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How to pack a chandelier for a move

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    Moving is terribly complex. It’s also really hard. Nobody really likes to do it. However, once you start throwing fragile items into the mix, the term “hard” takes a whole other meaning. Especially so, when you need to pack a chandelier for a move. However, don’t fret packing services Clearwater FL are here to help! Today we are going to share with you our favorite packing tips and tricks to make packing and relocating your chandelier a breeze. So, how does that sound? Interested? Great! Let’s get started.
    Moving box, scissors and duct tape.
    Before you pack your chandelier make sure that you gather all the necessary supplies!

    How to pack a chandelier for a move

    While chandeliers are one of the most elegant household belongings you can own, they are also quite fragile. So, as you might imagine, special care is needed when picking a chandelier for the move. That’s exactly the reason why we recommend that you hire one of Clearwater moving companies. We offer fast and reliable moving solutions at half the cost of the competition. Also, you can never be too safe when handling such fragile items. That’s why we suggest you hire a team of professionals who will pack and relocate your chandelier with care and attention. However, if you decide that you want to be the one to pack the chandelier for your move than follow these tips to ensure no damages comes to your precious belonging.

    a person packing and moving with help
    Packing and moving are always easier with help. Especially, when packing a chandelier.

    The four simple steps.

    When you want to pack a chandelier safely you should follow these four simple steps. However, before you begin we recommend that you get moving help since you are going to need someone to help you take hold of the chandelier while you disconnect it from the ceiling. With that being said, here are the four simple steps you need to do to safely pack your chandelier.

    1. Remove the chandelier. Detach the metal hook that holds the chandelier. Pull the wires into view. Dislocate any wires from the plastic cap by turning them counterclockwise.
    2. Disassemble it. Remove any parts that can be unscrewed and detached from the chandelier.
    3. Pack it. Wrap the chandelier in packing paper. Secure it with packing paper. Put the chandelier in a moving box that has some sort of foamy pad on the bottom. After you place the chandelier into the moving box, make sure to stuff the box with as much as padding as possible.
    4. Label the box.┬áDon’t forget to label the box as fragile and this side up. This is a very useful note to the movers so they know to handle that moving box with special care.
      Power outlets
      Don’t forget to turn off the power in the room where the chandelier is. The last thing you need is an electricity accident happening during your relocation!

    However, as we previously said the best way to pack your chandelier for a move is to hire moving companies Lakewood Ranch FL. If not for anything else, but for the fact that chandeliers are extremely fragile and valuable. So, you need a team of professionals who will know exactly how to disassemble, pack, and relocate it safely.

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