Clearwater FL are taking care of the post-relocation tasks, explore this fabulous city in Tampa, Florida.

Enjoy Clearwater with your family
Enjoy beautiful Clearwater beaches

About Clearwater Florida

Clearwater, a city in Florida’s Tampa Bay area, is a place with a plethora of gulf coast beaches. Its fabulous beaches have been recognized as top places to travel to and live in Florida. Also, it’s the state’s largest metropolitan area, with a population of more than 100. 000 people. The median age in Clearwater is 43, with 36 percent of families with children. So, you’ve made an excellent decision to move here with your family. Most people living in Clearwater are ex-pats (about 53%), so it’s a very diverse area. It is considered to be one of the best places to live in Florida. Living in Clearwater offers its residents an urban-suburban feel, and most residents own their houses. In Clearwater, Fl, you can find a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and beautiful parks.

And, if you haven’t yet decided to move here, contact your long distance movers Clearwater FL and move without any stress and enjoy the beautiful weather and beaches.

Cost of living in Clearwater

It may seem to you that the cost of living in Clearwater, FL, is expensive since it’s a beach town. However, this doesn’t mean that Clearwater is not affordable. Moreover, there are no state taxes on personal income in Clearwater. When it comes to housing, it’s about 28% less than other areas in Florida. If you want to buy a home in Clearwater, it will cost you around $ 250. 000 while renting a home is about $700 monthly. With an average median household income of nearly $50. 000, Clearwater is more than affordable. Also, Clearwater has a low poverty rate. When it comes to utilities, Clearwater provides water and gas. So, if living conditions in Clearwater are appealing for you to move here, don’t wait long. You can easily perform the relocation with the help of intestate movers Florida. Now, let’s see how to enjoy Clearwater with your family.

Top neighborhoods to enjoy Clearwater with your family after moving there

The next step after moving to Clearwater is exploring its neighborhoods. Here are some of the best ones Clearwater has to offer.

  • Charter Oaks: perfect for families with young children.
  • Spring Lake: Here, you can enjoy great waterfront spots with beautiful architecture.
  • Clearwater Beach: It’s a perfect neighborhood with a suburban vibe you can enjoy with your family and experience beach living.
  • Eagle Estates: the neighborhood is close to the Countryside High school.

Enjoy Clearwater with your family: Things to do

Besides enjoying beautiful gulf beaches, there are plenty of entertaining activities to enjoy in Clearwater, FL, in your free time. There’s something for everyone. From many pet-friendly parks, family-friendly museums to exciting nightlife. Besides, there are many locally-owned restaurants where you can try various types of food. And before we list non-beach places to enjoy, let’s first check the beach life. Primarily, Clearwater is about beaches.

Its majesty – Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach, the heart of Clearwater life. So, get outside, and enjoy Clearwater sunshine and soft white-sand beaches with your family. Here, you can enjoy swimming, jet skiing, and fishing. However, if you are not into beach sports, you can go on a dolphin-watching tour or walk through the beach walk and enjoy the beach view. In addition to this, here are some of the best attractions to enjoy in Clearwater Beach:

  1. Clearwater Marine Aquarium: if you are looking for a place to entertain your children, there is no better place than stopping by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.
  2. Shepherd’s Beach Resort: Think that Shepard’s is only a hotel resort? Well, it’s more than just an area full of hotels. Here you can enjoy the beach nightlife at the Wave nightclub.
  3. Pier 60: if you are into fishing, you must not miss Pier 60. It’s a heaven for anglers. Pier offers complete fishing equipment and souvenirs, and the staff is kind and ready to assist you any time. But that’s not all. At Piere 60, you can enjoy night fishing due to its many lights. Wonder what type of fish you can fish? Well, here you’ll find silver trout, snook, Spanish mackerel, and many more.
A family having picnic on a beach
Enjoy Clearwater with your family by having a picnic on the beach

Non-beach activities you can enjoy in Clearwater

  • Visit the Long Center: If you are a fitness lover, then Long Center is the perfect place for you. Here you can find a gym, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, soccer courts, and also biking and running trails. Also, it’s perfect for kids. They can get swimming lessons here, but also enjoy summer camps.
  • Mocassin Lake Nature Park: there’s no better place to enjoy nature and wildlife than here. The park offers various programs for both outdoor and indoor activities, and here you can organize any type of meeting.

Clearwater restaurants

Food in Clearwater, FL is something you shall not miss for the world. There’s a diversity in the cuisine. From Asian food and Greek kitchen to Cuban and Spanish cuisine. Not to mention the delicious seafood. The choice is wide. Grab some beach bites at island Way Grill and enjoy delicious fresh seafood with a waterfront view. Also, visit Frenchy Rockway Grill or at Clear Sky Cafe. If you are a Mexican food lover, you should definitely try tacos at Taco Bar. Another Mexican restaurant you shall not miss is Don Pancho Villa. It’s so authentic. Last but not least, try Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine at Ha Long Bay.

Delicious seafood
Seafood is something that you shall not miss

Haven’t moved to Clearwater yet? Contact Big Man’s Company Florida

Haven’t moved to Clearwater yet? After reading this article, you definitely should consider moving to this fabulous beach city. And, if these reasons are enough for you to move here, contact Big Man’s Moving Company, get your quote, and schedule your moving day. Our local and long-distance moving companies are at your disposal. And, while your movers are dealing with the after-the-move tasks, enjoy Clearwater with your family.

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