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How to find reliable Clearwater movers online

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Finding the right moving company can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. We all want to find reliable Clearwater movers online at an affordable price but this might not be an easy task to do. However, our belongings and well-being during the moving process largely depend on the movers we choose. Having that in mind, we should take the time to thoroughly check all the moving companies online and find the most trustworthy one to which you will entrust your possessions. We would like to share some useful tips on what to pay attention to during your search so that you can easily find movers who will fulfill your expectations.

Think about your needs and expectations

Before you start your quest for a moving company, ask yourself some basic questions such as:

  • Am I moving locally or long-distance?
  • Should I choose a long-distance or local mover?
  • What items am I moving?
  • What do I need from a mover?

When you decide on your needs and the type of company, start looking for the most trustworthy movers. We recommend that you go for Clearwater moving companies so that you can avoid being tricked by dishonest movers who operate only on the internet. That way you can also visit their office and check the equipment they use.

A mover relocating items
The most important thing when relocating is to find reliable Clearwater movers online

First things first: What services should I choose?

Once you decided to relocate, the first step is to decide what services to choose. When it comes to local moves, we recommend that you choose a locally licensed mover. They are well familiar with the area and they offer cheaper services than the companies specialized in long-distance moving. They can be of great help with all aspects of moving. It is crucial that you check their licenses and insurance and positive and negative reviews. Among the local movers Clearwater FL has, find the most reputable company you can do business with.

What if I’m moving long-distance?

Long-distance moves are more expensive since they require more fuel and include more interstate regulations. Federal and state regulations will increase the company’s rate but that will allow you to make sure if the movers are legitimate or not. Long distance movers Clearwater FL will provide you with the best service you can possibly get.

Interstate move is almost impossible to carry out without the help of a professional moving company. Again, when looking to find reliable Clearwater movers online, it is best to turn to a locally operated company. That is how you will get to truly meet the people you will be collaborating with and decide if they can be trusted.

Interstate move requires detailed preparation. Most of the work should be done in an office, by carefully planning every step. Inform the company about your wishes, needs, and options. You should agree on the main goals with the movers you plan to hire so that every member of the team knows what their duties are during the moving process. That is how you will enjoy efficient and stress-free moving with interstate movers Florida. Big Man’s Moving Company will do everything it can to meet your expectations. Rest assured that you can feel completely at ease with our company at your side.

You can always make the most when mixing and matching other moving services

Aside from trying to find reliable Clearwater movers online, you should also think about other kinds of help you might need from a moving company. A Big Man’s Moving Company offers a wide range of Clearwater moving services, some of them are labor only and different packing services. Packing is the most tiring and time-consuming task and our company really wants to offer you a helping hand.

Man packing furniture
Hiring movers to help you pack will ease your burden

Do thorough research on the moving companies to find reliable Clearwater movers online

You should take time to carefully go through all the reviews for every company. First, check both positive and negative reviews so that you know whom you are dealing with and what you can expect. If you have friends or relatives who have used their services, ask them to share their experiences with you. Also, check the company’s performance with the Better Business Bureau and choose the ones that are BBB credited or have a good rating. Avoid the companies that are not listed on the BBB website. Those are just some of the things you should do when looking for reliable Clearwater movers online and some key factors when hiring movers.

Is word-of-mouth a good way to find trustworthy movers

Word-of-mouth advertising is very important for the success of service businesses and they depend on it very much, especially moving companies. If a customer doesn’t have an amazing experience with a moving company, they will not recommend it to their peers, friends, and relatives. Also, if they have had a bad experience with them, they will most likely want to warn other people about it. Many will write about it online so that other customers know what to watch out for.

If you have a colleague or friend who has recently experienced moving, you should take their experience seriously. If they have had a great experience with some company, you should take that into consideration when making a final choice. In case you need assistance with commercial moving Clearwater FL word of mouth will be a great way to verify the company and see if they will fit your needs. That way you and your employees will be in safe and reliable hands.

Aside from talking to people around you, when trying to find a reliable moving company online, you should look for reviews on sites such as Google Reviews and There you can read about other people’s experiences with the movers you want to hire. You should pay close attention to reviewers who leave detailed reviews of every step of the moving process. What matters most is checking if the team was professional, if they moved everything safely, and if the final price of the move matched the original quote.

