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How to organize a stress-free move from Lutz to Palm Harbor, FL?

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A relocation such as a move from Lutz to Palm Harbor is not an easy one. It’s not like you are moving just down the street. There are around thirty miles between the two of them and for relocation, that’s not a small amount. Such a complex process requires thinking it out and careful planning. Hoping everything goes well, let’s give you a few tips to make your relocation stress-free!

Differences between Lutz and Palm Harbor

You don’t want to move from Lutz to Palm Harbor and face an unpleasant surprise just because you didn’t inform yourself well. Don’t expect your lifestyle to stay the same after relocating. It will probably change drastically and in a positive way. Get a good company to do the job and prepare yourself for all the nice things you will get a chance to experience. Education and business opportunities are wast. Here are some differences you might encounter once you’ve moved:

A beach you can enjoy after the move from Lutz to Palm harbor
Prepare for beautiful weather once you move from Lutz to Palm Harbor

The difference in the population

Even though both Lutz and Palm Harbor carry the administrative title of a “census-designated place”, a move from Lutz to Palm Harbor is still a move from a smaller settlement to a bigger one.

According to the census from 2010, there were 19,344 people, 7,250 households, and 5,405 families residing in Lutz. Palm Harbor has more than three times more residents. According to American Community Survey, this CDP had a population of 60,236. That means you should prepare for a life in a big place.

This kind of change could be stressful if the transition is not well executed. Coming from a smaller community that emphasizes work and diligence to the big city of museums and artists can be overwhelming but it is a really positive change. More people, faster lifestyle, great opportunity to experience something totally new that can lead you to broaden your horizons.

Culture will change when you move from Lutz to Palm Harbor

Origins of Lutz lie on a small train depot on the Tampa Northern Railroad. The land around the depot officially became known as “Lutz” when the U.S. Postal Service opened a post office. The beginning of this settlement already gives a clue about how people live in Lutz. It is a hard-working place with a lot of local businesses.

Palm Harbor is much more famous for tourism, restaurants, and for being home to many culture-promoting festivals. “Palm Harbor’s First Friday Celebrations” are a popular event in this city for children and adults alike. Artists love staying in this city and enjoying its beauty. Visiting museums, taking part in workshops, and enjoying diversity could become an exciting habit for you once you move from Lutz to Palm Harbor.

Weather is very similar with one small difference

There are no more than thirty miles between Lutz and Palm Harbor but the weather difference is quite significant. In Lutz, the weather is much more continental and moderate. Four seasons are pretty balanced and you always know what to expect at a certain month in the year.

Palm Harbor is totally different. Mostly because it is a coastal area. For example, because the ocean releases heat at a slower pace than land, coastal areas can be more temperate. Upwelling in many areas with access to the sea, such as Palm Harbor, provides a cool contrast in the temperature of the air over the ocean and land that is prone to frequent summer fog. That means, get ready to enjoy the beach! The constant warm weather allows so many activities from Scuba to game fishing.

couple packaging belongings in parchment
If you prioritize your things well and sort them, your move from Lutz to Perl Harbor will be totally stress-free

Set a budget before you move from Lutz to Palm Harbor

The budget can be one of the best ways to prevent stress. With a budget, everything is under control. You won’t lose time on having to recalculate your expenses every time you open your wallet or use your credit card and get more from the bank. Just be precise and decide how much you are willing to spend. Do it on time and you will have no problems. No surprise expenses will be able to come your way and having to make a budget will motivate you to do thorough research to find affordable offers which will suit your pockets.

Things you should include in budget planning for your move from Lutz to Palm Harbor:

  • Traveling expenses – Find out whether you can go by train or bus and which one cheaper
  • Hiring relocators – don’t try to find a cheaper company. Find a reliable one like movers Lutz so you don’t need to worry.
  • Buying a few things that you’ll need in the new place – some furniture, dishes, etc.
  • A little bit of extra cash just in case – maybe you’ll need a taxi or a bus to commute

Prioritize necessities

Depending on character traits, this might turn out to be the hardest part for some people. It’s never easy to perfectly figure out what to take with you and what to leave behind. If you try to take too many things with you, it will just cause more stress. However, leaving some crucial things behind could lead to inconvenience and stress you are trying to avoid.

A good thing you could do is separate your belongings into three groups:

  • One with all the things you deem necessary to take with you
  • One which will be transported by reliable and efficient relocators like movers Palm Harbor FL, safely and with great speed
  • One with all the things you want to sell, give to someone, or just straight up throw them away

That way, your move from Lutz to Palm Harbor will be protected from any stress-inducing situations. You will be well prepared, your stuff well sorted out and you will be ready for a new beginning without having to worry about trivial matters.

Woman carrying a plant in a wooden box
Prioritize the things you need and sort them before the move

Find a reliable moving company

No matter how much you prepare for the move from Lutz to Palm Harbor, if you didn’t hire the right people for the job, you will have a problem. You need a reliable company with a history of successful relocations which is also affordable. Spend as much time as you need to research them all and make a conclusion about which one do you think would be the best.

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