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How to pack musical instruments

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In case you need to pack musical instruments for your move, you have definitely come to the right place. Our team of experts has created a perfect packing guide just for you! There are some things you need to think about carefully in order to make sure that nothing happens to your instruments. Moreover, packing is, in general, the hardest part of any move. Thus, if you make the best checklist ever and follow if, you should have no problems. In any case, your musical instruments are really “touchy” and you should avoid any damage to them. Even the slightest mistake might render them unusable anymore. We hope that you will enjoy more about this topic in the following. So, without any further ado, let us dive straight into our guide!

How to pack musical instruments – two simple ways you can follow

Keep in mind that packing musical instruments is not as hard as knowing how to pack a pool table. However, it is not as easy as packing your books or clothes as well. Thus, for this reason alone, we have decided that you have two options. You can find more about them below:

  • Hire professionals to do it for you. In most cases, you should rely on professional moving and packing services. Professional movers can provide you with the best packing services Clearwater, FL can possibly offer. Thus, you should go with them if you are in the area. Moreover, you can always rely on a moving company to do a good job when packing is concerned. Most moving companies are in the business of moving and relocation for years. Thus, they have more than enough experience to handle each and every type of moving requests. If you decide to go with a moving company, you should know that they will take good care of your instruments.
  • Do the packing on your own. This is what most people would not do if they do not know how to do it. Musical instruments are really fragile and even minor damage might make them unusable anymore. However, if you read enough specific information about the musical instruments you wish to pack, you should be able to do it. Each musical instrument has its own packing rules and you should learn that if you wish to move them. Since there are many musical instruments, we cannot provide such information, but detailed guides might be able to. In any case, you can always hire the best local movers Clearwater, FL offers to help you out.

Some things you should always keep in mind

your musical instruments are, in most cases, very fragile. You will need special packing supplies and materials in order to make your move work. However, if you wish to pack quickly before moving, a good idea would be to pack your musical instruments in advance. You should never rush packing your fragile items – this is basically the number one rule when it comes to packing. Always take your time when you are packing/handling fragile items such as musical instruments. A minor mistake might cost you a lot more than you could possibly realize at that moment. Also, you can do it a day or two beforehand – that way you will have less to pack on your moving day. Win-win, right?

Guitar, bass, drum kit and other musical instruments
Your instruments are really important and you need to take good care of them

Yet another thing you should keep in mind is the condition of your musical instruments. You cannot expect to put a guitar or a drum set inside cardboard boxes. This will simply not do – your instruments will move during the transport and they might get damaged. There is specialized moving equipment for musical instruments. You should at least try to get some of them. Guitar cases, for example, have holsters that will keep your instrument secured during the move. Make sure to visit Amazon and to see if you can get appropriate packing/moving supplies for your instruments!

What to think about when you pack musical instruments?

There are some things you should always keep in mind as well. However, such things are really important for your move. You can find more about them in the following text:

  • Storage conditions. In most cases, you will store your items for a few days before you move them. However, storage conditions might affect your musical instruments more than you might realize. A tiny bit of moisture might bend the neck of your guitar and it will not produce the same sound anymore, for example. For that reason alone, you need to think about getting the best possible storage solutions. We do not necessarily mean that you should put all your musical instruments inside the storage – we mean that your packing box is also a type of storage. Thus, avoid any areas with moisture when you pack your musical instruments.
  • Transport. This is a very important factor when it comes to moving musical instruments. For example, if your musical instruments are loose during transport, they will move around and they might get damaged. However, since no one wants that to happen, you should secure them as much as you can. Also, never place or lean heavy objects on the case your musical instruments are into. If you are not sure about how to do this, maybe you should hire packing services to help you out with this one.
Members of a moving company planning your move
You can always rely on a moving company to help you out

Additional information

You should always treat your musical instruments as fragile items, no matter if it is a piano or a simple flute. Most things might make your musical instruments unplayable anymore and you would not want that to happen, obviously. Thus, read detailed guides about a specific musical instrument and learn the methods about how to handle them with care. Also, do not forget to call for help if you happen to need it!

A convoy of transport trucks
Make sure you protect your instruments for transport

Pack musical instruments and proceed with your move

So, now that you have learned more about this, it is time to pack musical instruments and proceed with your move. Make sure to keep in mind everything we have mentioned here and you will be just fine! Good luck with your move!

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