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How to help your parents move

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Moving house isn’t really something you do every day. Not even every month, and maybe not even on a yearly basis. However, movers Bradenton FL relocate people every single day. And they wouldn’t have it any other way! That is something you may encounter as well. Even if you’re not moving per se, maybe your friends are, or family members, or neighbors. At one point or another, they all might ask for a helping hand. You know how complicated and tedious a moving process can be, so you don’t turn down an opportunity to help out a person in need during this hectic period of their life. One day, you might even get asked to help your parents move. Oh, how the tables have turned! Read on to learn a few tips on assisting your parents with moving.

Grandparents with their two grandchildren
Helping your parents move will be an inevitable task one day. It’s best to prepare well for it!

Help your parents move in a few simple steps

There are high chances that you have relocated at least once in your life so far. Maybe even multiple times! So, you are familiar with all the steps and tasks that surround a relocation. Of course, every single one can differ. No local relocation will be as complicated as a long-distance one. Sometimes, an international move can go much more easily than one within the same city! It all depends on many various factors. Likewise, when you help your parents move, you will take on a different approach than when you were moving. You will look at things from a different perspective and maybe even notice some things that you haven’t before. We’ve broken this down into a few simple steps to look at when assisting others with moving, so you can see what lies ahead.

Step 1: Find reliable moving help

This goes without saying, but the first step in helping your parents move is to get reliable professional moving assistance. Relocation progressively gets more stressful the older you get. By hiring one of the moving companies Wesley Chapel FL, you will make this entire process so much easier for them. It’s maybe even the biggest factor in making relocation a stress-free task! Sure, you will always be there to help them pack, load the boxes and unload after. A few neighbors might want to jump in to help out as well. However, when it comes to organizing a complete relocation from start to finish, movers are who you want to call. Handling the logistics of the move and making sure everything runs smoothly is what they excel at. Especially if it’s not just a local move!

Five people holding each other by the wrists
The best help you can give your parents during their move is quality moving assistance.

Professional moving companies also offer other services

When you help your parents move, you can only do so much. After all, you’ve got your own life to run as well. There’s your job, and maybe your children and partner too. While we understand that everyone would like to assist with their parents’ relocation as much as they can, it’s important to know where you have to draw the line. Here are a few other aspects of relocation that professional movers can assist with:

  • Senior moving. Our little family-owned company knows what it takes to relocate seniors! If your parents are in their golden years and need more care when moving, give us a call. We’ve had so much experience in moving seniors in our area that we know what we’ll be getting into!
  • Packing services. This is something you should consider getting especially if you don’t live close to your parents. Driving out each day and packing their boxes, then driving back home can really tire one out. Why not rely on movers who know all the tricks when it comes to fast and efficient packing?
  • Labor only. Got your own truck and don’t need our transportation services? Your parents don’t need any logistics help and family and friends can spare the time to move with them? No worries! If you only need a few more helping hands, we can provide them.

Step 2: Start on time to help your parents move more efficiently

Underestimating how much time you’ll need for relocation is one of the biggest moving mistakes you can make. It applies both to your own move as well as your parents’. Many moving companies recommend starting at least two months before your desired moving date. Your parents may take a little bit more time to pack, as well as decide what they want to keep and what to donate or toss. It’s all a bit more emotional, so taking your time with this relocation is a crucial step. It takes a lot of time to simply gather the supplies and everything that you will need. If you’re hiring moving help, they also need a few weeks at least to schedule your moving date and make sure that everything will run smoothly. So, don’t be one of those people who wait until the last minute!

nurse holding an elderly patient by the hand
Moving out of a familiar place can be pretty stressful for the elderly. Be there for them, focus on the positive sides and offer support whenever necessary!

Step 3: Focus on the positive!

Relocation can become so overwhelming that it is sometimes difficult to remember what’s ahead. We understand! Through it all, it’s easy to forget that you are actually moving to a better place. When it comes to your parents, it can be a senior living facility or simply downsizing and moving closer to family. In either case, they have to let go of what they are familiar with and accept the changes. It doesn’t come easy, but with your gentle help, it can be done. Let them know that it is never too late to meet new people and learn new skills! Help your parents move in the best way possible and be there for them when they need you the most.

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