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How to move a flat screen TV

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Whether you plan on moving your office or your house, it will include the transportation of highly sensitive electronics.  One of such devices you’ll have to move is your flat-screen TV. Not sure how to pack and transport it in the safest manner possible? Big Man’s Moving Company Florida will handle this for you. However, although hiring movers with years of experience with such items is the best possible idea, we provide some tips on how to properly do it yourself as well.

If you plan to move your flat-screen TV, ensure that it arrives safely.
The instructions within this guide will help you to move your flat-screen TV safely and effectively.

Before you move your flat-screen TV, you need to pack it correctly

Use the original television box

Most television manufacturers will advise that the box that your TV came in is your best bet when moving a television. Certainly, the original Styrofoam and packing material will provide the most support and protection. After all, it is designed for that purpose. However, an all likelihood, you didn’t keep the original box. No need to worry. Firstly, there are specialty boxes you can buy as an alternative to pack and move your flat-screen TV. Secondly, if you don’t want to spring for a box then your next option is to wrap it up in moving blankets or some other barrier. Another choice is to use the packing material provided by moving companies in Lutz, that is, if you choose to enlist one.

Preparing your flat-screen TV for a move

Pack your TV carefully.
Because of its fragile nature, you need to pack and unpack your TV with care.
  • Unplug all power cords and accessories. Take a picture of the back of the TV with all of the wiring in place. This will help you to remember where everything goes;
  • If your TV has a large base or a wall mount, you may need to remove this. Store the screws and the base together in a bag. Also, label the bag so that you can easily find the pieces;
  • Use foam pieces to protect the corners of your TV and keep it from shifting once in the box;
  • Wrap it in plastic stretch wrap, blankets, furniture pads or sheets to secure everything and shield it against the elements when you move your flat-screen TV;
  • Gently place it inside of the box. Be careful to ease it in slowly.

Follow these tips when transporting your television

Don’t lay the screen flat on the floor

How to go about when transporting your big screen TV? Our first tip is to keep it upright instead of laying it down when you load the box into a moving truck. Placing your TV down on its side won’t cause damage to its internal workings, it could be a recipe for incurring cracks. The external damage could disable your TV either instantly or over some time.

Secure the TV inside the moving truck

Once you’ve got the television padded and boxed, you must know how to pack and load the moving truck so nothing damages. First, slide your TV into the truck or car carefully and in an upright position. Second, make sure it’s in a safe place where it won’t move. We recommend storing next to your mattress, dresser, or other flat and sturdy objects. Lastly, elevating your TV will reduce the risk of other heavier items falling on top of it.

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