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How to pack office equipment

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Are you planning an office relocation? If you are, the packing will probably be the most time-consuming process. Packing office equipment is not an easy task, considering the size of the inventory and all the pieces that should be packed separately. We made a short guide to ease this process and help you pack with ease. Take a look at some useful tips and tricks you can use in order to pack office equipment in the most efficient way.

Sort out paperwork and documents

The most valuable items in every office are documents and paperwork. This is why you should pay special attention to these items before packing your entire office. What you should try to do is to sort out all important paperwork into piles. This way it will be easier to pack them and label the moving boxes correctly.

computer cables
Make sure to bind the cables with tape and pack them in smaller plastic bags.

Another thing you should consider before you pack office equipment is to gather important documentation for the move. In case you are in the middle of a moving process, you might need to keep some paperwork with you. On a moving day, you shouldn’t let movers handle some of the confidential files and papers. Instead, you should rather keep them close by. In case you are moving your company, you can always transport these documents and paperwork to a new office by yourself.

Find quality packing supplies

After you finish packing important paperwork, it’s time to plan the packing of your office equipment. The main issue with this process will probably be the size and shape of electronic components, devices and furniture. In order to pack office equipment safely and efficiently, you should gather proper packing supplies. Here are some of the supplies you will need:

  • Packing tape, scissors, and a measuring tape
  • Cardboard boxes in various sizes
  • Bubble wrap for packing sensitive items
  • Ziplock bags for packing smaller parts of equipment

If you are not sure which packing supplies you’ll need, you can rely on professional moving companies. Movers often provide all the packing supplies you might need to pack office equipment. Moreover, if you choose some of the movers Brandon FL has to offer, you’ll be able to choose packing services and save valuable time.

Disconnect cables and label them

Before you pack office equipment, you should first make sure that all electronic devices and computer gear is disconnected. In case there are many cables to detangle, that’s what you should do first. Make sure to shut down all the appliances and disconnect the cables.

The next step should be packing those cables in the right order. To do so, you will need to bind the cables with tape and pack them in smaller plastic bags. If you have a large number of cables and smaller computer parts to pack, you should put them together in a bigger moving box. By labeling those boxes, you won’t have any trouble unpacking and finding all the items you need in your new office space.

Disassemble furniture and electronic appliances

The big part of every office equipment is furniture. Whether you are dealing with modern or classic-style furniture, the chances are that you’ll be able to disassemble some of the pieces. If this is the option, packing your office equipment will be way easier and less time-consuming. For this process, you will need only a screwdriver and a packing tape for securing pieces before packing them.

office documents
Sort out all important paperwork into piles. This way it will be easier to pack them and label the moving boxes correctly.

Moving expensive furniture? Hire professional movers

While you pack office equipment, you might realize that some pieces are harder to pack and move to another location. If you need to handle sensitive inventory and you’re moving long-distance, the best thing you can do is to hire some of the reliable long-distance movers Florida has to provide. If you are not sure how to choose a moving company, make sure to compare their services and moving quotes and check the companies’ background. Don’t forget to mention the size and nature of your move to the moving crew so they could suggest the best moving plan. Your movers can handle anything from packing, wrapping, labeling, and transportation of heavy office equipment.

Label your moving boxes

After the packing process is over, you shouldn’t forget to label all the moving boxes. There are many reasons for this action. First of all, if you hired a moving company, your movers should know which boxes contain fragile and breakable inventory. By labeling those boxes, you’ll help them take special care of those valuable items.

Another reason for labeling your moving boxes is the unpacking process. After you pack your office equipment and move it to a new location, it will be much easier to unpack if you know where everything is.

The best way to pack office equipment – get packing help

In order to pack office equipment the right way, you need to spend some time planning this process and have a lot of patience. However, if your office equipment is too valuable and you need to move the last minute, you should consider hiring professional packers to handle this task. While you’re planning your moving process, make sure to check out some of the packing services in Florida and choose the one that suits your needs. Professional moving companies often packing in their full-moving service.

If you need to handle sensitive inventory and you’re moving long-distance, the best thing would be to hire professional movers.

If you decide not to hire professional packers, you can always organize your employees to help with moving the office. By making teams and delegating tasks, you’ll pack office equipment and the rest of your inventory in the shortest amount of time. Good luck with packing and moving your office to a new location! Check your movers using BBB, and you will be fine! You will have a great relocation.

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