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How to relocate your paintings?

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    Every relocation is a big process that has a lot of steps. Whether you are doing a local move or you are working with long-distance movers Florida, you will need to divide your move into a certain number of steps. There is the regular part of the moving process, like getting a moving quote and choosing a move date, and then there are some special services that you will need. One of those special services is connected to the relocation of more fragile and expensive belongings, such as paintings. If you are a person that enjoys collecting fine art, or you are doing an office relocation that involves a lot of decors; here are some tips on how to relocate your paintings.

    relocate your paintings
    Relocating your paintings can be easy if you know all the right steps.

    Measure everything before relocating your paintings

    The first step to safely relocating your painting is to get the dimensions of all of your artwork. You will need to measure the length, width, and height of every painting so you know which size of box or container you will need to get. You will need to do this before you contact your moving company, such as interstate movers Florida because the price of the service may be different or vary depending on the size of your paintings.


    Get the right supplies

    Paintings are quite delicate so you will need a lot of supplies to protect them in transport. For paintings, you will need glassine and safety film to protect the glass from breaking. Another thing you can do to protect your paintings is to cushion them to assure that they will stay still during the transport. For the corners, get some corner guards to protect your painting from sticking out and breaking during transport. Another thing to remember is that you can always hire professionals for packing services that will know all the tips and tricks and can offer the guarantee that all of your artwork will reach its destination in one piece.

    Moving paintings
    Make sure to get all the right supplies before packing and relocating your paintings.

    Packing tape

    Packing tape is really important when it comes to relocating your paintings. It holds everything within a parcel together, so you do not want to buy a cheap version of it. The tape you will need is a strong, pressure-sensitive poly tape. Also, make sure that it is wide enough for everything you need to pack. If you need to relocate a lot of painting, you will need to get a tape gun so you can cut down on packing time. Some of the equipment that you will need to buy for packing everything for relocating your painting is not really cheap, so the best tip is to compare the costs and time of moving everything together vs. moving it with the help of a professional moving company like Big Man’s Moving Company Florida, as this frequently turns out to be the cheaper option.

    Plan how to relocate your paintings

    The most crucial piece of advice is to start planning on time. Read up on the process of shipping artwork and get all of your information. If you have all the information you need, this task will prove to be a piece of cake.

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