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How to prepare your pet for a local move in Florida

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    Moving is at the top of the list among other stressful moments you unavoidably have to deal with at some points in life. But in the turbulence of the moving day spiced up with the pile of boxes, finishing packing at the last moment, color labeling and tapes, a speedy moving crew, moving trucks, you might easily forget how stressed your pets are. Pets are like children, they are experts at reading the feelings and the body language of their people, and can easily mirror the nervousness and tension that is typical of the moving process. Our team of professional movers St Petersburg FL came up with a short article on how to prepare your pet for a local move and make the relocations as easy as possible for your beloved animal friends.

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    Help your pets get through the move as safe and easy as possible

    Type of housing and the neighborhood

    When choosing your new home, consider your pet’s age, size, character traits, habits, and lifestyle.   Be aware of the square footage needs of your pet, especially dogs, large dogs need a lot of space in the house as well as in the yard. On the other hand, small dogs and cats are a different story.  If you are renting be open and check if the landlord allows pets. Prepare your pet’s vaccination card and training certification to go faster through the signing of the lease.

    Check out the neighborhood and see if it is a good fit for your pet. Confirm whether the area is safe for your pet, avoid busy nearby roads and stray, aggressive, and unattended dogs.

    How to prepare your pet for a local move – Moving day

    You can make moving day a bit easier for everyone and hire moving help in Clearwater, thus prioritizing your loved ones and pets even during the move. If your pet is stressed out by the moving chaos and disappearing of the familiar surroundings consider taking a pet sitter for a day.  If nothing helps to calm your pet, a good treat will. Let your pet have a brand new toy or treat on moving day. This can help draw their attention away for a while and reduce their stress levels.

    Take the pet to the new house in your car if you move locally to Florida. Travel with your pet all the way, don’t separate. Whether in a carrier in the back seat or a kennel, be there for your pets, soothe them with a calming voice and treat them often. Otherwise, if you need to relocate your dog interstate, consider IPATA.

    Your pet post-move

    Once at your new home check for hazards, do a quick check throughout the rooms of the house for things that could harm them. Make sure there aren’t any wirings, cords,  chemicals, or pest control traps that could hurt your pet. It is tempting to let your pet explore the new house freely after the long move however they will need some time to adapt to the new space one step at a time. Take some rest, you did a lot from the first step thinking of how to prepare your pet for a local move to the last one settling in finally. Enjoy your new home and neighborhood with the ones you love the most.

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