Young woman recommending a moving to company to a friend who is looking to find reliable Clearwater movers online
Word of mouth is just one of the ways to find reliable Clearwater movers online

How to recognize moving scams when you look for reliable Clearwater movers online

When looking to find reliable movers in Clearwater online, you should be careful not to end up dealing with a moving scammer. You should thoroughly think about everything they are offering and everything you read and notice about the way they are running their business. Here are some things you should watch out for:

No office or address

First,  if a company doesn’t have an address or office, that should come as a red flag to you. Most companies have websites that give you the chance to check if you are dealing with scammers. If you cannot find an address or if they left only a PO box or just the name of the city on their website, you should think twice before contacting them.

They changed their company’s name

Some companies change their names to cover up their bad reputation. The previous unsatisfied or scammed customers who had horrible experiences with that company will leave bad reviews to warn other potential customers. Also, they will report them to the relevant authority who will then rate the moving company poorly.

Informal phone etiquette

If they act too casually over the phone, without saying the full name of the company, you should think twice before continuing the talk with them as professional movers will clearly say the name of their company.

A truck without a logo

If the company doesn’t have a logo on its truck, you should be concerned, as well.  A rolling billboard with a logo and a phone number is a perfect advertisement for a company and there is no reason why legitimate movers wouldn’t want to have it on their trucks. If your movers show up with an unmarked truck, you might be dealing with an illegitimate business.

Moving truck in the yard
Make sure that your movers have the logo and phone number on their moving truck

Over-the-phone estimates

Further on, a reliable and professional mover will come to your home to decide on the quote based on the estimated amount and weight of your stuff. You should look for at least three in-home estimates in written form. Stay away from the company that does over-the-phone estimates as they will most likely scam you for more money in the end because they will not properly assess it over the phone.

Asking for a deposit

A renowned Clearwater moving company will ask you to pay for the services and moving truck once they have successfully transported your belongings to your new home. Never agree to pay for anything in advance as they could take the deposit and never get back to you again. This is one of the biggest red flags that you should never ignore.

Very low rates

Be mindful of extremely low rates as moving is something that cannot be done at a very low price. You might end up being charged double at the last minute when you don’t have a choice anymore except to pay. The average cost of a move can range from $800 to $1,500, so anything that stands out might be a sign of concern.

Additional costs

Likewise, be aware of the additional fees that some scammers might charge you. When you receive a bill, go through it carefully and watch out for unusual charges. Some companies will charge you extra fees they haven’t previously told you about in order to make more money. For example, some movers might charge you for a transfer from a bigger to a smaller truck, for extra weight, stairs, gas, and similar.

A couple packing fragile items into a box
Always watch out and check your bill for unexpected additional fees for extra weight, waiting time, stairs, etc.

Blank contract

A legitimate Clearwater moving company will make you sign a contract. Never agree to sign a blank contract which the mover will fill in later on. Also, before you do sign a filled-in contract, make sure that you check that the information in the contract matches what you and the movers have agreed on. The contract should have details such as delivery date, estimated service price, necessary supplies, etc. It should also state that there are no additional fees that you would need to pay.

The most important questions to ask your movers

When you interview your potential movers, carefully prepare the questions you would like to ask them. Firstly, ask them for recent references that you can get in contact with, then ask them to see their tariff list and check how they handle fragile items. You should always check if the estimate is binding, nonbinding, or non-binding with a price ceiling. Always read the contract twice before you sign it.

You will also want to check the experience that the moving team has as this is really important when it comes to handling fragile and expensive items. Reputable movers will give you exact dates for packing services Clearwater FL has, pickup, and delivery. We would also advise you to ask for a bill of lading or a complete inventory list. You can make a video of your delicate and expensive items as well as of your family heritage before loading them into the truck.

It’s possible to find reliable Clearwater movers online

If you are looking to hire Clearwater Beach movers, again, Big Man’s Moving Company is the best choice you can possibly make. You can visit our website to learn why you should choose us as your moving partner. That should significantly lessen the amount of stress during that hectic period and, hopefully, leave you feeling at ease, knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.

Two happy people in front of the moving truck because they were able to find reliable Clearwater movers online
Take some time and be assured that you will find reliable Clearwater movers online

We believe this guide should be of great help to you in your search for a dependable moving company in Clearwater FL. For all of those who were wondering how to find reliable Clearwater movers online, we are here to further assist you and turn your moving experience into one fulfilling adventure.

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