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How to prevent injuries when moving

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In today’s modern 21st century moving is becoming a normal thing for everybody. People are looking for a better life and better opportunities, so they sometimes need to move from one place to another. One of the best ways to relocate is by hiring movers. Big Man’s Moving Company Florida is a professional and experienced company that deals with relocations of people from one place to another. You are going to be safe with them. And all your stuff also. One of the most important things to worry about is your safety! We should always try to prevent injuries when moving. Injuries from carrying heavy stuff can put you in a hospital. Imagine the piano falling on you. Broken bones, bruises, joints dislocated… Preventing injuries is possible if you follow these rules.

Avoid a last-minute rush

To prevent injuries when relocating, you should not rush. Moving is a complex activity and rushing can lead to injuries. When you decide to relocate, you should plan this carefully. First, you need to make a budget for moving, look for reputable movers, prepare yourself mentally, get rid of unnecessary stuff, prepare an essential bag, and the most important thing – BREATHE and take a BREAK.

If you want to prepare everything in one day and move quickly as possible something is not going to go as planned. You just don’t have enough time to do everything. And if you are doing this without the help of movers everything is twice as hard. Always take time and prepare on time! If you want to do it on your own, search for at least help from friends and family. Carrying heavy stuff is impossible without help! Movers Palm Harbor FL are there for your heavy lifting and your relocation!

Man under stress hugging the cardboard box
Avoid last minute packing and preparation

Prepare your body

If you are not a physically active person, we recommend the preparation of your muscles for heavy lifting. Your core and your back muscles will make the most of heavy lifting. Going to the gym is a nice way to make those muscles strong, but there are other ways to make them stronger. There are a lot of exercises that you can do at home. Look online for exercises that you can do. Even stretching for 5 minutes every day makes a big difference. When you read this, you probably think nothing is going to happen to my back, why would I do this. But unfortunately, a lot of people end up in a hospital begging for shots of pain meds and muscle relaxants. We have all experienced pain in our back sometime in our lives, and you all know that this is not pleasant. Moving companies in Trinity FL are there to help you so you can enjoy your life instead of dealing with all this.

Man and woman stretching to prevent injuries when moving
Prepare your body for moving, prevent injuries when lifting heavy

Get the right equipment

Even if you are a strong man or a professional bodybuilder, some items you can’t move without the help of equipment. It is much easier to push a heavy object on wheels than to carry it in your arms. On wheels, you can move extremely heavy items with one arm. An adult can move a car with one arm. Try to lift the car… Big difference!

These are the equipment that you can use:

  • Furniture dolly
  • Appliance dolly
  • Stair dolly
  • Furniture sliders
  • Moving straps

Moving companies Bradenton FL have all the necessary equipment for heavy lifting and they are trained professionals that know how to handle this. You have to know how to use equipment so you don’t damage your stuff. Sometimes is just better to pay and let others do the work for you much better.

Man using a dolly for cardboard boxes
Use equipment for lifting and carrying

Dress appropriately

What you wear can impact whether you get injured or not. Pants, long sleeves, and gloves reduce the possibility of getting scratched or cut. Shoes that have protections above your fingers can protect you if something falls on your toes. Heavy-duty work boots can also offer extra support to keep an ankle from twisting. You can easily twist your ankle if you take heavy objects down the stars.  A back brace can provide support for your back and a knee brace can stabilize your knees during the move, and if you fall on your knees the possibility of making some damage is minimal. A lot of people don’t take this seriously, and then the injuries happen. You must prepare yourself for this, especially if you want to do this on your own without the help of the movers.

Know your limits

People who train heavily in a gym know their limits because they lift almost every day. Even they sometimes make mistakes, and that is why they have a spotting partner in a gym. A person who is there to jump in if there is a need. When carrying heavy stuff you need to know your limits. You need to prevent injuries when moving. Don’t be a hero who is going to show off by lifting something that is over your limits. At least have a person who is going to jump in at every second and help you. If something is too heavy and you can’t hold on for too long, you will need to let it go. You can break it or it can fall on your legs and make damage to your body. Be smart and use the equipment every time whenever you can.


Moving is hard! That is a fact. And unfortunately, injuries can happen. That is why you need help. Movers are there to help you move and they have all the necessary equipment for lifting. Don’t be a hero, you need to know your body. You need to prevent injuries when moving at all costs. You don’t want to end up in a hospital and be in a bed for too long. Moving should be stress free! Prepare yourself on time, and make a plan for everything. Don’t rush, because it can lead to injuries!

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