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How to pack collectibles for a move

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    How does one pack collectibles for a move? Look, everybody knows that packing is the hardest part of the move. It really is. If you think about it, everything else you do in your move can be handled by someone else. Either movers Clearwater FL or your friends. However, knowing what needs to be packed and what needs to be decluttered is a thing only you know. None else can help you on that journey. That’s why most people go the easy route. They pack everything up. And then once moving day rolls around the corner, and when they relocate and start unpacking… You get the point.

    A person stressing about a move.
    A lot of moving stress can be alleviated if you know how to declutter your belongings.

    That’s why we recommend that you learn how to pack your belongings for the move. Especially your collectibles. Since they are fragile, they need special care when being handled. Learning how to pack them can be of tremendous value. So, without further adieu, let’s get started.

    How to pack collectibles for a move

    Hiring packing services Clearwater FL is a great option for packing collectibles. However, knowing what collectibles to pack is a different story altogether. That’s why we recommend that you learn how to declutter.

    if you want to pack collectibles for a move you need to know how to declutter
    Knowing what to keep and what to throw away is a balancing act.

    Declutter or tidying up belongings has become, these last couple of years, somewhat of an art. There are a number of TV shows and bestselling books to prove that. It seems that people realized how important knowing how to tidy up your belongings is. Knowing what to pack and bring with you on your next relocation is probably the most important part of your move, and is something that cannot be delegated to another person.

    So, how do you declutter your belongings?


    If you want to learn how to declutter there are multiple guides on the internet you can find. However, without going into much detail about which one is the best, all of them have one thing in common. Pack the essentials, and get rid of things that you don’t need. It really does boil down to that one simple fact. However, pulling that off is easier said than done. That’s why we recommend that you make sure you schedule your time appropriately so you can approach this task with fresh eyes and focus.

    Packing collectibles for a move by yourself

    If you are packing collectibles for relocation and not hire moving companies in Gulfport we recommend you gather all the proper tools for the job. We recommend that you get:

    a person helping another person relocate.
    Moving is always easier with help.
    • Moving boxes. These are crucial for any move. However, nowhere are they more important than when packing collectibles. Cardboard boxes are a great packing piece you absolutely need if you want to lower the risk of damage occurring during relocation. And the good news? You can get them for free at your local supermarket! All you need to do is ask.
    • Bubble wrap. Having proper cushioning inside the moving box so your collectibles don’t jiggle and move around is paramount. However, finding bubble wrap for free is not as easy as cardboard boxes. That’s why we recommend that you ask your friends and family members if they have some spare laying around. You could also go and ask on social media. There are plenty of groups online that share relocation materials for free.
    • Packing paper is also very important. However, you can also use newspapers and they do mostly the same trick as packing paper would. Newspapers are a cheaper and more eco-friendly way of protecting your belongings.

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