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How to protect your fragile possessions when moving to Clearwater

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Moving is usually stressful and nerve-racking. Packing is a critical part of every relocation. Some dread it, some associate it with a new beginning, and don’t mind doing it. Whichever camp you’re in, be sure to pay special attention when it comes to packing fragile items. Give yourself plenty of time and utilize high-quality packing supplies to protect your fragile possessions when moving to Clearwater. You want to be certain that your delicate items will make it to your new home unscathed. Whether this is your first time moving or you merely need some expert advice, Big Man’s Moving Company has a guide on how to pack fragile items for moving.

Make a list of your fragile items

In order to prepare well and be able to protect your fragile possessions when moving to Clearwater, you need to know which items you’re moving. Before doing anything, create an inventory list of all the fragile items that have to be packed. This way you’ll know both the type and the quantity of packing supplies you’ll need. Different types of fragile things require different techniques of packing. This is the first step in successfully moving your delicate items, even if you decide to use the best packing services Clearwater FL has to offer and they provide the packing supplies. Whether you’ll do the packing or professionals will, you have to have a list of items that deserve the utmost care.

Couple writing in a notebook while moving
Write down every single fragile item you plan on transporting to your new home.

Purchase quality supplies to protect your fragile possessions when moving to Clearwater

Preparation is key for avoiding possible costly damage to your breakables. Once you’ve cataloged all your delicate items, it’s time to buy the supplies. A list of supplies you’ll need includes:

  • Packing tape for binding boxes and securing padding.
  • Quality boxes to place your items in.
  • Labels and markers to classify boxes.
  • Bubble wrap to protect your breakable items.
  • Packing peanuts or packing paper for stuffing empty spaces. Instead of peanuts, you can use sheets and towels as well.
  • Corrugated inserts for more solid protection, especially when it comes to glassware.
  • Rope or bungee cords to keep the packaging in place.

If you are not sure that you will be able to pack your fragile items correctly, buy these supplies and opt for labor-only services FL companies offer. There is no doubt that professional packers will handle your delicate possessions properly.

Protect your fragile possessions when moving to Clearwater by packing them perfectly

Properly wrapping and packing fragile items requires time. You don’t want to skip an important step and damage an item. Therefore, allow yourself enough time to do this right. To help you keep these items safe, here are important packing tips for the most popular fragile items.

Person packing plates in boxes
Each dish has to be wrapped tightly to avoid damages.

Dinnerware and glassware

Dishes come in different shapes and sizes, which makes them tricky to pack. When you’re packing plates and bowls, wrap each piece in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Line the bottom of a small or medium box and place plates and bowls vertically in the box. For extra security, add paper in between every plate. If you’re using newsprint instead of packing paper for packing fine china, note that the ink can rub off onto the dish. Even if you are moving locally, everything needs to be well packed.

The best way to ensure the safety of cups and glasses is to use cardboard dividers. Place each cup or glass into a designated space in the divider. Before that, wrap each glass with paper or bubble wrap and put them inside each other to save space. Wine glasses are particularly difficult to pack. Stuff them with paper, and wrap them in bubble wrap. Make sure you wrap the stem multiple times and use a divider in a box. Always ensure dishes fit snugly into the box and there’s no room for shifting.

Artwork, frames, and mirrors

Wrap each picture frame separately with bubble wrap. Place them in boxes similar to their size. Use padding material in between each piece. Frames that are higher than 8 inches pack vertically, as you did with plates. Packing artwork correctly is essential. Mirrors and framed art less than 3 feet in size can be packed in a similar method as picture frames. If the item is larger though, secure it with a moving blanket, wrap in bubble wrap, and move it separately.

Small items and figurines

Small figurines often have many protruding parts and are difficult to pack. Place them in the individual sections of an egg carton. Add padding and test to make sure the lid can close properly. For bigger items, fill a plastic box with shredded paper, or towels and place them inside.

Person packing a box
Protect your fragile possessions when moving to Clearwater with lots of packing paper.


All electronics are fragile. They are also some of your most valuable possessions. Because of that, it’s critical to pack them in a safe manner. Remember to back up digital data before packing. If you saved their original boxes, use them for packing. They are the perfect size and shape. In order to be able to wire everything up correctly, take photos of your devices before disconnecting them.

Protect your fragile possessions when moving to Clearwater and don’t overpack boxes

Never rely on boxes to hold more weight than they should. Always use sturdy cardboard boxes that are able to resist the possibility of holes or the shock of quick movements. But, however sturdy your boxes are, never ever overpack them. If you do, you risk a high probability of damaging your fragile items. But, don’t leave empty space in the box either. If items can move around freely, they can also break easily.

Label boxes

Not all of your boxes are going to hold breakable items when moving. Therefore, clearly label those that do. You’ll probably have a number of people assisting you in your move, whether those are friends or employees of reliable moving companies Clearwater FL has to offer. Either way, it’s crucial to label what boxes should be handled with exceptional care to protect your fragile possessions when moving to Clearwater.

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