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How to pack a nursery for the move

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There always comes a moment when you need to head for a new start and move into a new space. When doing so, family is always top priority, especially your children. Therefore, packing their space should always be first. If you don’t know how or where to start, no worries! Stick with this text and find out how to pack a nursery for the move.

How to pack a nursery for the move

Topics for today include:

  • Prioritizing what to pack first
  • Necessary organization to pack a nursery for the move
  • Baby furniture
  • Emergency bag
  • Packing supplies
  • Other belongings

Prioritizing what to pack first

Obviously, in the process of packing a nursery for the move, you need to decide what comes first. This is important because it saves you a lot of time and space that will be vital during the move. Therefore, you should know straight away that that one should first pack unimportant things. Usually, these are small items that do are not significant or can get easily lost during the move. By doing this, you are allowing yourself to later focus on the important stuff.

Therefore, things like toys, especially stuffed ones, should be packed immediately. If there are any decorations in the room, they should be packed as well. You should also pack unneeded clothes, pacifiers and decorations. All of these things surely require a lot of packaging materials and help that you will definitely need. Once you are done with all of this, you can move on to packing important things.

Necessary organization to pack a nursery for the move

Good organization is always key if you want to successfully pack a nursery for the move. It’s always a good idea to have checklists. In this way, you can make sure that nothing gets out of hand and that belongings are systematically sorted. Firstly, survey your younglings’ room and ensure that all belongings are written down.

Next, you have to decide, concerning the next steps, whether you will enlist a moving company. It is warmly recommended that you do so, as a move is always a very demanding process. Having said that, Big Man’s Moving Company FL might help if you happen to be coming from Florida. Choosing a moving company is no joke and there are several parameters which you should closely follow. For example, reviews play a huge role, and carefully reading through them will surely help you. Sometimes, they might even offer help with packing the nursery.

A hand filling out a plan for how to pack a nursery
Good organization is crucial for a successful nursery move.

Baby furniture

What exactly constitutes baby furniture is often something that people are not entirely sure about. However, in order to ensure that you know well how to pack a nursery for the move, here are examples. A baby bed, little wardrobes, bassinets, baby strollers, etc. All of these are encompassed within the concept of ‘baby furniture’. As you might figure, all of these are both delicate and sometimes heavy items, that need to be handled carefully. Furthermore, each and every single one of them needs to be packed uniquely, so that they don’t get damaged. Ideally, a moving company might be able to help you out with this. If you’re from the area, see if there are any moving companies in Gulfport that might help you out with this. You should disassemble beds and pack them in separate boxes. Wardrobes can be packed similarly, although they shouldn’t be taken completely apart.

Emergency bag

This is an absolute necessity if you want to pack a nursery for the move.  An emergency bag is a bag which contains all the necessary and emergency things – diapers, extra clothes, baby food…This bag is to be kept at your side at all times during the move. You simply never know when you might need it. Yes, such a bag might exist anyway during the move. But, it’s important to specifically pack an emergency bag because it contains double the usual amount of stuff. Therefore, better safe than sorry. Of course, it’s up to you to pack what you think is most fitting. Just make sure that it has all the stuff that your child needs most. If you’re wondering how you can pack an emergency bag for this and other occasions, have a close read.

A mask and disinfecting liquid
Your emergency bag should always contain the most necessary items.

Packing supplies

If you live close, you may be wondering whether there are any movers Lutz has to offer. Coming back to the topic, packing supplies are very important. Although it was mentioned sometime earlier, there are some important things about packing supplies you need to know. The first one is whether you want to rely on professional or personal packaging. It is not secret that you can usually get packing boxes at your local supermarket, free of charge.

Although it can save a lot of money, these boxes often come in all kinds of random shapes and formats. This can cause increased difficulty for you when wanting to systematically plan how many boxes you need. In addition, these boxes can often be worn down, dirty, or simply inadequate due to prior use. Alternatively, many moving companies will offer packaging for free, if you opt for their moving services.

Other personal belongings

Finally, coming back to what other things you need to pack, here’s a few tips. After packing all the other necessary stuff, you should proceed with the clothes first. Because clothes are fragile in terms of bacteria and micro-organisms in general, you should use clean and sterile bags. This means that, if you’re thinking of getting bags at your nearby supermarket, those might not be adequate for this. It’s also a good idea to label these bags with a special tape or sign, in order to avoid contamination.

A child playing with toys
Toys should always be packed separately.

Concerning toys, if you still, by any chance, have the original packaging in which they came in, that’s excellent. This means that they could be used again for the move. Pack the toys there, if you can. If not, other bags will surely be of use. You can now say that you are ready to pack a nursery for the move.

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