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How to pack your electronics for relocation?

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    Packing and getting ready for your move may seem easy – until you look at your electronics – or any other bulky objects in your home. And yes, there is an easy way out. You call your Tampa movers, they pack your items, and you’re good to go. Still, if you want to know the whole process, here is how to pack your electronics for relocation. Let’s go!

    When do you need to start to pack your electronics for relocation?

    If you are wondering when do you need to start to pack your electronics for relocation, the answer is: the sooner the better! Of course, you can leave it all to your movers Gulfport FL , but you have to make a deal with your movers on when they will pack your items. As you may imagine, packing things for relocation is one of the most important parts of any move. With this, you have to provide adequate protection for all packed items.

    wooden crate - pack your electronics for relocation
    If you are wondering when do you need to start to pack your electronics for relocation, the answer is: the sooner the better!

    And when it comes to electronics, well, things get a bit complicated. You see, precious and fragile things require special attention – and electronics are usually valuable items. This is why so many people consider hiring packing services Professional packers come to your home, protect and pack your items and then load them into a moving truck. This means you don’t have to do anything, or god forbid injure yourself while packing voluminous items. It’s a simple and clean solution – and your items are protected at all times.

    How to start packing electronics?

    If you have original boxes from your electronics, that would be the best choice. And if not, take care while placing any electronic devices into boxes. If you do not have previous experience in packing and preparing things for transport, we recommend that you leave this process to professionals such as Big Man’s Moving Company. With this, rationally approach the consumption of the packaging box capacity, which must be neither empty nor overfilled. Valuable and sensitive electronics require special protection with a combination of foil and hard cardboard.

    What to put inside the boxes

    You can stick newspapers inside the filled boxes. Of course, write the content of the box on each one. During the packaging, leave one box aside. Inside this box, you will put in it things that you think you will need immediately after moving in. These are most often personal documents, medicines, chargers for mobile phones, hygiene products, pet food, and the like. Leave this box separate and mark it so that it differs from the labels and inscriptions with which you marked the others.


    Label your boxes the right way

    Put a label on each item you pack. Of course, remember to pack fragile items such as electronics parts or utensils in special boxes. Mark them with a large inscription “fragile”. To protect your electronics from damage and dirt, try to avoid wrapping them in newspapers. The best solution is to buy a cheap wrapping foil and carefully wrap the electronics with it before putting it in boxes. Fill the space left between the packed electronics and the walls of the box with crumpled newspapers, nylon bags, or kitchen towels. This way, your electronics will remain undamaged, clean and ready to use immediately after unpacking.

    How to know what goes where

    You may be tempted to dismantle some of your electronics before you pack them, but that may not be the wisest decision. When it comes to dismantling any type of electronics, it is best to consult with someone who knows better before making final decisions. Of course, even if you do break something, there are ways to repair your electronics.

    The general recommendation is not to dismantle any pieces of electronics. And movers usually transport them to the new address in one piece. The only thing you need to remember is which cable goes where. The best way to remember that is to take photos with your phone.

    Additional tips and useful tricks

    White goods packaging requires special attention. Doors made of a refrigerator, stove, washing machine, or other similar household appliances should be fixed with adhesive tape, and cables should be packed in the provided places on the back of the device. It is necessary to block the drum of the washing machine before transport with the provided fuses. The refrigerator must not be turned to the side but must stand upright during transport. After preparing for transport, close the water valves to which the washing machines and dishes have been connected. It is recommended that you leave all work related to the removal of white goods to professional workers. They will safely pack, transport, and install your devices in a new location.

    Moving truck full of boxes
    When it comes to dismantling any type of electronics, it is best to consult with someone who knows better.

    Additional tips for packing

    You have to think about electronics but other bulky items too. Roll up carpets, rugs, and floor mats. Glue them with adhesive tape in the middle and ends. It is desirable to protect the openings at the ends of the rolled carpet with nylon bags so that nothing would fall inside the roll during transport. On the day of moving, tie your blankets, pillows, and pajamas in sheets from the bed, and then pack them in larger clean garbage bags. In that way, you will be immediately ready for the first night in a new apartment. To avoid embarrassing situations, inform your neighbors in time about moving, using the elevator, and similar activities. Good luck!

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