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How to move your garden plants from Brandon to Tampa?

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So you’ve decided to move from Brandon to Tampa? Be it that the reason is a new job or changing kids’ schools it doesn’t matter, it’s time to pack and you need only your most important items with you. And we at the Big Man’s Moving Company know how important a garden you worked so hard for is important for you. For that reason here are some tips when you decide to move your garden plants from Brandon to Tampa.

Prepare everything before you move your garden plants from Brandon to Tampa

When you’re moving your garden from one place to another it really puts a lot of stress on your plants. Even if a move between Brandon and Tampa seems small for you, for a plant it’s a huge struggle. For that reason, the best decision is to contact our movers Brandon FL and let them take care of the business. However, that’s not always the case so you need to make sure your garden suffers as little as it can. Here’s what you need to do to make your plants feel better:

  • Prepare your new garden before you start digging out the old one
  • Get moving materials
  • Remove any excess from your plants
  • Start digging carefully
Man holding an uprooted plant in his hand
Before you move your garden plants from Brandon to Tampa you’ll need to uproot the plants

Choose how to ship your plants

When it comes to moving the rules are not the same for your standard belongings and your plants. If they don’t have adequate space to breathe an unexpected death can occur. That’s why you need to get in contact with our  Tampa movers as they have the required experience in moving gardens. They will tell you that the best solution for a DIY move is to bring your plants in your car. They will surely use water so don’t forget to sprinkle them with some before you move. When moving plants avoid trucks at all costs as they don’t leave much space for breathing or let enough sunlight for a plant to survive a long drive.

Replant your plants

Now that relocating your garden is over it’s time to replant it. This process might seem daunting and you might want to postpone it, however, that’s a bad idea. When plants are uprooted and without water, they can’t survive for very long. For that reason, our long-distance movers will always advise you to replant the garden as fast as you can. By doing this you’ll give your plants everything they need to restart their normal life cycle.

Boy watering plants
Give your plants time to get used to the new soil

Check for pests and minimize stress after you move your garden plants from Brandon to Tampa

Once that you’ve replanted the garden it’s time for the plants to get accustomed to the new soil. You can help them by pampering them a little. The best way to accustom them to new conditions is not to expose them to direct sunlight and water them every day until they start growing again. In the end, when you move your garden plants from Brandon to Tampa there’s a small risk of your plants catching pests, but it’s not a bad idea to check. you don’t want uninvited guests to ruin your new garden.

What’s a beautiful house without an equally magnificent garden? We know how much time and effort people invest into plants so it’s no wonder that there’s a market for moving complete gardens. Especially when you consider all the gardening tools and expertise you need to have a well-organized garden. That’s why we hope our tips will help you out. There’s nothing better than seeing an old garden flourish in a new space. So don’t hesitate to follow our tips when you move your garden plants from Brandon to Tampa. Have fun gardening!

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