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Leaving Belleair for Lutz – what are the advantages?

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In every person’s life there comes a time to relocate. This process will happen for numerous reasons like going to college, moving to a more family-friendly location, starting a new chapter, etc. However, it is always advisable to know where you are moving to. Therefore, we will be discussing leaving Belleair for Lutz and everything you should expect once you arrive. Apart from the research, hiring a professional moving company to help you relocate is another thing that will help you with the process. Your items arriving safe and sound will play a big role in how well you adapt and take the whole relocation process. Relocation can be daunting and proper preparation is a great way to reduce all the stresses you might feel beforehand.

Leaving Belleair for Lutz – what to expect?

The suburb of Lutz is located in Hillsborough County in the state of Florida. Additionally, the suburb is about 15 miles north of Tampa. The northern par also makes up a portion of Pasco County. It has about 23.000 residents in the area. According to many polls, this suburban area is one of the best places to live in the state of Florida.

a family preparing for leaving Belleair for Lutz
With everything Lutz has to offer – you can understand why it is the perfect choice for a family lifestyle

However, as someone who might not be familiar with the lifestyle there, we will help you grasp some of the best advantages of living in this area. Some of the main advantages you can find are:

  1. The median house income is higher than the national average
  2. There are a lot of real estate options
  3. It has a high-quality education system
  4. A small suburb with the big city just a few miles away
  5. If you are all about safety – Lutz is the perfect place for you

The median house income is higher than the national average

If you are a young professional looking for proper employment with an adequate paycheck, this is the place for you. The median house income of residents in Lutz is about $85.000. Meanwhile, the national average is about $63.000. Although real estate might be a bit more expensive than the rest of the country, this paycheck gap will surely make up for it. Especially when you are a young professional who is looking for work in a calm and peaceful place. So, if this is something you think will help you in regards to your future – make sure to contact moving companies in Belleair on time to prepare for the relocation.

There are a lot of real estate options

As we were mentioning in the paragraph above – the real estate prices in Lutz are slightly above the national average. However, bear in mind that the suburb is considered one of the best places to live in the Tampa area. Additionally, most of the homes in the suburb are gated communities. This increases safety by a margin and helps you create your own little paradise.

an outside of a home showing a pathway, a backyard and black trash cans
There is a huge variety of housing options, both higher and lower in price

Of course, you will also find a variety of different houses and prices – so you will be able to choose properly. So, if you want to pick a family-friendly place in Florida to live, make sure you check out all the housing options in the area before making the decision of leaving Belleair for Lutz. Most people in the suburb own their homes, with a small portion that is renting them. Additionally, the average rent is about $1.300.

Leaving Belleair for Lutz: High educational system

So, you decided to move to Lutz with your family? Moreover, maybe you are looking for the perfect place to start a family? Well, nothing is more promising about an area to live in than the school system. Lutz is one of the places that boasts its educational system. For instance, you will find the Lutz Preparatory Academy and Sun Lake Academy of Math and Science as some of the most qualified institutions in the whole Tampa area. This can be seen in the statistics that show that the highest percentage of the population there will have some sort of college or associate’s degree. Additionally, there is a variety of different schools to choose from and they are all highly rated. If you have children or plan on having them, this might be the best suburb for you and your family.

A small suburb with the big city just a few miles away

Lutz is a smaller suburban area with 23.000 residents. However, if you want to visit Tampa you can do so as it is just 15 miles apart from it. This makes Lutz ideal for people who wish to indulge in a peaceful and calm lifestyle without the big city feeling. Additionally, you can find everything you need in the area. If not, the city is not far away.

an aerial view of a suburban area
By not having a large number of residents Lutz is perfect for peaceful living with the big city just a couple of miles away

Moreover, if you think that there are no good jobs in the suburbs, you can always rely on finding them in Tampa. As Tampa is just 15 miles away, you will easily commute to your job on a daily basis.

If you are all about safety – Lutz is the perfect place for you

When leaving Belleair for Lutz you are moving into a calm and quiet area. Additionally, you will be more than safe. The crime rate is approximately 23% lower than the national average. Another factor that will play a big part in safety is that most of the residents live in gated communities. If safety is what you seek, contact movers Lutz, and find your perfect home in the suburbs. The fact that you will live in a suburban area with around 23.000 residents just shows how quiet and peaceful the lifestyle is. Getting away from crowded places like big cities, living in a safe environment and attending top-notch schools is something most people seek when wanting to move with their families.

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