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How to pack makeup for moving

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When it comes to packing makeup, it’s more than just throwing everything into one bag. You should do everything to avoid any damages in the process. Although there are more important items to move, every woman knows the importance of keeping the makeup undamaged. And that can’t be achieved by placing all the beauty products in one bag. That’s not a proper way to pack makeup for moving. Just the opposite, we’ve come up to a different tactic. That way, your pressed powder won’t get crumbled, nor will your glass bottles break. Therefore, read our tips for an easier movement of your foundation kits and other cosmetics. By taking certain measures, you will be ready to pack makeup for moving.

When to start packing makeup for moving?

When it comes to movings, you should first hire the best interstate movers Florida. Afterward, you should start thinking about packing. When it comes to cosmetics, especially the quality one, it’s quite an investment. Therefore, there’s no reason for the collection of your makeup products to get damaged. Why buying everything again, when you can pack your makeup for moving properly? So, our first advice is to pack the delicate items first. That includes preparing makeup first before you get down to large pieces of furniture. Don’t deal with anything else before you pack and protect your makeup products. Only after you pack your cosmetics for moving, you can take care of everything else.

Makeup brushes in jars
Before you start packing makeup for moving, make sure to clean your makeup brushes well.

Before you pack makeup products for moving, declutter and clean them

As reliable Tampa movers suggest, before you even start packing beauty products, it’s a perfect time to downsize. Get rid of every makeup product you don’t need in your new home. Also, throw away any sets you haven’t been using for years.

Use makeup products one by one

Take your beauty pieces out of drawer one by one. Then, remove the dust, clean them, and put them aside if you want to take them with you. This is the best way to have an idea of what to buy once you arrive at your new home. Also, make sure to check the expiration dates on the bottom of the bottles. If you’re struggling with the date of production, note that most mascaras and powders last around six months after opening. Some last even a whole year.

Reorganize your makeup sets before you pack makeup for moving

It’s important to set aside different sets so that you can handle them later on. So, put powder cases on one side, lipstick kits on the other, until you categorize everything. Also, don’t forget to set aside the items you’ll need during the travel time. You don’t want to go back and look for them once you pack everything.

Finish packing makeup for relocation with a maquillage checklist

As you already know, making a moving checklist is a must for a successful relocation. It’s the same case when it comes to packing makeup for moving. So, make a list of everything you have so far. This makeup inventory list will help you to know whether all your beauty things have arrived at the new address. Also, this kind of list can help you double-check if the items are intact.

Makeup set and brushes
Don’t forget to declutter and get rid of all the expired makeup sets before you move.

Tips on how to pack make up: Which bottles and vanity case you need

It’s very important to get the right moving supplies. That rule applies to pack makeup, as well. It’s wrong to think about putting your cosmetics set in a box with the rest of the items. That way, you risk damaging your items and having to buy them again. So, follow our tips and be prepared.

  • Use a makeup bag.

The best option to pack makeup is to find a bag that has pockets where you can separate items. Also, if you have to pack makeup of various sizes and shapes, get more vanity cases. Even if you don’t end up using all of them, they will come handy one day for sure.

  • Don’t make a mistake by putting everything in one bag.

One of the best packing tips is not to put everything in one bag. Especially when it comes to fragile beauty products. Therefore, make sure to put liquids in a separate case. Don’t put them in another compartment in the same sack as they can open and destroy your entire set. Plan and take all the steps to ensure your makeup is ready for moving.

  • Wrap the bottles.

You know the importance of properly packing liquids for a move. So, wrap all your liquid makeup bottles if you want to be cautious. Wrap items such as nail polish, perfumes, and other glass liquid containers that can leak. You can use a packing paper or any other cushioning you might have. Also, buy all the additional supplies if you don’t have them at home. It is very important to ensure the safety of bottles with some plastic wrap and tape.

A bottle of parfume
When it comes to packing bottles with liquids, such as perfume, pack them well to avoid any spilling.

How to handle your cosmetic bag before moving?

When the moving day comes, it’s time to take all those well-packed cosmetic bags with you.  Cosmetic bags full of your makeup should go with you in the car. If you plan to put them in the back seat, don’t put them at the bottom of the pile. Especially if the sacks have extra delicate items. Also, if you’re moving during the summer, pay attention to the heat and keep the sets away from the sun. It’s important to prevent the makeup from melting, right?

Let’s wrap it up

After you properly pack makeup for moving, you can enjoy while putting your saved makeup on. Anyway, have fun and get creative!

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