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How to unpack into a small kitchen

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    Two facts! One – moving into a smaller place is a true challenge. No one can argue about that! Two – there probably isn’t a room in the house which causes more unpacking stress than the kitchen. Put those two together, and what you get is a problem that your Big Man’s Moving Company crew wishes to help you with, in this article. Although figuring out how to unpack into a small kitchen is no easy feat, it is still the first room you need to make functional so you can begin preparing meals. But, don’t worry – it’s possible!

    Learn how to unpack into a small kitchen and achieve full functionality.
    Lack of kitchen space is not a new problem, and, it’s in our best interest to educate ourselves about how to unpack

    Before you unpack into a small kitchen

    • Make it sparkle. Before you start to unpack into your small kitchen, the first thing you should do once you approach your new kitchen is to clean it. This is much easier to do when it is empty.
    • Visualize the space. Once you’ve got a clear view of the space you have to work with, create a layout, a general idea of how you want to organize your kitchen. Think about where you could comfortably store your appliances, glassware, spices, and the rest.
    • Sort out the boxes. It’s important to know what’s inside each box. And, if you’ve labeled them according to their contents before one of your chosen moving companies in Gulfport came to store it in their moving truck, this won’t be a very big problem. However, if not – then you need to take some time to sort through your kitchen items.

    How to unpack into a small kitchen

    Think practical

    This means – unpack the essentials first! These tend to include things like plates, dish towels, knives, cutting boards, and anything else that’s often winding up in the sink or dishwasher because of use. For instance, since cutlery is accessed several times a day, you should store it somewhere convenient. Furthermore, it’s best to continue arranging your items based on the frequency of their use. For instance, place glasses on shelves that are at eye level or lower, but your china, and other special occasion items in an out of the way area.

    Use the space cleverly

    Each shelf, cabinet, and square inch of counter space is valuable when you need to unpack into a small kitchen.

    • Make good of vertical space in your cabinets by stacking your pots, serving dishes, and more. Go as high as you can, but be careful so that nothing is at risk of tipping over. Go as safely as you can by never stacking heavy items on top of lighter ones.
    • Also, it’s always good to look beyond the typical spaces when unpacking into a miniature kitchen space. For instance, you can make use the top of your fridge.
    • Don’t keep the counter space empty. You should definitely consider the space you’ll need for food preparation. However, corners are good places for small appliances. A knife block and a narrow spice rack can go toward the back end of the counters.
    • Be careful not to overcrowd your countertops, as you will be left with no place for preparing your food. So, keep in mind that another idea is to get creative by installing a sink you can close and use as a countertop.
    • Get creative with organizing the rest of your kitchen. There are loads of other imaginative DIYor purchasable storage ideas. For instance, you can install more shelves or cubbies to make maximum use of the wall space. Moreover, there are storage solutions that can be attached to your refrigerator doors, cabinet doors, under cabinet space, etc.
    Make use of every inch in your kitchen.
    Utilize every little corner of your countertop, but be careful to leave room for food preparation.

    Don’t keep what you don’t have to

    One last, and rather obvious tip, for those having to organize into a smaller kitchen space – you will, most probably, have to declutter. Be picky about what kitchen-related items you want and need. The rest of the items could be donated or sold.

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